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All right everybody.
I did not want to make this video,
but it seems like I have no other choice.
I've been messaging Skeppy,
Over, and over and over again
for him to return my helmet
and it seems like no matter how many times I message him
He would rather ignore me then respond and give me my helmet back.
Now, I know there are some of you out there who are wondering what I'm talking about
So I'll clue you in. Basically about a week ago
Skeppy went and uploaded a video.
Where he was helping me with something and
somewhere along the way he saw a helmet that I had and
he decided that he wanted, to take it and troll me.
Skeppy: Why do you care about the helmet?
Skeppy: We were meant to be banning him.
BBH: Just give me the stinkin,
Skeppy: No, it's mine!
We went through this little, you know event and
Basically at the end of it, he left and did not give me my helmet back.
Skeppy: All right, I gotta go. Bye
BBH: No, do not leave! Skeppy Log- Log back in
and give the helmet!
Skeppy: Bye!
Now since then on my last video. I got a bunch of you guys
Asking me: hey Bad, There's a really nice helmet you had.
Hey Bad, Where's your helmet? Hey bad,
Hey bad, what's the helmet for blah blah blah blah blah you guys
Insisted on harassing me about this helmet and it is honestly, it is really getting on my nerves.
Now, during my weekend livestream on Saturday.
A bunch of you guys again harassed me in the chat asking me about my helmet and
During the livestream
Skeppy took it upon himself to pop in, say hello
and Taunt me with my helmet show it to me and
refused to give it back to me.
This is not the right helmet!~
Drop my helmet! Give-me!
Skeppy: Just check my inventory!
BBH: Skeppy, Give me the helmet right now! This is-
Now. I
Consider myself to be a very patient person and in general fairly slow to anger.
However, a couple days ago while I was messaging Skeppy with hey
are you going to give my helmet back to me?
He went and he sent me a message that went like this:
What do you want Skeppy?
did you get the package yet lol
What package?
soon lol
What package Skeppy?
Now at the time I was like
What does he mean package?
Well that was answered today when a package
from Amazon
Arrived at my house.
Okay Skeppy, this better not be a pine cone.
Or anything like that,
But it's too thin.
There is only one little bit in here.
I'm not sure, what this is.
Okay, I got it open. Let's see what Skeppy sent me.
What in the world is this?
A Minecraft Lego-
Lego thing, the sword
Okay, why would you send me this Skeppy?
Okay, there's one more thing in the bag.
You were asking for your helmet back,
Here you go. P.S. Please mail me the figure and the sword back
Now this is
Uncalled for Skeppy. I wanted my
Helmet back.
Not a toy helmet.
Not a little helmet that goes on a little lego minecraft
Whatever you want to call it character.
I like my helmet back Skeppy and I don't care how long it takes.
I don't care how much I have to ask you how many messages
I have to send you and how many you will ignore I
I will get my helmet back!
and the reason I will get it back is because it is my helmet Skeppy
it is mine
It's special helmet and I want it back!
Now, I'd appreciate it.
If you guys who are watching this would help me in getting
My helmet back, okay. I need your guy's help.
Please I want to try to encourage skeppy.
I want him to give me my helmet back
That is my goal
and I really could use your guy's help in doing this because
I'm not sure if he will listen to me, but he will definitely
Listen to you guys and I would appreciate it if you guys did not
troll me. Stop sending me pictures of helmets on Twitter.
It's not funny. That's it
Now Skeppy, if you're watching this
I'm sure you will because I'm going to spam it to you on
Telegram after I upload it
I've included a little song just for you
and hopefully this will help you understand exactly
how much I want the helmet back and
You will return it to me promptly and in the proper condition that it was left in
You sold my helmet.
Now I want it back
This is my helmet.
I want it back
Maybe it's nothing for you
Maybe it's not for you
I want it back.
Faster - My Helmet (ft. BadBoyHalo)
All right, so please Skeppy
Just give me my stinking helmet back. Okay?
Please it's my helmet. I want it.
I need it back doesn't matter the reason why just give me my helmet,
Thank you
Do not type turtle!
Do not type turtle!
Do not type turtle!
Do not type turtle!
That doesn't mean
Type turtle
Type turtle!
BadBoyHalo - Do Not Type Turtle (Faster Remix)
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36 Folder Collection
jpu pu published on July 8, 2020
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