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Agh! Wake up!
40 hours!
Welcome back to a very
historical episode on this channel,
where um, Brett and I will finally be revealing...
...our PPs.
Recently, we made a video,
and during that video, we said...
"40,000 likes, and we'll do a PP reveal."
And you guys accented the like button like crazy,
we hit 40,000 in less than two hours.
Oh, you guys really want to see that PP reveal.
So stick to the end of this video,
don't skip!
Don't skip, watch the whole video!
And uh,
at the end of this video we will have...
...the PP reveal.
Ling Ling 40 hours!
Ding Ding!
(The most talented subreddit ever!)
(Ling Ling 40 Hours, unite!)
(Ling Ling wannabes!)
(Practice, practice!)
(Did you practice today?)
(Ling Ling 40 hours!)
(Ling Ling 40 hours!!!)
Whoa, 166k Ling Ling wannabes!
- Oh. - Woo!
Gonna hit 200k soon!
"Boodjekaas !" says...
Oh, dude! Actually?
Yeah...yeah, um, uh...
Close enough.
Bro, what is...
...pequeña serenata nocturna?
- Isn't it just Eine kleine Nachtmusik? - Eine kleine? Yeah, yeah!
- Yeah...! - That's...oh, that's interesting.
I guess that's the name in a different language.
I think so.
That's so funny!
That's really funny.
- Can I like it? - Yeah.
I'm gonna like it.
- There you go. - It's really funny.
The high intellect subreddit.
Where we can communicate, using "tun-tun-tuns".
And "ting-ting-tings".
Dude, that's so cool!
Oh, that's awesome!
Oh, I want bubble tea.
Yeah, I swear every time we do this...
Just want bubble tea.
- Our fans just show us - I know,
- something that makes us want bubble tea. - I know, I know!
- Guys! - Gonna get fat!
I know, "We're gonna make Brett and Eddy fat!"
Make us fat!
Wait, like, clap yours.
Mine's a higher pitch than yours.
Yeah, why?
Does that mean my fat composition's higher or lower?
Yeah, why?!
Mine's an E, your's a D.
I'm actually curious, like,
- any doctors, biologists, scientists out there... - Yeah.
If the pitch is higher,
- does that indicate more or less fat... composition? - Yeah...!
I'm actually curious, alright?
Just kidding.
Just kidding!
- Ohh!!! - Yeah!
Got us there, Jimmy Liu!
We got the most talented people in this subreddit.
I was already like, "Oh, that's pretty clever,"
when he pulled away.
And then he pulled out the violin, I was like...
- That's right. - Dude!
Nice flex.
Oh my god, dude.
Dude, I look good.
Last episode,
we were simping for female version of us.
- "Wow! Boobies!" - "No way!"
Now I'm freaking simping to
- anime Liszt and Paganini version of us. - I know.
- We need to get it on Spotify. - Yeah, we should!
I think I was going to and then I forgot about it.
Yeah...yeah, yeah, we should, we should.
Okay, guys, keep an eye out. Maybe...
...we will release these Spotify tracks.
I want bubble tea.
- Dude, they got our frickin' messed up light box. - Oh, look, hello, like...hello.
Beethoven the dog,
oh, wow, and TikTok.
- My...Yakult. - Yakult.
Oh, the uh, floral print shirt!
- Wow...! - Yeah...!
It's gonna come back soon guys, keep an eye out.
That's so cool.
Welcome back, the subreddit has missed you.
Dude, that should be like,
- the official soundtrack of 2020. - Yeah.
Holy crap!
Art cover!
That's...that's pretty cool.
Look at how much it costs.
3 million.
Dude, I love the uh...
- I love the scratches. - ...typography.
Yeah, the typography's awesome!
That design aesthetic...
- ...font/text matches the colour of the collar. - Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.
And then it's like, it's got a nice colour theme as well.
Dude, you guys ready for the drop?
That's right!
Accent the subscribe button right now,
to get to 3 million subscribers.
Dude, the detail!
I love it.
Well, obviously...
These ones here!
Would you like an instrument tour of TwoSet Violin?
If this hits 10,000 in one day,
you might get to see the instruments.
- No, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah. - Nah.
Alright, fine.
If you guys want to see us draw,
if this video hits 100k as well...
We will draw. Our. Lives.
And maybe instrument tour.
Dude, you guys are getting two in one bargain.
Yeah, what a bargain.
- So hurry up and accent the like button! - Yeah, right now!
- Not sure about that, but anyway. - Yeah.
- Is that how it works? - I don't know.
Oh, there's two new styles.
Wait, are you ready?
- Oh, jazz! - Jazz harmony.
Oh my god!
Ooh, that's a 5-6-4-9!
That's so true!
Ooh...that's spot on.
S A C R I L E G I O U S .
Did we say that?
- Yeah, I think we did see the screenshots. - Ohh, we did say that.
Well, we'll get on to that sometime.
If this video hits 100k likes...!
We will call fans at two million subs!
Dude, react-ception!
Dude, this is like, yeah, full on react-ception.
Okay, fine.
This is so true though.
You know that feeling when music just makes you go...
Nah, I don't know that feeling.
Bro, how are you guys doing this?
Dude, this is coming non-stop.
I would swipe right to that.
I'm not sure...
- Actually, nah, it's pretty cute. I think it's the glasses, - Nah...
but I think that she's pretty cute.
The more I look at it, if I saw that...
I would probably swipe right to it.
Nah, dude, come on. She's cute.
Did they photoshop my boobs as well?
- I swear they did. - Did they?
It looks like I got boobs.
Do I get boobies?
- We're like three-year-old kids. - Yeah.
- "Wow! Boobies!" - "No way!"
I mean...
(both) Boobies!
Wait, if you have boobies, does the pitch change?
I wish I knew how to animate.
How do you guys do that?
You guys are so talented and skilled.
Dude, can someone like, make an anime?
We had an anime...anime opening.
We had a manga!
I would read all of that,
and I would watch all of that if you guys make it.
So please, the world is your oyster.
Create as much as you want.
Can't read.
Did he actually make that?
That's pretty cool!
Hey, it's never too old to learn a new skill,
- especially during these uh, quarantine times. - Yeah.
Pick up the instrument and start practicing!
- Oh, yeah, we haven't reminded them today, - Yeah.
Go practice!
Yeah, it was pretty sacrilegious.
Yeah, I know.
Yeah, that's how our face is, like...
" W H O A ! "
Eyeballs like, popping out.
Yeah, it was physically painful watching that.
"It sounds like A flat!"
- Like an A f–ohh! - Yeah, sounds A flat.
That's an A flat!
F sharp...
- Oh! - Dude!
So many cool fanart here.
Dude, I'm actually...
You guys are actually so talented.
- Dude, yeah. - Dude, I want that coat.
Does anyone want a TwoSet Apparel trench coat?
100,000 likes and we will make a—
(both) TwoSet Apparel trench coat!
Dude, I don't know if I find it funny
or if I was like...confused.
Oh, dude, that's cool.
Piano Swiss roll...oh, I'm hungry.
Dude, I'd eat that.
Dude, you can play it.
- Yeah. - While eating it.
Oh, that's so true, it's like...
Classical music is (for)...the intellectuals,
Shazam can't handle this intellectual...
...identifying of the music.
Oh, this is so funny.
That's gonna be you, man.
Oh no...
Dude, look at that little mouse playing the flute!
- Dude, that's gonna be me. - So cute!
Imagine you have multiple instruments running around,
- ...it'd be so chaotic - That'll be epic.
Imagine that was actually a family of mouse,
and they made a movie like Steward Little, or like...
- Steward Little?! - ...or something like Ratatouille,
- but like mouse that play musical instruments. - And they get to an orchestra and play together.
That's cool.
That was so funny, like you just spotted that first.
- Bro... - I didn't even see it.
It was so obvious, look at them!
I feel like it's a National Geographic moment,
- you know? - Yeah, I know.
It happens.
Hey, it's nature.
Alright guys, that's it for today!
Remember, we'll do the fan call,
if it hits 100,000 likes.
Oh, we gotta do our PP reveal.
Oh, yeah. PP reveal.
Let's do it.
Alright guys, it's time to do the PP reveal!
You guys ready?
'Cause I'm not.
Ugh, for Ling Ling. We can do it.
You guys asked for it, we hit 40,000 likes.
Here we go.
Over here!
Please accent the like button.
And legato the subscribe button.
And we'll see you guys next time.
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31 Folder Collection
李芷凝 published on July 15, 2020
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