B2 High-Intermediate US 69 Folder Collection
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Team Rocket? Now this is a first!
And it sure won't be the last.
-It talked! It talked! It really talked! -[camera clicking]
[Meowth] Yeah, yeah. Get it outta your system.
Let the Ivysaur and Bulbasaur go right now!
Ha! How can we resist the pomp and circumstance of a sun-seeking mystery mob?
I say if you can't beat them, steal them!
Farewell, dear twerp!
-Come back! -Did he say "twerp"?
Pikachu, use Iron Tail!
Chu... pika!
-Ivysaur. -You'll be safe with us now.
How dare you take back what was wrongfully ours?
-Heh? -Get us to ground level!
-[huffs] -You don't just cut and run!
-Rr-rr! -[all] Huh?
[all groan]
-[Meowth] So, that's our secret weapon? -[Jessie] It looks like a gumball machine.
[James] Then to make it work, we need a coin.
[Meowth] We're fresh out of coins.
[both] No, we're not.
[all grunt]
-[Meowth] Hey, that's my charm! -[Jessie] Our secret...
-[James] Rocket... -[Jessie] Prize master!
[Meowth] Yipes!
So, if this is the boss' secret weapon, the Pokémon inside are ready to rumble!
[Jessie and James] Out we go!
[both] Hmm.
[both giggle]
[Jessie] It's the Atrocious Pokémon Gyarados!
[James] And the Armor Pokémon Tyranitar!
[Jessie] That's the boss for you.
Leading us to spar along with some feisty Pokémon!
Let's start the show!
-Gyarados, make me proud! -Tyranitar, Fire Fang, long and loud!
Pikachu, dodge those!
-Do something epic! -[roars]
Use Dark Pulse!
Electroweb, go!
Pika... pika-pika chuey-ka!
-Pika! -Use Quick Attack!
Pika! [panting]
Pika! Pika!
-Awesome! -Sure was.
-One more time! -[roars]
[squeals] Pika!
Pi... pi...
Use Stone Edge!
[screaming] Pika!
Pi... pi...
-[groans] -We'd better do something and quick!
I know!
-Pikachu, are you all right? -[groans]
-[Pikachu] Pikach-ch... -[moans]
-Let's end this with a double attack. -Good choice!
[both] Huh?
That was Solar Beam.
Hey, thanks, everybody!
-Pikachu! -Saur-saur.
-Hey, Gyarados, are you all right? -[growling]
[James] Tyranitar, can you fight the good fight?
[both roar]
I say first we zoom in on those annoying Ivysaur!
Then scoop up what's left!
[both] Hyper Beam, go!
[both growl]
Not today.
-Pika. -[electricity crackling]
-Hmm. -Pika.
Pikachu, use Thunderbolt!
-Pika... -Let's go!
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Ash & Pikachu Save Ivysaur From Team Rocket

69 Folder Collection
nanako.kamiya published on July 6, 2020
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