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-♪ Ooh, baby, baby ♪
♪ "Baby Memes" ♪ ♪ "Baby Memes" ♪
-First up, take a look at this photo of Indy from Pennsylvania.
-Her meme says, "When your frenemy shows up to prom
wearing the same dress."
Let's take a look at this photo from Conner from Canada.
His meme says, "When you got the house to yourself
and still want to be productive."
♪ I'm cleanin', I'm cleanin' ♪
Next is a photo of Elijah from Florida.
His meme says, "When you realize you've got nothing to watch
now that "Game of Thrones" ended.
Next is a photo of Stella from Connecticut.
Her meme says, "When you're trying to flirt,
but you don't know how to wink."
Here's a photo of Sawyer from Nebraska.
[ Laughter ]
Her meme says, "When you say, 'I'm gonna take a quick nap'
then wake up 12 hours later."
You're like, "Why didn't anyone wake me?!
Come on!"
So cute. Here's another baby.
Her meme says, "When you're at the club
and someone takes a picture with the flash."
"Come on, dude."
Next is a photo of Cadin from Texas.
His meme is called, "When the thermometer
isn't going towards your mouth."
"Hey, whoa!" -Hey-O!
Whoa! Where did I lose my pen?
-Here's a photo of Robin from Texas.
Her meme says, "When you're waiting for your co-workers
to notice your extensions."
-Oh, hey! -"I'm growing them out."
And, finally, here's a photo of Jack.
His meme says, "When you're crushing that
Derek Zoolander impression."
There you go. That was "Baby Memes."
If you want to have your baby turned into a meme,
post your baby's photo with the #TonightShowBabyMemes,
and it might be on the show.
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Baby Memes: When You're Tryna Flirt But Don't Know How to Wink

101 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 3, 2020
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