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-Congrats on this -- "UglyDolls."
-It's so good! [ Cheers and applause ]
-I have -- I have --
-You and your kids are gonna love it.
-I have many ugly dolls at my house.
-Oh, we do, too. -I love these things.
But isn't it fun to be in an animated movie?
-It was a dream. Like, literally,
my biggest dream from childhood was to be able
to not only do the acting voice but the singing voice.
And I did, however, think I was gonna be a princess.
[ Laughter ]
You know, 'cause you watch all those when you're a kid.
This was way more fitting. -No, no, no, no.
-No, I just mean, like, the whole, like --
If you see the movie, that's not a bad --
I think I'm beautiful. I just meant, like,
The whole vibe of the movie, like --
-Your character, Moxy. -Yeah, Moxy.
Like, there's just room for everyone.
And there really is -- I know it sounds cheesy,
but there really is, like, you know, someone for everyone.
And that's, like, the thing --
the dolls all want to get a human.
And the ugly dolls -- the perfect dolls tell them,
"Oh, you're ugly." Like, "You don't get a human."
And it's like, "What?" -Yeah.
-It's kind of heartbreaking in points, and you cry.
-Yeah, but you're like, you don't have to be perfect.
-Yeah. But then you don't have to be perfect,
and it ends up -- it's just a really great movie.
I cried. -It's a killer soundtrack.
-It's so good. -Kelly Clarkson is on it.
[ Cheering ] Nick Jonas.
-Nick Jonas' song, "The Ugly Truth."
-Yeah. [ Cheers and applause ]
-It's so good. I literally --
I quasi signed on for the film just because I heard that song,
and I'm not even on it, but I was like, "This is funny."
-Janelle Monae. -Janelle Monae.
We have a duet, yeah. -Bebe Rexha.
You have Pentatonix. -Blake's on there.
-Blake Shelton is on there. [ Cheers ]
But your songs are higher up on the list than Blake's.
-Than Blake's, thank you. Thank you.
-Tell me about "Broken and Beautiful."
-"Broken and Beautiful" is, first of all,
written by one of my favorite artists ever, Pink.
And I was very excited about it because --
-Is that right? -Yeah, Pink wrote it.
And I literally didn't even have to hear it.
My husband just went, "Pink wrote this song
that they want for the movie." I was like, "Done."
And I was so excited to get to do it.
And it fits the movie, like, so well.
Especially my character.
Like, just the fact that, you know, even if you're broken,
it doesn't mean you're not beautiful, and --
-I'm not gonna -- I'm not gonna do it again.
-I know! I'm so sorry. I'm just gonna hold them.
-At this point, you might as well do different sound effects.
-Here. -Just rattle different things.
Yeah. Here's your mug.
-It's good, it's good.
I like to wear clothes that really annoy your sound people.
[ Laughter ]
I'm gonna incorporate this somehow in my show.
I'm just gonna wear things that piss people off.
[ Laughter ] Yeah. No.
-I can't wait for the show. -I am, too! I'm so excited.
There are so many things, I know, to talk about.
But, yes. It's good.
I am very excited about this, though.
-Yeah. We'll talk about this --
We'll talk about the show next time.
-My daughter's in the video for it.
The "Broken and Beautiful." -Your daughter's in the video?
-Yes and it's actually funny, though, because she, like,
during my part, she's just like, "When am I on?"
[ Laughter ] -Oh, is that right?
-She was like, "Where am I dancing?
Where am I?" -How old is she now?
-She's such a diva. She's good.
She's gonna be -- she's 4. She'll be 5 in June.
-Come on. She's dancing in the video?
-She's dancing. She's acting.
I'm like -- I know, I don't know why I did that.
-No, it's good! -I know, I don't --
I know, I'm creating, like, a kid that'll want
to be in this industry.
I will pay her a fair amount of money to be a dentist.
[ Laughter ] -Oh, boy.
But she's so cute. -Or like anything else.
-Well, I want to show everyone a clip from the movie.
Here's the voice of Kelly Clarkson
in the new movie "UglyDolls."
She plays Moxy. Take a look.
-♪ There's a child for every doll ♪
♪ And a doll for every child ♪
♪ Who knows just how they're chosen ♪
♪ The stories seldom say ♪
♪ It could happen any moment ♪
♪ And today could be the day ♪
-Yo, wake up, Moxy!
-Morning, Peggy. -I've been up for hours.
Today could be the day.
♪ Hello, gorgeous ♪
♪ Let's check out how you look today ♪
♪ Short and stubby ♪ Oh, my gosh!
♪ Look how much you weigh ♪
♪ You're pinkish red ♪
♪ Got this thing on your head ♪
♪ And whoa ♪
♪ Girl, you couldn't look better ♪
-Oh, my gosh! [ Cheers and applause ]
-It's good. -Oh, I'm there, man.
I'm gonna see this a thousand times.
Kelly Clarkson, everybody.
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Kelly Clarkson's Daughter Stars in Her UglyDolls "Broken & Beautiful" Music Video

72 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 4, 2020
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