B2 High-Intermediate 31 Folder Collection
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slow brain Introducing astronaut Snoopy First astronaut on only beagle toe.
Make it to Mars.
What will you do today, Snoopy?
What's that?
Mars Rover is broken.
Great idea to fix it with that wrench.
You're supposed to be fixing the rover.
No skateboarding on it.
You're not really going to use that?
Meet your rockers a ramp, are you?
You haven't practiced your skateboard tricks in ages!
I said you were the greatest Beagle astronaut known to man.
We did not discuss world's greatest skateboarder.
Be no Snoopy!
Stay calm.
There are lots of planets you can land on.
Look, there's an orange one.
What's wrong with that one?
Too hot.
Not enough shade, right?
How about that blue one?
Too much shade.
Snoopy, We don't have time to be picky.
Look, there's one war in the distance Aren't enough dogs?
Oh, come on, Snoopy.
You're the only dog in space.
Oh, Snoopy!
You like being the only dog in space, don't you?
Look, there's the Hubble telescope.
Grab on to it!
It's huge!
Good job, Snoopy, Did you know the Hubble telescope is used for looking at stars and planets from far away?
It makes things appear much closer?
No, Snoopy.
I don't think you can use it to spy on the cat next door.
What's that?
A space capsule?
Grab onto it, Snoopy.
If you great job snooping, you've got the space capsule.
Now you can go anywhere.
Oh, my stars are so beautiful.
See all the constellations.
I think that's the Orion right there.
And over there, that looks like the Big Dipper.
Snoopy know everything can be named after you.
Isn't it enough being the greatest beagle astronaut known to mankind?
Oh, right on the world's greatest skateboarder.
Looks like you're heading towards Earth.
Let's go home.
You're nearly there.
Be careful parachuting down that Paul is perfect for landing your home safe.
Except, uh, you forgot to fix the driver.
Silly Snoopy.
Looks like you'll just have to go back to Mars.
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Snoopy | Snoopy's Imagination: Rover Tricks | NEW Peanuts Toy Play | Apollo 11 Celebration

31 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 12, 2020
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