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-We were talking backstage.
You're very excited about this new project you're working on.
Music is your first love. I did not know that.
-It is, yeah.
I was brought up in a pretty musical family.
My dad's a musician, and that was definitely
my first ever passion, was music.
-Really? 'Cause, I mean, I've seen you play on the show,
but you're starting --
-The music on the show is a bit different
to the stuff that I'm into, but...
-What is it -- the name of the band is Legends, right?
-Legend. Just Legend. -Oh, just Legend, okay.
I thought you said Legends.
I was like, "Wow, you're really coming in hot."
-Getting cocky, yeah. -Yeah, Legends.
That's awesome.
It's called Legend. -Legend.
And what kind of music is it? Who is in the band?
-It's just, like, classic rock 'n' roll, I guess.
-Really? -Yeah.
[ Cheers and applause ]
There's not much of it these days.
-There really isn't.
-But that's what we're all passionate about,
so we just all linked up in Vancouver
and we've just been doing it ever since.
-And you have a show tomorrow night in D.C.
-Yeah. -Where are you playing?
-At The Miracle Theatre.
-Miracle Theatre. -Yeah.
[ Cheers and applause ]
-And I would tell everybody get your tickets now,
but good news for you, it's sold out.
-Yeah. -So that's great, yeah.
-Yeah. -That's got to feel good, right?
-It's been good, yeah.
-I played a club there called the 9:30 Club.
-No way. -And it's a fantastic theater.
-In a band?
-Yeah, I was in a -- Kidding me?
[ Laughter ]
You kidding me? Look at me.
You don't think I'm in a band?
-What were you doing in the band?
-Not what would I not be doing in a band.
I was in a band.
We actually opened up -- I had a comedy album out
called "The Bathroom Wall."
Thank you very much. Please sit down.
[ Cheers and applause ]
We went on tour. We opened for The Strokes.
-That's insane.
-It was only for four days, but still, I still --
-You've been on tour for four days.
-I still talk about it to this day.
We had a tour bus.
It was me, Mooney Suzuki, which is a great band, as well,
and we opened up for The Strokes,
and they were just fun guys,
and they liked "Saturday Night Live"
and they heard that I had this album out.
They were like, "Do you want to come?"
-Who else was in the band?
-Mark Ronson actually played bass.
-Mark Ronson?
-Who just won the Academy Award, yeah.
Mark, yeah.
No, right? Not too shabby.
So if you need any --
-You're the man.
-If you need any touring help, you call me first,
you know what I'm saying? Yeah.
I wanted to talk about your movie.
Netflix -- it's called "The Last Summer."
I love it. It's a good romantic comedy.
-Yeah. -And I love romantic comedies.
-I love romantic comedies, too. -Do you really?
-Yeah, I love romantic comedies. -Me, too.
-What's your favorite romantic comedy?
-Gosh, there's so many of them.
[ Laughter ]
What was I in? "Fever Pitch"?
[ Laughter ]
[ Cheers and applause ]
Yeah, please. Again, please sit down, please!
It's too much.
Don't rush the stage.
Oh, I love everything.
You know what I can't turn off if it's on,
is "Love Actually."
-Oh, yeah. For sure, for sure, yeah.
-If it's on, I have to watch the whole thing.
-Have you seen "Four Christmases"?
-Oh, I love "Four Christmases"!
Reese Witherspoon.
-Vince Vaughn. -And Vince Vaughn.
-Vince Vaugn is probably my favorite actor.
-Really? -Yeah.
I think he just -- every time I watch him,
I just feel like -- he just takes me out of
wherever I am. -Reality.
-I'm just sucked into him. -Yeah, he's a great guy.
-Yeah. Like, zoned right in.
-That was one of my favorite movies that he did --
"Sucked Into Him." -[ Laughs ]
-Small release, but nonetheless, it was a movie.
But tell everyone what "The Last Summer" is about.
-"The Last Summer" is a romantic comedy,
which is why I was really excited about it.
It was my first time being in that kind of film.
So yeah, it's about -- you know,
it's a coming-of-age film about
the last summer before graduation, pretty much,
and kind of the twists and turns of that chapter of life,
and I think everyone can relate to being in
that kind of situation, you know what I mean?
Figuring out pretty much what your passion is
and what you want to get after.
-Those are, like, my two favorite genres.
I like romantic comedy and I like coming of age.
I do, I love those things.
It was like when summer ends, we're all gonna split up.
-"Sucked Into Him."
-And "Sucked Into Him" was about that, yeah.
I never made it that far.
I never watched the whole thing,
but I watched around 10 minutes.
That was enough for me.
-You were done after that? -I was finished.
Yeah, I didn't want to see any more of it.
But I will watch it.
I have it on DVD.
[ Laughter ]
But it's -- what was I gonna say now?
I'm thinking about something else, sorry.
[ Laughter ]
No, but I like that because yeah, you split up,
you don't know what you're gonna do in college.
You stay together, and then even after college,
is another -- you could do "The Second Last Summer."
You could do the sequel.
"Last Summer Again," you know?
-Yeah. "Sucked Into Him 2."
-"Sucked Into Him Part 2." -Yeah, exactly.
-You just get into that.
All right, enough of that, enough of that.
You took it too far!
I'm sorry about that. -That's your fault.
I started it? -I know. Well...
Yeah, we both started it. -Yeah, yeah.
-We made a good team.
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KJ Apa Is Obsessed with Vince Vaughn Romantic Comedies

6 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 3, 2020
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