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- Hold on to your remotes and cancel all your plans.
We are bringing you all the best stuff to watch
so far in 2019.
Hey there, World Wide Watchers, I'm Alex Robinson, and
this is another episode of "Bingeworthy."
A show where I talk about what you can
and should be streaming right now.
Today we're gonna be talking about
the absolute best things to watch so far in 2019,
with absolutely no references to "Young Sheldon."
You're welcome.
- This isn't over.
- "Sex Education."
Otis, the son of a sex therapist,
played by Gillian Anderson with a spot on British accent,
teams up with a misunderstood and
wildly intelligent classmate named Maeve,
to help fellow high school students
with their romantic problems.
You know, all too typical things, like
performance anxiety, masturbation, and
practicing oral sex on at a high school party.
The show delves into more serious topics as well,
but the undeniable John Hughes vibe,
think "Pretty in Pink," keeps it fun and flirty.
While so many shows try to tackle topics
of teenage angst with mediocrity,
"Sex Education" goes above and beyond
and is the one to watch right now.
- Let me get you some condoms.
- No thanks, Mom.
- "True Detective" Season 3.
First off, no spoilers.
I'm simply here to tell you that Season 3
is truly a return to form for the show and Nic Pizzolatto.
Now there are the quintessential flawed men as cops,
who can't seem break away from a disturbing case,
myriad theories about a pedophile ring
come back into the picture,
and following the show is like trying to solve
a puzzle when you're missing half the pieces.
At times, the plot can meander in weird directions,
especially when trying to figure out
just where the secondary characters fit
into this haunting universe,
but fans of Season 1 should find some masochistic fun
in trying to theorize who 'dun it.
"The other two."
A hilarious new show on Comedy Central,
"the other two" comes to us from the minds of
former SNL writers Chris Kelly and Sara Schneider.
The plot centers around 30-somethings
Cary, an aspiring actor/waiter,
and Brooke, a broke real estate agent,
as they what their younger, 13-year-old brother,
Chase, rise to fame as a YouTube superstar
who sings ridiculously bad pop songs
that the internet eats up.
Remind you of anyone?
Looking at you, Biebs.
There are eight episodes in Season 1
and the show was recently picked up
for a second season on Comedy Central.
You can check it out right now.
- OK, remind me, I need to find a guy
to go home with tonight 'cause I don't have a house.
- "Black Monday."
Now streaming on Showtime, "Black Monday"
is about a Wall Street wolf who hires a
naive analyst as part of scheme
to leverage insider knowledge in the year
leading up to the 1987 stock market crash.
"What's so great about it?"
I'm glad you asked.
Executive produced by Seth Rogan, among some others,
the half-hour comedy both revels in it's glitzy
very not politically correct Reagan-era setting
as well as makes fun of how terrible
everything and everyone was.
While also delivering a neatly executed financial caper.
The show stars Don Cheadle, Regina Hall,
Andrew Rannalls and Paul Sheer; and if you're a fan
say, "Anchorman" and/or "Trading Places,"
this is the one for you.
"Russian Doll."
Now streaming on Netflix.
"Russian Doll" is eight totally bingable episodes
filled with cynicism, dark humor and
Natasha Lyonne dying and coming back to life
over and over again.
Basically, Lyonne is forced to relive her
36th birthday, a la "Groundhogs Day,"
in an effort to figure out just why
the hell she can't seem to stay alive.
The show kinda plays out like a humorous episode
of "Black Mirror," but turns into a
profound and affecting meditation on trauma.
Plus, come on, it's Natasha Lyonne,
and she's the (beep) best.
That is it for today.
Happy streaming.
I'm Alex Robinson and that was "Bingeworthy."
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For even more of what to watch in 2019,
check out the link in our description.
And if you're looking for something a little more...
check out the video right here.
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Best Shows To Binge Watch In 2019 (So Far) || Bingeworthy

54 Folder Collection
Mahiro Kitauchi published on July 14, 2020
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