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-You know, we haven't done an "Ask the Fallons" in a while.
This is where I grovel and beg my wife
to answer questions from our fans,
to ask questions about us or her or the kids
or life or anything, and so this is another...installment
of "Ask the Fallons."
-♪ Ask the Fallons, Ask the Fallons ♪
-All right. This is "Ask the Fallons."
Thank you so much for sending these questions in.
Are your glasses steaming up?
-Oh, my gosh. I was about to say.
I have not mastered the mask wearing
and glasses wearing. -I feel like broccoli right now.
-I feel like have to pick one or the other,
and it's going to be --
-Well, there's no one here, so we can...
-It's gonna be the mask. -Wow...
I'm gonna do this... -All right.
-...in case a quick... -I'm just gonna do like --
As fast as I can, put it on. -I know. There's no one here.
-All right. So far, so good. -Yeah. All right.
We have a bunch of questions,
great ones from people watching the show.
-We're back!
-Yeah. Did you ever think you'd be back doing it again?
-We didn't ever officially --
You never sort of told me I was out.
-I just sort of... took advantage...
-No, there is no out. You really did.
You didn't bring it up. -...of you not bringing it up.
-Someone asked a question I thought was very you.
But it's like, if you had two hours to craft,
alone time, just to yourself, what would you do?
What would you make? What would you be into right now?
-Ohh! That just is so foreign to me right this second --
two hours to myself to just craft.
I wouldn't go buy any -- Like, I would have to --
Always it's sort of, what do I have and what inspires me?
So I think I would --
-The twigs were the last one.
-Those -- That was probably what I was doing
when I had a little bit of --
a little time in between things, was
yarn-bombing twigs and branches.
-Yarn bombing... -We have so many.
-...is covering a branch with yarn.
-Yes. Just picking different yarns and stuff like that.
But almost the key is you kind of have to have, like,
recycled it or found it or found your mom's old bin of it
or something like that.
Does that work? Howard Stern would kill me.
He was in the car. -What do you mean?
-He gets so mad at people
not wearing masks when they're walking, but --
-Yeah, but he's -- -He was in the car, so, yeah.
-What if it was Howard in that car?
-[ Laughs ] -Does he drive a truck?
-He definitely drives. [ Laughs ]
-[ Laughs ] He drives a silver truck.
-Yes. -No.
If anyone comes by, any humans...
-Yeah. Okay. Humans. Fine. All right.
I used to paint belts.
I used to have strips of leather
and made belts and paint them.
And then random furniture.
-Howard! -[ Laughs ] Like stools.
That was Howard's truck.
-Stoo-- Anything wooden.
I would just strip it in cute little micro --
-Always? -A lot of times.
People who have known me for a long time will probably
unearth some weird thing in their garage.
-Here's one. -Okay.
-"You guys are so cute.
What's your secret for keeping your marriage strong?"
-Aww. -That's very nice.
She's cute. -He's cute.
-What's your advice for keeping the marriage strong?
-I mean -- I think --
One of the essentials is --
Which is hard, because timing is critical.
But sometimes your timing is, "I'm ready to get going,"
and you don't really meet the right person.
But I do think meeting the right person who you --
Um, it's not even like --
It's so -- It's almost --
My answer's almost unromantic,
but I don't mean it to be unromantic.
But all of those, like, crazy, googly notes
and exciting and the "bad boy" all that kind of stuff,
it does not pay off in the long term.
And I know you won't trust me, because I didn't trust anyone
who told me that, either, but it's very true.
And so you really want to pick someone
who you don't have to like every single thing the same,
but you kind of have to have the same values, in a way.
I guess "values" would be the best word.
But you have to sort of -- What makes you both laugh,
you know, would be a good --
It's fun, because then you laugh together at the same stuff.
One of you is not, like, ugh, eyerolling
and the other one is, like, falling down laughing.
-Yeah. -So I think the things
that matter a lot to you,
I wouldn't compromise a lot
on someone who is the opposite of that.
Because it's just a struggle after a while.
And dating is so cute, and everyone's like,
"I'll do anything! Oh my God! I love mayonnaise!"
You know. I'm sure you would have eaten mayonnaise for me.
Look at his face. Let's just pretend he would have.
But now it can't even be in the house.
-It can totally be in the house.
-No. Nobody in our home eats mayonnaise.
-If it goes missing... -It was just an example...
-...not my problem. -...of when you're dating
you'll do anything for that person.
And then as you really are together and come together,
just those sort of -- You hopefully get more real.
And within more real, you of course
don't want mayonnaise anywhere near you,
and so those truths come out.
And they can really pull the rug out from under people,
depending on what they are.
-Is this like when people start looking and like each other?
-Ohh. Hmm.
-Do you think we're gonna start...
-I hope so. -Me too.
-You're cute.
So that I think is a big one. -Honesty.
-Honesty, but also just really have your list of things
that really you can't tolerate, or must tolerate,
and make sure they just line up enough
that they're not, like, opposing the other person.
And I think keep your sense of humor.
And I think keep some independence. You're just --
Neither of you should be so reliant on the other.
-I should just walk away.
-Oh, my God. Anyway, sorry.
[ Both laugh ]
And now for Jimmy Fallon's...
-Wow! Unfortunately, we have to go to commercial.
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Ask the Fallons: Jimmy and Nancy's Secrets for a Strong Marriage

6 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 3, 2020
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