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my Penis fans on page sporadic.
I worked at Schultz, a studio in Northern California, and I'm gonna show you guys had a draw.
Schroeder, today, Shredder, We're gonna draw Schroeder sitting at his piano because that's normally where he is.
So figure out sketch really?
Like my figure out where his head is gonna be a white circle and then his back, He's curved.
He's got a curved back.
These, You know, um, usually has his knee bent.
This is where it's just one arm, right?
His face.
He's expressively playing his about almost touches here.
So you got general shape his piano.
Please flip right here.
It's complicated to get all these this position right, And it may take you a couple of tries.
So his piano is almost drew lines, whereas toe is, it's almost even top of his toe even sitting on ground that can give you the besides people height.
Okay, Now, shredder has very interesting here.
Um, you do a little art line right here across his face, cut a circle in half.
This shows me approximately where his year will go and for his hairline will go.
Then he has this little tuft of hair.
The front curls around, comes up and then back in his head.
So if this is this shaking his head, his hair actually come up a little bit.
Let's get a Kallick right there out of love right there.
She can see he's got a little clever rounded here.
So he started shoulder and fingers, shorts and shirt.
This is here.
So normally I have to turn it a little bit to get his profile right.
Has a little bit right here, like a little part of you knows.
So I start going through the darkening up things.
It's very you're right.
Three shoot legs.
A soft short.
She almost looks like for the And there we can see Lewis back.
Shoot shoe laces.
So kids piano, Right, So small.
Just right here.
Two legs.
Where's purple shirt?
Shorts are always last.
She also I did.
Always did is really a nice, loose black areas.
Sure, so we're just gonna build it from this angle.
We're just kind of see a little bit of hiss opinion.
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How to Draw Schroeder

13 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 12, 2020
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