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-Last time we were here --
Most of the times we talk about --
you go to these charity sporting events.
-Well, yeah.
I have been to them before, it's true.
-Yes, and you were saying that it's kind of a bummer for you
because a lot of people don't recognize you.
When they either play with you or something, they go --
-Who knew a lot of charitable golfers don't go to the theater.
-Yeah, you're a big -- 'Cause you're --
In the theater world, you're very known.
I mean, you're a great theater actor.
-Well, I've been working in the theater for a while,
Jimmy, so I hope that -- -Have you been --
But you have been to a new tournament or a charity --
-No, actually, I went to -- It was Broadway poker, uh --
tournament to benefit
Broadway Cares/ Equity Fights AIDS.
-Okay. -And I figured there --
Thank you for bringing it up -- There I would be known.
-Yeah. -And it was at Sardi's.
I don't know if anybody here has been to Sardi's.
-That's legendary. -On the wall, they have all
the caricatures of every actor
that you've ever seen on Broadway.
-Yeah. -Except for me.
[ Laughter ] So that was --
I felt a little slighted there, as well.
-You're not on Sardi's wall? -I'm not on Sardi's wall.
And I looked. I spent a lot of time looking.
-Oh, my -- [ Laughter ]
-However, I went to school at the University of North Carolina
at Chapel Hill, and there was a restaurant --
Ah. -That's good.
-That's a Tarheel.
-More people know that than they went to Sardi's.
Yeah, that's very interesting. -Well, there was a restaurant
there called Spanky's, and at Spanky's,
they had caricatures up there, and they did have
a Billy Crudup caricature up there.
-There you go. That's good, right?
Come on. [ Cheers and applause ]
Well, that's fantastic. -Yeah, my friend,
Clinton Payne, sent me a picture of it.
He suggested that I should go down and try to recover
that caricature, because he didn't feel like
it represented me in a flattering way.
-I have it. I have a picture of the...
-Well, I'll let the audience be the judge of...
-What do you think is the problem here?
-I feel like my chin is misrepresented in some way.
-You think it looks like a different body part, maybe?
-I don't know. I -- I --
-Yeah, I'll let the audience decide.
Here's a caricature of Billy Crudup.
[ Laughter and applause ]
[ Sad trombone ]
Stand up.
Now, do you think this looks like --
[ Laughter ] No, sorry, Billy.
No, no, I mean, do you think this is --
N, no, Billy, come here! Come back, don't leave.
Don't walk off. Don't walk off.
I just wanted to know if that was you.
That's all.
I think it's fantastic.
We first met -- We both starred --
-"Almost Famous."
-Have you heard the play -- it's becoming a Broadway play.
-Cameron Crowe is doing the musical.
-A musical. -A musical.
-Have you talked to Cameron? -Um...
Have you? -It's interesting that
you haven't talked to Cameron about this.
-It's funny, but has he been on the show recently?
-Cameron Crowe was recently on our show.
-And did he talk to you about something?
[ Light laughter ]
-He offered me a role in the Broadway musical.
-That's what I mean. That's what I --
So, when was the last time that you were on Broadway?
-[ Laughing ] -I'm sorry?
[ Laughter ]
I'm sorry. Where do you put your Tony?
-[ Laughing ] -What about your Obie Award?
Or your Drama Desk Award
or your Outer Critics Circle Award?
-Yeah, yeah, Billy -- -If you did Beckett
and Pinter and Repertory on Broadway or Chekhov
or Shakespeare in the Park... -I'm just saying --
-So, Cameron calls you. -Yeah. And, uh --
-So that you can be in the Broadway musical.
-It's gonna be my Broadway debut.
"Almost Famous," the movie that you made famous.
[ Laughter ]
-What a dick.
[ Laughter and applause ]
-I'm just gonna be there. I can't wait.
-Everybody's a triple threat. -The Great White Way.
I mean, this is gonna be unbelievable for me.
-Yeah, this is, uh -- -Uh, uh...
But let's talk about your big show.
This is Apple+.
"Apple plu," as I say.
-"The Morning Show."
This is a new show on Apple+.
I'm required to say that, working for them.
This is Reese Witherspoon, this is Jennifer Aniston.
-Steve Carell. -Steve Carell.
It's a big -- -Mimi Leder directed it.
Written by Kerry Ehrin.
It is a really ambitious project that tries to take on
all of the topics that are happening in workplaces
all over the country right now.
As we have a social reordering of the power structure
and people trying to understand
their new place in the workplace.
-Is that why you wanted to do it,
or is it more that the cast or the excitement?
-Well, these are straight up some of the most ambitious,
creative badasses working in television.
So if you get an opportunity to work with them, you jump at it
just about every chance you can get.
And this part ended up being a pretty wicked, cool part
that I felt like --
It was a guy that I felt like I've seen a lot in New York,
probably at some of these charity golf events
or charity poker events who didn't want to talk to me.
But hyper-ambitious, really aggressive,
and thinks that everybody is in the middle
of the game that he is playing.
And so he's kind of like a lion tamer,
and this is like the three-ring circus to him.
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Billy Crudup Confronts Jimmy for Being Offered a Cameo in Almost Famous on Broadway

4 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 3, 2020
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