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How are you doing today?
I'm fine.
Just say welcome.
What if I think?
You see the sign?
Extra large fries with extra salt.
12 piece chicken nuggets on the side.
8 17 25 e.
I want to work at Starbucks.
You wanna work at Starbucks?
Oh, Any update with your new job?
They said they call me.
I haven't heard from them.
How long?
Over a month.
Sorry, but I have a new idea.
I've decided.
Why not work in the place?
That makes me the most off course.
That's the best idea.
Yeah, sure.
So where is it give you?
Why is it always a quiz?
Okay, these air to give yourself a break today at McDonald's, we do it all for you.
You don't know this Working with garnets, you dio.
So look, I need your help again.
For what I got.
Practice the Donald's customer service.
You know what?
You camp and I'll help you.
But you have to promise me one thing for you Gotta be patient this time.
You gotta be nice to the customers, even if you're stupid.
So customers can be a little restaurant, but you aren't there to serve them.
They're served.
So I shouldn't get know.
Be nice.
So I guess I'm the guy serving at?
Yes, a nice guy.
I'm a nice guy.
McDonald's was patient.
What sound does a McDonald's gourmet their Their Their mascot is a clown, right?
I think that there is a little creepy.
I'm behind the counter.
You are coming into the McDonald's.
What can run will do for you today.
Can I be a just We've done this already.
We're not doing this again.
You can dio hell.
Welcome to McDonald's.
What can I get for you?
Um defense t breakfast all day.
Do you do breakfast all day?
Well, some McDonald's in Canada do breakfast all day and some don't way.
Do, but I'm not going to serve breakfast.
Walk, walk in the afternoon.
You my father's I'm telling when I didn't Even when I can't.
You just getting out of bed.
What were you doing last night?
Things have been right since your mother left.
Let's start again.
Don't Don't have breakfast for Hello.
What can I get for you?
What can I get for you.
This cheeseburger come with cheese.
Does that come with?
It's called a cheeseburger.
Comes with cheese prices, Bananas.
You did not hear my don't working.
So even a question dumb.
I have to be Beijing.
Oh, hello.
What can I get for you?
I have a question.
This cheeseburger come with cheese?
Why, of course it does.
Oh, maybe.
Can I get that without cheese?
Can I get that without hamburger?
Oh, yes.
But that comes with me, right?
Can I get that without meat?
You want a hamburger with no means?
So just the buns, the onions and pickles.
I'm actually on the car.
Free diet eso maybe no one's nobody.
So just to catch up the pickles and I Hey, pickles.
Can I get that without the pickle?
So just the unions and okay.
All right.
Would you like fries with that?
Yeah, Maybe I'll get a making a combo meal.
That way you get the burger or in your case, fries and a drink.
Would you like a drink?
What would you like to drink?
Um, so right, But you guys have its doesn't sure.
You know what?
Actually, cancel everything I said and I'm gonna get a salad.
Who the hell comes to McDonald for a salad?
Haitians, patients.
You know what?
You have to be patient.
Oh, all right.
Let me just confirm you were here.
Let me confirm your order.
Use the, uh, cheeseburger.
No cheese.
Hamburger combo.
No hamburger, no buns.
Just onions and catch up combo with a diet sprite.
Oh, you know what?
I changed my mind.
I just want I'm loving it.
Oh, by the way, can I get a smile for free?
Shut up.
Can I get a smile for free?
Oh, you know, buddy, I don't think you gonna get the job, get like that.
But your order was so stupid.
You're there to serve your customers, not to judge them.
All right.
Okay, fine.
You know what?
You show me how to do it.
Show me your patients.
I'm the customer.
I'm working.
And here the customer.
All right.
I'm ready.
Oh, hi.
How are you doing today?
Don't you say welcome to my calls.
What if I think Bird see the sign you're here not to judge?
Okay, you let me know where it is.
You want to say Welcome to McDonald's.
Okay, Sure.
Oh, hi.
Welcome to McDonald's.
How are you doing today?
What can I get for you?
Tell you something up.
Had a big fight with my best friend today.
You really care how I was doing today?
Do you?
So is the meal free?
Um, if you cared for free, I'm sorry.
We can't do that.
So you you think I should get the Big Mac meal or the Quarter Pounder meal User?
You don't have any recommendations?
Were key ways.
Shut up.
You feel even sadder than getting a different.
Oh, hi.
Welcome to McDonald's.
What can I get for you today?
When 1/4 pounder having happy meal?
What about what?
She's happy meal with extra salt on my french fries?
It's transalta your friends fries, medium size, large slice, Extra $300.
I said Okay.
About $300.
Three bucks.
Extra large fries with extra salt, 12 piece chicken nuggets on the side with mustard sauce.
Don't give me that barbecue sauce crap.
I hate that stuff.
Give me mustard sauce.
How much is that?
That would be $25.
That would be $25.
I don't have to leave.
MacDonald sucks.
Call the police.
Oh, to McDonalds.
How are you today?
You don't care how I am.
I do well, a big argument with my best friend.
My our search because I slept on my dog bit me.
So I'm not having a good day.
Oh, terrible Today how you get your happy meal?
Yes, that comes with maybe a train.
Our trade?
Yes, but you drew todo true.
True, I'll have the Quarter pounder.
Happy meal comes with the way you want a toy.
What a happy meal.
Okay, no judgment?
Do you know the greatest invention of humankind?
More than the wheel?
More than the light?
Well, more than the airplane is the teriyaki burger and Japanese.
It's a 1,000,000 McDonald's all teriyaki burger.
No way, Of course you get the quarter pounder.
It's more value for your money.
This'd wrong, right?
Yes, that's wrong.
And it's already rolling.
That's how you fam, Let's start again.
Remember, patients welcome.
Just making the face.
Do you have best rounds already?
Okay, everybody, it's five bucks here.
We feel really good when you subscribe to write Channel.
Come on, take your finger.
Touch it.
Oh, yeah.
That feels much better, doesn't it?
Do you do breakfast all day?
What can I get for you?
Does that come with?
Can I get that without?
What would you like to drink?
Let me confirm your order.
Can I get a smile for free?
I'm sorry.
We can't do that.
Happy meal.
That would be $25.
Call the police.
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Fast Food English! Ordering at McDonald's

332 Folder Collection
Sophie published on July 8, 2020
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