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-Colin, welcome to the show.
This is unbelievable, what -- what you've done.
Explain what this is. The first solo crossing.
-So last year, I became the very first person in history
to cross Antarctica solo, unsupported,
and completely human powered.
So I had a 375-pound sled behind me.
No resupplies of food or fuel or anything like that,
so no one could pick me up.
A thousand-mile journey to get to the South Pole
and then to the other side.
No one in history had ever done that.
I heard -- in your opening monologue,
you did mention that 50% of people
don't change their underwear every day.
I may have been skewing that up
because I did 54 days in the same pair of underwear
to save on weight. [ Audience groans ]
-And everyone is getting a pair of his underwater tonight.
So congratulations, everybody. [ Laughter and applause ]
-So, not only -- -I mean, this is insane.
So I don't even know -- like, how you would get enough
speed to pull this thing?
Like, how does this work?
-54 days, roughly a thousand miles, 375 pounds.
It was very slow going.
The average temperature was about minus 30 degrees.
And with the wind blowing, it'd get minus 75, minus 80.
So it was a long, cold walk.
-It was like that in New York today.
-Yeah, it was -- -Yeah --
Tonight, you're going to announce
your next crazy adventure. -Yes.
-Oh, my gosh. What is this called?
This is the -- -The next adventure,
we're calling it "The Impossible Row."
Get this. I've never rowed a boat anywhere in my life.
But me and a team -- I'm not alone this time,
but a team of six of us, we're going to attempt to be
the first people in history to ever row a boat
across Drake Passage.
So that's from the southern tip of South America
all the way to Antarctica.
It's known in seafaring
as the most dangerous crossing in the world,
where the Atlantic and the Pacific
and the Southern Earth's oceans all converge.
Like I said, I've never rowed a boat before.
But we do have a great captain by the name of Fiann Paul,
who's one of the most experienced
ocean rowers in the world.
But it's kind of applying this mind-set to see
if I can achieve something that a lot of people have said
is impossible, and get it all the way across Drake Passage,
facing, you know, 30-, 40-foot waves,
icebergs, the whole deal.
-Oh, no. [ Laughter ]
-And actually, I --
Jimmy, I did say --
I did say that there was a team of six.
But I left a spot on the boat open for you.
So I'm just saying. -[ Laughs ]
[ Drum roll ] Absolutely no, please.
[ Applause ] When do you start this,
and how are you going to train for this?
-It starts in two weeks. I leave --
it's the month of December.
What's really exciting -- -Colin, what are you doing?
And you have a good attitude, I love that.
-Well, I just started rowing a boat last week.
So I figured I'd give myself a couple of weeks to prepare.
I've been preparing for a little while.
But what's really exciting about it is, to me,
the live storytelling component.
So when I was crossing Antarctica, I was able to send,
like, one kinda grainy satellite image to my Instagram.
People could follow it along.
But this time we have Discovery doing a massive production
around the entire thing.
We've got the best satellite technology.
So you're actually going to be able to follow this thing live
in real time through my social media accounts,
you know, Instagram @colinobrady, @discovery.
There's gonna be content coming out every day.
So when you're at home with your family over holidays...
-Yeah. -...you can tune in
and see me in a tiny little rowboat bouncing around
the 30-, 40-foot swells. -I am going to be doing it.
-And you're gonna be very grateful that you're inside
and warm. -Yes, I will.
And I'll be rooting for you all the way, buddy.
I have one little thing I wanted to give you, and that's --
since the name of the expedition is the Drake Passage,
here's a tiny...
-[ Laughs ] -...picture of Drake.
[ Laughter ]
That's Drake. [ Applause ]
He can go anywhere. He can go anywhere.
He's good luck. He's good luck.
-I'm going to take my man Drake with me.
But, you know, I've got a sat phone out there.
That's how we're connecting to Discovery and everything.
But it's not "Hotline Bling," it's going to be
that sat phone bling. [ Laughter ]
Bringing Drake with me the entire time.
-Sat phone bling. Break a leg, buddy.
And we're so psyched that you came on our show.
Good luck, and we'll be following you.
-Such a pleasure. Yeah. -Thank you very much.
Colin O'Brady, everybody. [ Cheers and applause ]
Make sure you follow along as Colin attempts
to make history again.
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Colin O'Brady on His Historic Solo Crossing of Antarctica

7 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 3, 2020
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