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-Welcome back, everybody.
I'm here with some very special guests.
They just made history as the first all-female group
from South Korea to land on Billboard's
on-demand streaming songs chart with their hit song
"Sour Candy," with Lady Gaga.
Here is Jisoo, Lisa, Jennie, and Rosé from BLACKPINK.
-Thank you so much for being here.
We are big fans.
You guys are awesome for doing this.
Let me give some quick stats about you guys.
You have had five number-one singles
on the Billboard world digital songs chart.
You're the most followed girl group on Spotify
with over 21 million followers.
You are the most subscribed music group on YouTube
with 37.3 million subscribers.
That is unbelievable.
And on Instagram, you have 24.4 million followers.
That's major.
Do you understand how big that is?
-We literally don't. It's like --
It makes us freeze every time we hear this.
It's -- We just thank our fans so much for the love,
because, you know... It's too much.
-Your first studio album is coming out,
and I am all about it.
Tonight, you are debuting the first single off that album,
called "How You Like That?"
But before we get to that, since you're here,
I want to play a game with you
that is called the Try Not to Laugh Challenge.
Here we go.
-Try not to laugh. -Try not to laugh.
-Whatever you do, please, try not to laugh.
-The game is very simple. I'm gonna show you
some funny videos, and you have to try
to not laugh while watching them.
If you can make it all the way through without laughing,
you're gonna win that round.
-Okay. Let's do it. -All right. Here we go.
Our first video.
-[ Laughs ]
-[ Speaking indistinctly ]
[ Kids screaming ]
-His teeth!
[ Buzzer ]
[ Dings ]
-Okay. -Oh, no!
-Who laughed first? -I think she did.
-She started before the video started.
-Jisoo, you laughed before the video even started playing.
-Yeah. -She thought the screenshot
was just too funny to handle. [ Laughter ]
-All right. Here we go.
Video number two. -Okay. We're ready.
-Oh, don't.
[ Dog barking melodically ]
[ Buzzer ]
-This has to be a voiceover.
-That was hard for me 'cause I've actually
seen that video before on Instagram.
-But I think that is adorable. I love that.
-It's a very close game so far.
Here we go. Video number three.
-Jimmy Fallon.
[ Triumphant music plays ]
[ Buzzer ]
[ Laughter ]
[ Dings ]
-Okay. I'm -- I'm not good at this game.
I'm just gonna say that. She didn't laugh.
She didn't laugh. She won this.
-Thank you for not laughing at my face.
I appreciate that. [ Laughter ]
-No! Like, the fact that your face is --
-Seriously. -You know, too excited.
-You can't do that to Jimmy. We love Jimmy.
-For this last video, guys, I'm not kidding.
Whoever does not laugh gets the bonus point round
of 10,000 points and will be the champion.
-Okay. -Oh.
-I'm gonna win this. -Oh, no.
-Here we go.
The last video.
-Ooh. Ooh!
Aah! Aah! Aah!
Oh [bleep]
[ Buzzer ]
-One minute!
Okay. Ain't no more, ain't no more.
Okay, get the window!
Yo, let -- [ Buzzer ]
[ Dings ]
[ Laughter ]
-I think we have a winner.
-Oh! She won!
-Takes the win!
BLACKPINK, we love you guys so much.
Congrats on the record.
-Thank you so much for having us on your show, Jimmy.
-Congratulations. Thanks for playing.
Bye! We love you guys.
-Bye! See you soon! Bye!
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Try Not to Laugh Challenge with BLACKPINK

26 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 3, 2020
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