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Sound the alarm!
Classical musicians, we must unite!
We're under attack!
Here's a quick recap.
This bass YouTuber named Davie504
dared to insult the violin.
So we made a video
exposing the difference between bass and violin.
E p i c a l l y o w n e d .
He had the audacity to come back
with a video that made no sense.
Not only that.
He challenged us. (I challenge you.)
With the perfect pitch gang...
We were able to complete the challenge easily
within 2 seconds.
We also challenged him back (challenge you back)
to play Paganini on the violin.
And now,
he has just come back
disrespecting all violinists and classical music,
and disrespecting Paganini!
- We must defend! - That's right.
The integrity of classical music!
- This is gonna be traumatic. - This is it. This is it.
This sounded pretty good, right?
That's an epic fail.
Where is slapp?
He didn't slapp the violin.
Instead, he used the bow again.
N O T E P I C .
Oh, sorry.
Why don't you let me demonstrate right now.
Instrument violence!
In the classical community,
we respect musical instruments.
And plus, when you play,
the bow has kinda slapping the string anyway, right?
So it's advanced slapping!
Intellectual slapping!
This version sounds way better
just because there is my bass.
I guess that's what basses are good for, right?
Making the melody instruments sound better!
Thanks for the support.
We thought maybe we could challenge
with the theme of Paganini 24.
and we challenge you back.
We will be playing it on the bass,
and you have to learn it on the violin.
W H A T ? !
I see him smiling.
Ah, he can't keep the face!
He's like...
- Dude, he's struggling. He's struggling so hard! - He's... Yeah.
His smile is getting bigger.
We see you struggling.
Dude, he's trying so...
He's like "you laugh, you lose."
"I must not laugh!"
That's right.
It was actually a You Laugh, You Lose!
Bang! Got you there!
Paganini 24 is one of the
classical songs ever.
He called it a S O N G .
That is very
S A C R I L E G I O U S .
All we ever wanted was
But we can't have peace
if people call it song.
So we must once again engage in battle.
In order to...
Protect the piece!
And he played it on bass.
O M G !
I must say,
he did a pretty good job for a beginner.
I'm joking of course.
Not approved!
And what's even worse
is that they didn't have my permission to play bass.
And by the way,
playing bass with your thumb like that is a sin.
Almost as bad as playing it with a pick.
Anyway, they challenged me to play this SONG on violin.
O M G !
Let's do this.
You never hold a violin like that.
Imagine you held a baby like this by the neck.
That is sacrilegious!
Poor violin-chan is being held hostage!
- Ugh! Where do we start? - Alright. The oven.
If you have watched TwoSet Violin,
you already know what we're going to say.
We have busted countless TV shows,
and fake idols doing fake performances.
Before we give our professional critique,
- let's have a look at the comment section, shall we? - Mm!
Whoa! Going for the right hand. Oh!
- I'm so proud of this community. - I know.
- I'm so proud of you! - We trained them so well!
We trained you well!
That's right.
You can't get away from all the Ling Ling wannabes.
Well, mate.
Check your editing!
For those of you that maybe are new
to TwoSet Violin channel,
we will give you a quick overview.
Now, let's look.
- Okay, I mean, look at that bow hold. - That's- Oh my god.
- That bow- - Dude, that's a claw.
The bow hold should look like this.
Very gentle, right?
...to enable maximum flexibility.
But his is like...
every actor in the TV show.
And here's a difference.
He said before.
You used your thumb, and that's not how you play the bass.
Playing bass with your thumb like that is a sin.
Okay, maybe that's not proper technique.
But you can still make a sound.
But you actually can't make a sound on the violin
- playing like that. - You can't make a good sound.
It would sound like this.
Which is probably what he sounded like.
Need more proof?
- The bow contact point is all over the place. - The bow stroke was like...
- It didn't look like he was even touching the string properly. - Yeah, it was like...
I gotta say that I'm impressed he learnt
- the fingerings for this faking. - Yeah, not bad!
Not bad. Put some effort in.
That was wrong!
- That was the wrong fingerings. - That was wrong.
And the thumb-
Oh, that thumb is touching the G string!
You never play like this.
S A C R I L E G I O U S .
He went 3-4-2-1.
It should be an open E right now.
You even hear it's open string.
Here's an E string.
You can here that sparse clarity in the E.
That was a G string!
He stopped on A string.
G string is here.
But he went...
To be fair,
as we all know,
- it is possible to learn the bass very quickly. - Mhm.
But violin is just too hard.
- We gotta- - So he had to resort to mainstream television tactics.
Oh no.
I at least respect you tried to learn the fingerings.
- At least you tried. - Not bad.
- Not bad. - Not bad.
I know this was not the cleanest violin playing ever.
It was not the cleanest faking ever!
This was the first time ever I played violin.
I didn't even practice before this video.
If I practiced 40 hours like them,
I would've played better than Paganini himself.
- Dude, even Franz Liszt didn't dare insult Paganini. - Yeah, even the piano gang is like
"No, no, no..."
You don't go there!
Well, given that fake performance,
I think we can easily show how to do
the Paganini on the bass as well.
E A S Y .
S L A P P T H E B A S S !
I N T E R E S T I N G !
I wanna bring this challenge to the next level.
I'm gonna play this SONG
but this time I'm gonna use the violin
as a pick to play the bass.
L e t ' s d o t h i s .
Poor violin-chan.
We knew something was happening.
Dude, look at the way he's holding violin-chan's neck!
That was the most...
disgusting thing I have ever seen!
The equivalent would be if we use the bass as a bow.
'Cause he used the violin as a pick.
Here we go.
We can't disrespect our violins with the bass.
We can do something to match your level of
s a c r i l e g i o u s n e s s .
What are we gonna do?
Wait, I don't think we should use that bow.
- Think we should use the viola bow. - Oh yeah.
Of course.
No respect for the bass until you respect violin-chan.
he challenged us to play something.
Let's see his challenge.
I'm gonna beat them at their own instruments.
I composed a piece on violin
that I bet they cannot play on violin.
Check this out.
Oh no...!!
And the tune- the string wasn't even right!
- Dude, you could hear the nails. - Yeah.
Gah! No! Violin abuse!
There's gonna be scratches on that thing.
TwoSet Violin,
I challenge you to play this on your violin.
And since this is your instrument,
you only have 40 hours to do it.
Guys, I'm pretty s-
40 hours?
I didn't see this in time.
- I know. - I think it's already been like...
- Oopsie! - 40 hours.
We were too busy practicing 40 hours!
He tuned his G string down to an E.
He tuned his A down to a G.
Dude, it's cheating. You are not meant to change the tuning.
- You can't tune- - That's easier. It's all open strings.
Nah. I'm not- I'm...
- I'll hold like a... - Something that can make that sound.
It wasn't perfect timing...
but at least it was real.
Gotta say though,
very creative.
- But it just hurts. - It hurts!
At least no nails.
Yeah, that was too much!
Yeah, the... like, okay, like this...
But he'd be like...
OH! No, no, no...
- Aiya! - No, no, no.
Not even the varnish can protect that.
Well, I think it's about time we got serious,
and really just show
what the violin is capable of.
So we're gonna challenge you to play
one of the most EPIC
PIECES of classical music.
Both using our instruments of choice.
Us on the violin, you on the bass.
The third movement of Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto.
40 hours of practice.
Every day!
That's right. We will give you...
69 hours for the challenge.
Free violin-chan!
I'll see you on the battlefield.
I think it's been 32 hours so...
editor-san, you have...
5 hours to make this video.
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Davie504 FAKES Playing the Violin!?

40 Folder Collection
李芷凝 published on July 13, 2020
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