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-Pierce Brosnan, I'm so excited that you're on the show.
You know I love you. -Thank you.
-Thank you, thank you, thank you.
It means a lot to me that you're on the show.
-Thank you, thank you, Jimmy.
-How are you? How are the family? Is everyone healthy?
And where are you? -Everyone's good.
-Everyone's good.
You'll find us down here on the North Shore of Kauai.
We have a wee home out here kind of on the water's edge,
and it's a little family home that we've had for, God,
a good number of years now, 20 years.
So I'm here with Keely and the boys,
Dylan and Paris.
And that's where we be.
It's a strange old time, Jimmy, as you know.
-It really is.
-But you're doing a great job on your show, really.
-I appreciate it. Thank you so much.
You know, I -- the only way the show would work
is if people like you come on, so it really helps us out a lot.
Oh, my gosh. I have to talk to you about something amazing.
-Yes, go. What?
-Well, you know already know that-- you know,
I already told you how much I love you as James Bond,
and I described every single scene of every movie to you,
where you were so bored that you were like,
"Okay, Jimmy, get a life."
But I do love you.
But then I just saw this.
You're on a -- you're on a stamp, a royal --
This is an honor. This is unbelievable.
-Yeah. This came out this year some time,
and, yeah, it's very beautiful.
It's the whole collection of all the Bond guys.
And it's a great honor.
You know, I'm on the stamp,
along with the other, you know, five legends.
-Yeah. You told me that you had a little scare with --
right around quarantine with Prince Charles.
-Oh, that's right. Well, yeah,
I was on a movie there in March,
"Cinderella," and then of course the COVID came along.
It was about March 11th.
I had an engagement with Prince Charles
because I'm an ambassador for the Prince's trust
and have been for very years, which is a wonderful trust
which helps out young men and women.
It was at the London Palladium, and it was a big do,
and just about March 11th.
It was really getting to the point where you
didn't really -- you know, no shaking hands
or anything like that.
March 13th comes along, and the movie shuts down,
and then by the time I come back to Kauai,
I read that Prince Charles has tested positive for COVID.
-That's right.
-And, you know, that kind of mildly, you know,
freaks one out.
But anyway, I went into quarantine
when I came back here.
I have a -- the house sits on five about acres,
and I have a studio, a yurt at the back end in the woods.
So I went into my yurt and quarantined.
And Prince Charles came through.
He was... [ Laughter ]
I wrote him a note. I said, "I'm very sorry
for your troubles there, Your Royal Highness."
And he wrote a note back saying,
"I'm feeling much better.
I just can't smell anything or taste anything.
it's very boring."
-Very boring. Oh, my --
-Very boring.
-Thank goodness for your yurt.
Oh, my gosh. -Yurt, yes.
I have a yurt.
-I wanted to ask you a question now that I have you
and you can't leave because you're in quarantine,
and we're Zooming, and you can't hang up on me, please.
But we had Halle Berry on the show recently,
and she told a story that she was supposed to do a scene
with you, and she was supposed to be sexy,
and she was eating a fig or something,
and she said she started choking,
and she said that you saved her life
and you're the best man ever and she'll never forget it.
That is such a James Bond thing.
I love that you're just saving lives.
Do you recall this happening at all?
-I vaguely remember it.
I've seen little quotes in the press recently.
But, yeah, we were on the set,
and I'm not quite sure what I did.
I might have Heimliched her. I'm not sure!
I think I just patted her on the back
-That -- that counts as saving someone's life.
That is so cool. -[ Laughs ]
Might have Heimliched, oh, my God.
-Well, I was Heimliched by the great, you know,
Robin Williams in "Mrs. Doubtfire".
-That's right. -"Stand back, I'm a doctor."
-That's right.
I miss that guy. Oh, my goodness.
Did you have fun with Will Ferrell on this movie?
You had to have.
-I had a great time. It was wonderful.
I mean, the job came in there at the end of last summer,
and I was looking for something to do.
I read it, and one morning by lunchtime I said yes.
It was a great opportunity to work with Will,
whose work I really adore.
And, I mean, I worked with you and him all those years ago
on "Saturday Night Live."
-We had fun. That's where we bonded.
But he said -- in some interview,
he said that it's always great when
your first choice says yes.
And you were his first choice. -Yeah, yes.
-The best-looking man in Iceland.
-Got to my Irish vanity.
Because when I read the script, it said --
you know, we come from Iceland, and I play his father.
I'm a fisherman. I'm a grumpy old fisherman.
I drink too much. I'm a widower. I'm sad.
And, you know, he has a girlfriend,
but it could be his sister
because I've had all the women in the town.
And I play Erick,
and he's possibly the most handsomest man in Iceland.
It's in parentheses. -Yeah.
-So it was a great time.
It was a fun memory making this film.
-I loved it, and I thought you were fantastic
and perfectly cast in that film.
-Thank you very, very much. I love the film.
-Yeah. Uh, Pierce, are you painting still?
Are you -- are you --
-I am. I'm painting. As I say, I have a yurt
here at the bottom of the garden,
and I've got six pieces going at the moment.
-I want to see some of your stuff next time I see you,
hopefully in person, okay?
-That would be great, Jimmy. That would be great.
Well, hopefully, you know, this will pass,
and, you know, God willing, it will,
and he's always willing, so fingers crossed.
-Well, knock on pan flute. -[ Laughs ]
-I have been wondering what they are behind your head.
-Keep doing the great work, bud.
And I can't wait to see you, hopefully in person,
and hug the family and say hi to everybody.
Thank you so much. -Will do. Stay safe.
Thanks a million. Bye, Jimmy.
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Pierce Brosnan Saved Halle Berry's Life

7 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 3, 2020
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