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-Here's how this works. It's like a reverse interview.
We're going to take turns reading a fact about ourselves.
It might be true -- it might be a lie.
The other players get to ask you questions,
and then they have to come to a unanimous decision --
truth or lie.
Scarlett, you'll go first.
Mayor Pete, which envelope should she open?
1 or 2?
-I didn't follow any of those directions,
but I'm going to wing it.
-I'm gonna say number 2. -Number 2.
-Mm-hmm. -I should open this.
-Yep. And then you read it. -I'm going to read it to you?
-And then we get to grill you until we come up with
a unanimous decision.
-Oh. I got stung by a jellyfish on my face
while swimming off the coast of Italy.
-On your face? What year was this?
-This was 2009.
-Which coast? -I was off the coast of Sicily.
-What kind of swimming stroke? -Um...
I was swimming.
I was just doing -- Yeah, I was doing that.
-Breaststroke? -Yeah, the breaststroke.
-What color was the jellyfish? -What color was it?
-Yeah. Answer him! What color was the jellyfish?!
Where did it sting you, exactly? -It was clear.
I got stung on my face.
-Alright, can I ask -- -I got stung right here.
Right here. -Alright. Can I ask a question?
You know what you're supposed to do
when a jellyfish stings you?
-Do you know what you're supposed to do
when a jellyfish stings you?
You know that. Did you follow protocol?
-You want to know whether somebody [bleep] on my face?
-No, I did not -- No, no. No. I said go to the doctor.
Go to a doctor is what I meant. What are you talking about?
What are -- Is that where your mind went?
-I did not go -- I did not go to a doctor.
-You did not. Did it swell up?
-Is that what you're supposed to do?
Go to a doctor when you get a jellyfish sting?
-Absolutely. -Okay, yeah, fine.
-First thing you're supposed to do.
-Right. -In Italy, an Italian doctor.
Alright. We're out of time.
Did she get stung by a jellyfish in the face while swimming?
I feel like she's fun. She's also a really good actor.
-I'm skeptical on if it got her on the face.
Then she would have seen it.
I think she ought to know what color it is, right?
-Yeah, that's true. Interesting. -Well, spit it out.
[ Drumroll ] -No, actually, I believe her.
-Yeah, I think -- Yeah, we think it did happen.
-It happened.
-Hey! We're good! -Yeah.
[ Cheers and applause ] ♪♪
-Where was it? Well, how did you react?
-What? How did I react? -Yeah.
-I was like, "Aah!"
And then I just had this enormous -- I mean, it looked --
It was, like, "Goonies" bad.
-Oh, my God. "Goonies" bad. Alright.
Good. I'm glad we got this. Alright.
It is my turn. Here we go.
Which envelope should I open, Scarlett?
-Um... -1 or 2?
-Number 1. Number 1.
I should have probably -- Well, you asked me, right?
-Yeah, yeah. -We're so polite.
We're Democrats. Okay.
-I once gave the Heimlich maneuver to
Jerry Seinfeld at a wine tasting.
-What was he choking on? -Yeah.
-I think it was meat.
A meat of some sort, like a salami.
-Hmm. -Mm-hmm.
-What city was this in? -This was in The Hamptons.
-Were you at a party?
-No, it was a wine -- It was, like, a vineyard thing.
I went with his wife and my wife.
-Which vineyard was it? -Wolffer.
-I think it was called Wolffer or something.
-Yeah, yeah. You think so? -Yeah.
-Huh. -Wolffer...Vandelay. No?
-No, it wasn't Vandelay Industries.
It was Wolffer. -Okay.
-Wolffer Estates. They had a wine-event thing.
-Who else was at this --
-His wife, Jessica, and my wife, Nancy.
We had to go for, like, a --
It was, like, a charity event thing.
-What was the charity?
-Jessica's charity -- baby buggies or something.
-You gave him the full Heimlich maneuver?
-I did, because I didn't know what to do.
-Where did you learn the Heimlich?
-I'm not sure. This seems a little fishy to me.
-They were both at -- I feel like this whole thing --
it was an event, but then they were standing --
-And out of all people who could have taken the initiative.
-Yeah, it was you? -Yeah.
-That's the hole in my story? Then yes.
I saved Jerry Seinfeld's life. -I don't think so.
I don't believe this. I'm saying no.
-I'm with you. It's a lie. [ Drumroll ]
-It is a lie. -Oh, look at that.
Alright. Well done.
[ Cheers and applause ] ♪♪
-I had too many holes in the story?
I thought, "What if I did?"
Jerry would kill me if I touched him ever.
Alright, here we go. Mayor Pete, now it's your turn.
I will choose the envelope. Is it 1 or 2?
You were kind of quick to grab number 2,
so I'm going to go with number 1.
-Oh, alright.
On the campaign trail, I once ate an ice-cream sundae
made entirely out of pork.
-Is this -- Alright, so, when was this?
How recently?
-It was years ago, campaigning in Indiana.
County fair. -County fair.
They always make you do those corn dogs and all that stuff.
-How many bites did you take? -I ate about half of it.
It was actually pretty good. -You ate half of it?
-You ate of the -- -Oh, wait.
That sounds fishy to begin with. -Wait. What did look like?
Describe what it looked like.
-So, you know those, like, Dairy Queen
parfaits that they make?
-Sure. -You know, like, the...
So, instead of the fudge is barbecue sauce.
And instead of the ice cream is mashed potatoes.
And then instead of the peanuts, pork.
-That sounds pretty good.
What did you wash it down with?
-Root beer. -Huh.
-And were there, like, photographers around, like,
making you take --
-No, there's no photographic record.
-You did this out of the goodness of your heart.
-Well, I was campaigning.
You want to eat the local -- You want to impress the locals.
-This was a local thing? -Yeah, where were you again?
You were at -- -Yeah.
-LaPorte County, Indiana. -LaPork?
-LaPorte County. -LaPorte County.
-LaPork county. Yeah. Who was with you?
Who could have stopped this?
-LaPorte County Lions Club, maybe?
Democrats? -The Lions Club was there?
-You washed it down with a root beer?
Is that your favorite soda? -No.
-Huh. -Oh, really?
-Yeah. -What's your favorite soda?
-Diet Coke. -That's sussy right there.
-Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
So, why was the root beer there? Root beer appears more --
-Because it was nearby.
-Alright. But you weren't choking.
It was all good. Mashed potatoes.
-This is bizarre. I don't know. -I don't think -- I don't know.
-Well, when you're campaigning, you have to do
all this stuff that you don't --
-He did come up with that recipe pretty fast.
If he had just --
-Well, he had all day to prepare this lie, but...
-I don't know.
-No, I think you have to do those things.
I think -- I don't know.
I think you ate it and you enjoyed it.
-Oh, he's a politician! I can't tell!
-They're the best! The politician and an actor.
Oh, my gosh. -I think he maybe ate it.
-I think he did. I think he's telling the truth.
-You ate it.
-I think we -- -You ate it.
-You're telling the truth. -Final answer?
-Yes. -Yes. You ate it. You ate it.
-Yes, I did. -Oh, my gosh!
♪♪ [ Cheers and applause ]
-Was it good? -It was okay.
-It was pretty good. -We did it.
-We're good.
Scarlett Johansson and Mayor Pete Buttigieg, everybody.
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True Confessions with Scarlett Johansson and Mayor Pete Buttigieg

7 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 3, 2020
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