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-How the record is unbelievable.
It is the top-selling record -- [ Cheers and applause ]
It really is, unbelievable. -Thank you.
Thank you so much.
-It's the top-selling record of 2019,
which is great and all that,
but it's actually the best record I heard this year.
It is so good, and I love it so much.
-Hey! -I know. I'm not --
Again, I'm not a music critic. What am I talking about?
-Well, it counts. It counts. It made me feel nice.
-Thank you. It made you feel nice?
-Yeah. -I have some real reviews
from real people. -Oh.
-"'Lover' is Swift's most mature album
and her most fun one all at once" --
Variety. -Aww.
-"Taylor Swift is one of the best pop lyricists
our era has ever produced" -- Vanity Fair.
"Lover is a career--"
[ Cheers and applause ]
I agree with that one, too.
"Lover is a career-topping masterpiece" --
Rolling Stone.
-Oh, man. -These are great reviews.
And I love the album.
Dude, look at this -- the blue and the pink.
-Ooh, you know what?
I haven't seen this yet, actually.
-Are you serious? -Yeah, so this is actually --
Can I see it? -Yes.
-Yeah. -I mean, don't give notes.
It's already done. It's already made.
-No, I saw drawings of it on a computer, but I didn't --
-Yeah. How cool is that?
-Yeah, it's good!
-Dude, it's a great cover. -I think it'll work.
-Did you always know "Lover" was gonna be the name of it or no?
-Um, so, I toyed around
with calling the album "Daylight" for a while,
but I thought that might be a little too,
like, on-the-nose or --
I don't know, because my last album, "Reputation," um,
I saw as, like, this nighttime album.
Like, in the city... -Yes.
-...in the nighttime.
-Yes! But this one, Did you have --
-This one I saw as a daytime album.
-Now, did you have --
-Like, I saw, like, fields and flowers and, like,
you know, like, festivals. -Butterflies.
-Possibly, if the mood strikes them.
-Um, you're going on tour next summer,
and it's a giant, massive tour all around Europe.
You're only playing two dates in the US.
One is in Boston, and one is in LA.
Two days in Boston, two days in LA.
You're doing this brand-new cool thing --
that of course I knew you would do something cool --
Is it Lover West and Lover East?
Yeah, um, basically,
I just kind of felt like this album
I was gonna try something new.
I haven't done festivals in a really long time,
and I just saw this album as, like, a really festival-y album.
-Yeah, it is.
-And so I kind of wanted to do, um --
I had the opportunity to open a stadium in LA,
which is really exciting.
-I mean, the first female performer to ever do that.
Congratulations. -Really, now?
-You are, yeah.
Yeah, I believe so. -Wow.
-First female performer to open a new NFL stadium.
That's awesome, buddy.
-Not the last. -No, not the last at all,
but do you have a favorite track on this record?
-It's hard to pick a favorite track, but I really do...
-"The Man" is good. -...love the song --
Thank you. I love the song "Lover."
Just, I -- [ Cheers and applause ]
-It is a good -- -Thanks, guys.
-It's a great jam. -Thanks.
It's a song that I wrote alone,
and somehow, those are -- I don't know.
You just think about the --
I find it funny thinking about if I were to have, like, a --
like, a party for all the songwriters on that song.
-Really? -Yeah,
'cause it would just be me.
[ Laughter ]
The same as when I was in high school.
I'm just like...
-Yeah, so you just -- -[ Groans ]
-Yeah, it's just you. Just invite yourself, yeah.
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Taylor Swift Has Some Big Ideas for Lover Fest

11 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 3, 2020
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