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You know what's weird? -What?
-I don't know if you thought about this.
-20 years we've known each other.
-You know why? I was 27 when I started "SNL,"
and I will be 47 this year.
-Is that right? -Dude, that's a long time.
-Wow. That's a long time.
-You were 13, I think.
[ Laughter ] -Yeah.
Do you -- What do you remember about first joining the cast?
I remember seeing you at an after party or something.
-I came at the end of that 25th season,
so I didn't really know anyone.
You were super nice to me.
That's about it. No. [ Laughter ]
You were super nice to me. -You can stop there.
-I remember everyone just like --
You know what it felt like?
It felt like school when everyone's, like,
in the cafeteria and they know where to sit,
and I didn't know where to go.
And then sweet Chris Parnell -- It was a Tuesday,
and I said, "What do we do tonight?"
He was like, "Well, we write."
And I was like, "Till when?"
And he was like, "8:00 in the morning."
And then all these doors started shutting,
and I realized, like, "Oh, I work here."
-Yeah. [ Laughter ]
Not only you work here -- you live there.
-Yeah. -You really do.
-And I'll never be seen again.
-Who was your office mate?
-Who was my office mate?
Oh, oh, oh, that's also weird.
When I first came, my office mate was Zach Galifianakis.
[ Laughter ]
He was a guest writer for two weeks.
Do you remember that?
-No. -Yeah.
We would walk back to the hotel like, "What are we doing here?"
I forgot that he was a guest writer.
-It was crazy. -No way.
And then he left and then you --
-He left and no one ever heard from him again.
[ Laughter ]
-I remember you -- -You were with Horatio always.
-Always with Horatio. -That was the best office.
That was the dumbest, goofiest office.
-We had the dumbest -- I mean, really, the dumbest stuff ever.
-So many, so many damn bits. -So many bits.
-So many bits.
-Weird sunglasses.
-He'd have the sunglasses with laser beams sunglasses.
-So stupid.
-Do you remember Steele would always do bits?
Andrew Steele.
-At a certain point, he had --
Do you remember what his name was?
You might have been gone. He had a guy.
He made, like, a poster, like, a cardboard cutout,
life-size of a guy who was a peeping Tom.
And he would go around the building
and peek through our window into me and Emily Spivey's office.
-Because he was the next office.
So, he would have, like, a pole?
-Yeah. And he would come over because he liked ladies.
[ Laughter ]
-So it would just be a plastic cutout?
-I remember once it was a windup dog that came into our office.
Like a puppy dog, and it wound up
and it crawled in our office like a toy dog.
And I go, "What is that?"
It had a note that said, "Please help. Andrew."
[ Laughter ]
And I went to his office and he was on his desk,
laying on his desk, and there was a phone on top of head.
-What an elaborate bit.
-And he goes, "Thanks so much. I'm so happy you're here.
This phone was, like, stuck on my head."
[ Laughter ]
-When I first started, I was so terrified and green,
I didn't know anything.
And Will Ferrell used to come in dressed as another guy -- Chip?
Was his name Chip?
-Well, there's Chip Kudrow who was, like, Lisa Kudrow --
-Lisa Kudrow. That's right.
-Lisa Kudrow's cousin or something.
-Was he the one that wore the neckerchief?
-Was that Ron? -That might have been Ron.
-Ron is insane.
-Ron's crazy and Ron --
This is when, like, the host would come to "SNL"
and we'd say, "Hi, John Goodman. I have a pitch for this week."
And Will would be dressed as another man
that none of us had ever met.
[ Laughter ]
-No, and he was really into character.
He didn't break character.
-Was he Southern?
-Ron was just weird. -Ron was weird.
And really confident. -I don't think he's Southern.
And loud and he wore, like, a Foot Locker jersey.
Like a referee shirt, right?
Or maybe it was Chip Kudrow.
-There was a Chip Kudrow in my day.
-Chip Kudrow.
And he would sit and eat lunch by himself and stuff.
-And you'd go, "How's it going, Chip?"
And he's like, "I'm fine."
-Chip had a -- I think Chip had
a chip on his shoulder a little bit.
-He was a little mad at his cousin's success.
Lisa, Lisa Kudrow.
-All that "Friends" money.
[ Laughter ] -Do you remember --
-Oh, you guys should have been there.
[ Laughter ] -Oh, yeah.
-It was so fun.
-Do you remember when he was --
Do you remember when Will was Ron when Diddy and Jimmy --
-Ron went on stage with the Foo Fighters and P. Diddy.
-No, it was not Dave Grohl. It was Jimmy Page.
-Oh, that's right.
-Jimmy Page from Led Zeppelin and Diddy were doing a song
from "Godzilla" or something. -Yeah.
-And they're doing it and he's rapping,
and then all of a sudden Ron -- -Ron got up there.
Ron was the one with the neckerchief.
-He had a neckerchief and the sunglasses
and the Foot Locker jersey.
And he was like -- -He just walked around.
[ Laughter ]
-And he was, like, lost or something. He was lost.
He didn't know where he was.
He was wandering on the stage.
[ Laughter ]
-It's always good to be confident.
-And Diddy was rapping and he was like,
"What is going on right now?"
It was so bizarre.
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Jimmy and Maya Rudolph Reminisce About Their Favorite SNL Stories

6 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 3, 2020
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