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What is the scene about what is that image in the distance the opening scene for coin oka tachi?
Explains the entire movie and I will help you understand it
Movie in books the concept of karma always arise Shia deserves his punishment for what he has done and does not deserve to be happy
Shoka's mother deserves to raise a deaf child for something
She must have done and shoka deserves to be deaf because of something she must have done in her past life in
Buddhism one of the main believes is reincarnation
Your next life is determined by your options in your current or previous lives with this in line show you begins as a bully
But eventually he attempts to make amends during this process show
You learns that no matter how hard he tries he can never give Shoko the happy childhood that he took away from her he can
Never change his attitude
Isolation and he can never erase the scar on show cozier
He will never truly understand Shoko even after learning sign language. It is a shallow attempt of understanding
He does not understand how she feels no one understand how she feels and she does not understand how others feel
Show Co constantly wears a mask of happiness and apologies because she does not want her family to be hurt by the harassment
However, she does not realize the strain of confusion it puts on the family and others around her the only scene where she truly expresses
How she feels is when show you through her notebook in the pond and decided not to pick it up
She returned home to use it who taking off her mask. I want to die
While Shoko so shaken up by that action alone
She has been bullied and harassed countless other times, but her smile never wavered
This notebook was the most precious item to Shoko. It was her voice to the world
she would write in permanent ink
let's be friends during the bullying others would write mean things but she still carried around as the hopes of
Communication to others will show you through the notebook in the pond. She had decided to give up
She had stopped communicating with the world. She had marked everyone's faces with an X
This is why shoka was so accepting a show yet when he gave her back the book show
You had given back her voice. This is also the reason why she suddenly jumped in the river to achieve her book
It was her voice. She had given up before and she did not want to lose it again
The story continues to follow show go and show his journey with her depression and thoughts of suicide
The two always meet and return to the river where they feed the koi fish
Legend says that there was a school of golden. Koifish was went upstream the Yellow River in China
When the fish reached the waterfall they were met with malicious demons who mocked and heights in the waterfall many of the fish turned away
But after a hundred years one fish was able to leap to the top of the waterfall reaching the Dragons game transforming into a dragon
Perseverance drink and overcoming obstacles are a common symbol for koi fish in the beginning
You see a small school of koi five gray and one color koi swimming away
Each quarter represents a character in the story and how they all struggle with their own personal demons
The God's key lies and lives in a fantasy
He constantly lies about having numerous friends bribing schoolchildren to pose for his lie, his movie lives in a dramatization
I found to see of his life when he met Jaya o Meno and the others
Who I know is very similar to show you but her efforts never come close due to her brush nature and slitted lack of empathy
like Shia
She is uncomfortable with her past self and tries to make amends the people she bullied by befriending Sahara
Julia and the others she tries to reunite Shia and schemata summer to Australia did with Shoko in Sahara
She tells the exact same thing too. Kawaii show you did she is unsure and willing to confess her feelings or Julia
Sharik feels it is wrong to befriend Shoko
the only difference between
Window and show you is that she continues to load and then possibly asked she does not attempt to change but try to change others
Meshuga acts in the name of his own justice is false justice
Because he was bullied he feels the need to oppose others in the name of righteousness
This was shown when he sprays water as taki, ujiie-sensei expresses his thoughts
When show he discussed with him about shoka's bullying and finally enacting on it when he can show you at the bridge
Sahara is the first koi to swim away from the waterfall. She runs at the sight of conflict
She does not address her problems, but simply hides from them hoping to not encounter others
However over time she does manage to face her fears
Like befriending a nasty girl who made fun of her and eventually becoming her business partner
Hawaii is just a bitch similar to the widget Snow White
She looks in the mirror seeing the image of the beautiful girl
But does not recognize what others see he faker a narcissist a girl in delusion
while Shiba even proposed the
Hypothetical to Hawaii about a person who just laugh but did no bullying and she merely answered that person is at fault as well
but did not see through mah Sheba's metaphor the last fish the colored koi fish represent Shula and shoka
The koi represents their journey their thoughts of suicide and their rebirth as a powerful dragon
Although Shia had given back show closed-book her voice to the world. She could not communicate her true feelings
Show you could also not communicate his true feelings
Shia and Chocola both contemplate suicide they both feel they are a burden to the people around them
They both face suffering they feel unworthy to approach the world and find happiness
Shariah never truly stopped his contemplation of suicide instead. He is pushed back by others like his mother who yells at him
Show you the sides is one purpose in his useless life is to make Shoko happy
I don't understand her but make her happy. This is his biggest mistake
Ashoka had done as well shoka understands that she causes others trouble. She is not deaf to the world
She understands her burden to her family. She understands the backlash and why her mother has to be strict
She realizes that in order to do right she tries to make others happy not herself. This is the reason for always smiling always
Apologizing. She doesn't want to make anyone sad. This is also a reason for feeding the koi fish
Similar to hell show you it does his best to make Shoko happy shoka feeds the fish to make them
Happy after the bridge seen so close smile slowly fades away. She cannot keep her mask on any longer
She concludes that despite her efforts. She can do nothing
But cause pain and suffering to others around her
To allow show you to enjoy his life to allow no more burdens to make sure you happy she decides to end it
In the beginning Shoko jumps off a bridge through chief her book and show you could not reach her
Not only is this horse shadowing but it explains that show. You cannot reach her yet. He cannot understand her yet
Show your praise to replace show go die in her place show go cries for forgiveness, but she has not heard by a way
No and show his mom his mom's voice has been taken away
She cannot accept her apology until Julia wakes up aware knows voice has been taken away
She shuts herself in the world by literally shutting the door
And anyone who wants to visit showya in the hospital in show goes dream
She views messages from Julia similar to how he would have written in her notebook
She finally understands why showya has been doing these things
She understands that he felt the same
They both hold on to the past dearly like a storm in current they could not swim against it. They could not move forward
They viewed the world as if they were the reason for others around them to struggle as well in
Desperation she cries out of her misery hoping her voice could reach all yet to come back to move forward with her
Show he is reborn he has been reincarnated a chance to correct his wrongs in his new life
Shoko had to invest with true feelings of suicide and they are both able to
Reconcile each other with the efforts of living by moving forward together not just living for each other beginning his new life
Shalyah is still not able to face the world. But now she'll go and show you finally understand each other
Shoko is able to connect with Choya holding his hand able to track through the crowd
Julia has begun his new reincarnated life with the help of Shoko and his friends around him
Face it to move forth towards a brighter future
Although it is a lot easier to walk towards a light when you have someone beside you
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Koe No Katachi Ending Explained | A Silent Voice [Spoilers]

302 Folder Collection
Sophie published on July 17, 2020
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