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-Thank you for being here.
And I'm so happy you're here with Cher.
This is so cool and fun.
Everyone explain who you play in "The Cher Show."
-I play Star Cher, which is the more mature
and wiser of the three, I guess.
-Not as old as I am yet. -No.
-Not yet, no. [ Laughter ]
You're ageless. -Right.
-You're timeless. -I love it.
[ Cheers and applause ]
-But I'm lucky in the sense that I get to narrate
a little bit and I kind of
get to weave myself in through the whole show.
The beauty of the three of us is it's not linear,
so we kind of step in for each other
when someone needs to be a little braver
or when someone needs a bit of encouragement.
But I do go from -- I don't know.
What age were you at "Sonny & Cher,"
which is this one? -Who's "Sonny & Cher"?
--Well, the beginning -- Micaela's "Sonny & Cher"?
I was -- -4.
-Right? -I was --
-Yeah. -Well, you start --
-Suspend your disbelief. -It starts at me as 4,
and it's brilliant. [ Laughter ]
-Yeah. -She's talking to my mom
and she's riding on a tricycle, and she goes,
"I think I'm leaving," or I want to --
-Yeah. -"I've learned enough,
I'm leaving." And so -- and then we just go through --
all the girls have a certain part.
And -- but they do go in and out of each other because they talk
to each other, like, you know, "Don't sweat the small stuff."
-Yeah. -Or, "This is going to okay."
-Yeah. -We call it Cher-apy.
-Right. -Yeah.
[ Laughter ] -Yeah.
-You should. What Cher are you?
-And then I'm Lady.
So I'm sort of -- I'm when Sonny and Cher
start to kind of mold into this sort of comedy duo
and get that brilliant comedy dynamic.
-Yeah, absolutely. -That is so specific
and so awesome. -And all those Bob Mackie --
-And, yeah, and then they go on to
"The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour" and become -- like, you guys
are now going to be in people's living rooms.
-Oh. -Right.
-Like, on a weekly basis.
-And we have the action figures in my house.
Yeah, absolutely. -Yeah.
-We had some "Sonny & Cher" dolls
during our rehearsal period that were sort of like our mascots.
-Yeah. -Was there ever a part
of your -- I mean, you see in the show,
but was there ever a part where you go, like,
"That's part of my career I just wish that didn't happen."
Or, "I didn't like this part"? -Yeah.
[ Laughter ] Yeah.
There were certain parts that were really, um, difficult.
And I was struggling. I mean, in the beginning,
what happened, truthfully,
one of the stories that is the truth, is that Sonny and I,
we were really famous. And then we just --
Our career just went off a hill, and we had no money,
we had no job, and we paid the --
We owed the government $278,000.
And we just got in a car
and headed towards Windsor, Ontario,
and started our life again. -Wow.
-And we were broke-ass broke.
[ Laughter ]
-And you had no -- you had plan on what to do next?
-Sonny just said, "You're going to wear a gown,
and I'm going wear a tuxedo, and we're going to just go there
and we're going to see what can happen."
And the people hated us. [ Laughter ]
I finally got so pissed off -- -Yeah.
-So I turned around, like sometimes you do,
and started to make the band laugh.
And the band would laugh at anything. So --
But then we got really good.
And Sonny thought, "This is great."
So we started having this thing
where we made the band laugh first,
and then we started making the people laugh.
And then the people started to love us.
-Yeah, absolutely.
[ Cheers and applause ]
I mean, what would you want people to take away
when they see the show?
-I think -- I'm not exactly sure,
but I think that you can just never give up.
If I had to tell anybody anything.
It's when you do the thing that scares you and you do it
and you gut it through and you don't give up,
no matter what people say about you.
And people have said some pretty terrible things about me.
And you just don't give up and you don't give up
and you don't give up. Because then --
[ Cheers and applause ]
-It'll work itself out.
You have a great line in the play
where you're talking to your mom.
She says, "You better marry a very rich man."
[ Laughter ]
-"Mom, I am a rich man." -Yeah.
-That's what Cher always responded.
-My mom said that. -Your mom --
[ Cheers and applause ]
That's the best. And she goes --
-No. So my mom once --
I don't know what went through my mom's mind.
She just had some sort of a blackout, and --
And she was just talking to me about, "You know,
you should be making movies, and you should be producing them
and so and so and so and so.
And honey, you should marry a rich man."
And I just looked at her and I said,
"Mom, I am a rich man."
[ Cheers and applause ]
-I mean, if it gets that applause at the show...
-Yeah. -It gets that applause
every show. -Yeah.
-Yeah. -Do you get nervous singing
in front of Cher in rehearsals and when you're working on this?
-No! -Come on.
We did in the beginning. -Yes!
-Of course, you're Cher. Of course we were nervous.
-Yeah. -Yeah.
-And, you know, there's still --
now we have this beautiful sisterhood
that we feel so blessed to have.
But before, when you're playing Cher for Cher,
and you've got to use the voice and you've got to make sure
that you have all of the things that make Cher Cher
in front of Cher, it's very nerve-racking.
-Wow. If you're playing the drinking game,
the "Cher" drinking game, you're wasted right now.
[ Laughter ]
But there's so much fun in the show and different things.
I want to show -- you brought an exclusive clip to us.
And give everyone a little idea of what they'll see
when they go to "The Cher Show."
Take a look at this.
-♪ Do you believe in life after love? ♪
♪ I can feel something inside me say ♪
♪ I really don't think you're strong enough, no ♪
♪ Do you believe in life after love? ♪
-♪ You haven't seen the last of me ♪
[ Cheers and applause ]
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Cher and The Cher Show Broadway Cast Share a Preview of the Broadway Musical

3 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 3, 2020
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