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-Now, you are -- You're from Scotland.
Are you planning on spending the holidays in Scotland?
-I am, yeah. I'm going back for Christmas and New Year.
And we have a lot of very Scottish traditions.
We have Hogmanay, which I don't know if you know it.
It's New Year's Eve.
And basically, it's kind of a bigger --
bigger celebration than Christmas.
-New Year's Eve is? -Yeah, yeah.
We drink a lot of whiskey and -- Of course.
-Yeah, of course. Yeah.
-And invite ourselves to other people's houses.
[ Laughter ]
-You do? -Yeah.
-Like, what do you mean by that?
-It's called First Footing, and it's a tradition.
But you basically will go to someone's house
on New Year's Day and take some coal with you.
I'm not sure why.
I guess we're, you know, generous like that.
-You give people coal? -Yeah, yeah.
It's an ancient tradition. -That's the opposite of America.
-Yeah. -Yeah.
Oh, I guess back in the day, coal --
-I guess it would have been a gift.
But now it seems really meager.
-Yeah. -Yeah.
-It means, like, your --
In America it means that you've been bad.
Yeah, but now this -- it used to be -- yeah, warm, I guess.
-I don't see you guys picking up our tradition.
[ Laughter ]
-So, First Footing? I would do that.
-Yeah. -That's fun.
We used to go bang pots and pans every New Year's
and walk over to my neighbor's house and walk in there.
So I guess I probably did First Footing in America.
-Yeah. [ Laughter ]
-I drank a lot of whiskey, as well.
-They did, yes. [ Laughter ]
That's always the regular thing that we do.
-Just always do -- Yeah, a little.
I've got to say because there is this thing
that's going around the Internet.
I'm sure you've heard it.
But everyone's looking at who's going to be the new James Bond
because Daniel Craig is stepping down after this movie.
And your name's on the top of a lot of people's lists.
[ Cheers and applause ]
-Including William Shatner.
[ Laughter ]
Who said, "I'm hoping Sam Heughan
is gonna be the new James Bond.
Been saying it for years.
Now people are actually thinking it.
Ahead of my time, hashtag."
-He would be the great villain. Wouldn't he?
-Oh, he'd be a great "James Bond" villain.
Yeah. -I can see that happening.
-Do you know William Shatner?
-Actually, no, I do.
We've hung out a couple of times in Los Angeles.
-Really? -Yeah, he's quite a character.
-He's the best. -He is. We had sushi.
And he sent me some bourbon one time. Yeah.
-Really? -He's amazing, yeah.
-But he's rooting for you. But is there any truth to it?
Can you tell us anything?
-I can reveal right now that I am not James Bond. No.
[ Laughter ]
I've never heard -- I'm waiting for the call.
Still waiting for the call.
-Oh, but you haven't been told you're not James Bond?
-Well, I haven't been told I'm not. But --
-That's something. Dude, me and you both.
Yeah, I haven't heard -- [ Laughter ]
They haven't told me. I'm waiting.
I mean, no one ever brings it up as much. Yeah.
I'm not on any of the lists yet.
-I actually -- I do --
-You would be the first Scottish since Connery.
-Since Connery, yeah. -Since Sean Connery.
That's right.
-Ian Fleming, you know, he had a lot of Scottish ties.
And I think it would be definitely time
for another Scottish Bond.
-Yes. -Actually shot --
[ Cheers and applause ]
I shot a movie this year based on Andy McNab's novels.
And it's a lot like Bond, a lot like Bourne.
-Is that the Vin Diesel movie?
-No, it's another movie.
-Wow, you're crushing it. What's the Vin Diesel one I saw?
-I did a movie called "Bloodshot."
It's out in February. -Yeah.
-And it's with Vin Diesel. And it's comic book movie.
I think people are really going to love it.
-Congrats on all the stuff.
I mean, what years you're having.
I mean, this is, like, giant. "Outlander" is --
-I know. I haven't got time for this actually.
-No, yeah, you got to go. Yeah, yeah. Understood.
I'll just plug your stuff while you're walking out.
But "Outlander." Explain this.
'Cause you have your fan base when you started.
But now -- since it went to Netflix, it's a whole --
It's international. Everyone loves you.
Like, you just got voted -- I saw some poll --
sexiest TV period drama star of all time. Hey.
[ Cheers and applause ]
-Thank you, man.
My mom is obviously voting a lot for that.
-Yeah. [ Laughter ]
-So I got to thank her for that. -But you have giant fans.
-We've got amazing fans. You know, the books --
[ Cheers and applause ]
I think they're all here, in fact.
[ Laughter ]
-Yeah. Yeah. This is Outlander Con.
-That's it. That's it. -This is Outlander Con.
We're doing it here tonight. Yeah.
-Just rename your show. -Yeah, we should.
I would totally do that, yeah.
But I mean, is it -- I don't know.
It's got to feel amazing.
Everywhere you go people know you.
-The show has been going, you know, six years now.
Season five is coming out in February.
And it's been an amazing journey.
You know, I never thought when I first got the job
that we would still be here.
But it's a great show.
And this season, I think,
is probably stronger than last season.
-What's happening this season?
-Well, my character, he's been pitted against his godfather.
He's now on the side of the Redcoats, the British.
We're in America, of course, and the war is coming.
And, yeah, I think
it's a really, really strong ending as well.
The finale is going to be pretty tough to watch
but some really great TV.
-Yes, that's what I'm talking about.
I want to show a clip.
Here's Sam Heughan in the new season of "Outlander."
Take a look.
-That's not called a cutthroat razor for nothing.
Any of you looking like you've been to the war and back.
Not today anyway.
-About what?
The day he has in store for me
or that you have a blade to my throat?
-Sam Heughan, everybody!
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Outlander's Sam Heughan Entertains Those James Bond Rumors

7 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 3, 2020
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