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-Congrats on the cover. "Hollywood Reporter."
-Thank you very much. Thank you so much.
-"The busiest man in comedy." I agree.
-Thank you very much. [ Cheers and applause ]
It was fun because, like,
I feel like we are always on this journey together.
You on the cover of "Variety", I'm on the cover of "Hollywood."
Like, we're just doing covers together.
We do TV shows together.
-We're cover boys, man. Come on. Why not?
-Yeah, it's, like, best friends. I love this.
-How is the stand-up going? You're going all over the world.
-Yeah, man. I'm having a ton of fun.
You know, I've kicked off the "Loud and Clear" tour.
And what I love is I tour on the weekends.
You know, just to take a break from doing the TV show.
-Yeah. -And so, I'll go on the road.
And, you know, like two weekends ago
I was in Canada, in Vancouver.
Amazing shows out there. Had a great time out there.
-Were you there when the Raptors won?
-I was there the weekend afterwards.
Canadians are losing their minds.
-Yeah! They never thought this would happen ever.
-Yeah, but they're also not even making it like Toronto won.
They're just like, "Canada!"
[ Laughter ] -"We own basketball!"
-Yeah, like, in classic Canadian fashion.
It's like they're like hardcore, but then also apologetic.
They're like, "Aah! But I'm sorry you lost."
[ Laughter ]
You know what I mean? -It's perfect.
-They're still nice about it. But they're super excited.
And then this weekend, for instance,
I was in Fayetteville, as in Arkansas.
And then I was in Houston, Texas.
Yeah. 91 degrees Fahrenheit.
A hundred degrees -- a hundred humidity.
100% humidity. -No, no, no, no.
-I've never felt anything like that in my life.
-That's like living in a Ziploc bag.
-Yeah, no. [ Laughter ]
-No, I know. I don't know what that is.
-No, I'm sorry.
I'm from Africa, but that [bleep] was too much.
[ Laughter ]
No. -That's crazy.
You say -- You slipped just now.
You said, yeah, when I'm on break, you know, I go on tour.
That's like, that's not break.
-No, but that is break because I love performing stand-up comedy.
I love live audiences.
Also, like, it's a break from the news.
I can do whatever I want.
You know, it's not necessarily gonna be about politics.
-Like, say you're in Houston, what do you do?
-Complain about the weather, first of all.
Spend a lot of time complaining about the weather.
But then you have -- like, for instance, I got to go to NASA.
Do you know how insane that was? -Really?
-Literally, I got a tour of NASA.
And they, like, walked me around.
They showed me the rockets and, like, all of the shuttles.
-For the show or just for you? -No, just for me!
-They were just, like, "Come and walk around."
-I don't do anything that's not the show anymore.
-No! Yeah, you got to do it. Just for you.
And then they just walk down and they show you, like,
this is where the astronauts train.
And they're like, "These are the buttons. Don't touch."
Then I touched them. He's like, "Don't touch them."
And then I touched them and then --
[ Laughter ] -You'll never be allowed back.
-And then, this is the best part.
I got to speak to astronauts in space right now.
Like, they gave me a telephone and then, like,
you can talk to them in space.
-They must have freaked. They must have loved that.
-Yeah, I kept the telephone.
I like -- [ Laughter ]
-We'll talk to them later. Yeah, we'll give them a call later.
-No, but it was amazing. Speaking to people in space.
Like, they tell you weird things.
For instance, male astronauts are suffering
this strange symptom where if they stay in space
for a certain amount of months, their eyes change shape and,
like, can sometimes, like, pop sort of out of their head.
But it only happens -- it only happens to the men.
And, like, so I asked them.
I was, like, "Hey, what's happening with your eyes?"
And it was the funniest thing.
All the women astronauts are like,
"Oh, that's a man problem." [ Laughter ]
-Wow. So their eyes just bug out?
-It's like, yeah, your eyes just change shapes.
If you're a man, in space, your eyes change.
-You look like a "Simpsons" character.
[ Laughter ]
-So that's fun.
I get to do that on the weekends.
I get to meet people and then I come home and then I chill,
do a podcast and then get ready for the show.
-But that's interesting because I was just listening to
your podcast because -- we just had Guy Raz on
and he was talking about -- -Right, right.
-He has a podcast on the same thing.
-Yeah, on luminary. -Luminary.
-It's just fun. I just talk about --
You know what it is?
There's so many things that happen in the news
that we try and process in the moment.
And I feel like, as human beings,
we've lost the ability or are losing the ability to engage.
You know, how do you engage in a topic that's sensitive?
How do you talk about issues that are bigger than us,
that can't be handled in, like, five-minute sound bites?
And we don't want to do that anymore.
We want to deal in tweets. What? Tweets.
How do you feel in a tweet? -Faster.
-It's like, yeah, but maybe I can't give you
my complete ideas in a tweet and maybe I won't engage with you
in a civil manner in a tweet.
And so I try and do that on the podcast.
I sit down, I go, "What's the issue?
Is it immigration?"
Let's just talk about immigration as a whole.
Forget politics, let's just talk about immigration.
How it came to be, what it means, talk about it, relax.
Chill out. You know, it's a Sunday. Just relax, Jimmy.
Just chill, man. -Just chill out.
-Yeah, no-tweet policy. That's all it is.
-But I think you do a great job with that
with "The Daily Show" as well.
-Oh, thank you. I try, man. I really try. Thank you very much.
-You do. You do your jokes, but you also have discussions
and you have longer jokes
and things that actually aren't jokes.
They're actually good points.
-Yeah, well, I mean, I think we should be trying to do that.
I think, honestly, as people -- like, we shouldn't be looking at
arguments and politics as win or lose.
It should be look -- we should looking at it as learn, inform,
and then move forward.
But now, like, you know what I mean?
Every argument is, "I won that argument."
You're not supposed to win an argument.
You're supposed to come out informed.
Like, we had the argument --
like, you know who's really good about this, funny enough?
People who fight. Like actual fighters.
Like, UFC fighters,
they'll, like, fight each other in training.
And then afterwards, they'll be like, "That was good."
[ Laughter ]
They're like, "I learned new things
when I rolled with you, my friend."
-And his eyeballs are sticking out like --
-Sticking out of his face. [ Laughter ]
The guy is like, "Yeah, you now taught me
how not to get punched. I will remember that next time."
-"I will remember that, yeah."
-And then the rest of us in society, we're not fighting,
and we're just like, "You tweeted this at me!"
-Yeah, like, stop.
-We need to be more like UFC fighters is what I'm saying.
-What is the name of the podcast?
-It's called "Second Thoughts with Trevor Noah."
-"Second Thoughts," that's what's it's called.
-Yeah. Take a second, you know?
-You have -- The debates are tomorrow and Thursday.
You're going live? -We're all going live.
-I'm going live as well. -Yeah.
-We're all going live. -We're all going live.
-Do you like doing live? -I -- It depends.
Here's the thing.
Live debates, we don't know what's gonna happen.
Good and bad thing, right?
I mean, it depends who's on the stage.
It could be super exciting or it could just be, like --
-Boring. -Like, super boring.
-Yeah. -And then now you're live.
-And now you have no jokes. Like, "Now what do we do?"
-Now, you're just like, "Well, that happened."
-"That happened, so, all right. Yeah, we're live."
-I guess we all experienced it live.
-Yes. Can we talk about an old tweet?
-But you know what is exciting? Is, like, the energy.
So, like, the people come out and you know what it feels like.
People come to the show.
And, you know what's great about "The Daily Show" is,
because we live in the world of politics,
it's like the culmination of a story.
So, like, now, the stages have been set.
You know, it's Cory Booker and you've got Joe Biden.
And how is their thing gonna end?
Is it gonna be a love affair or does it end in another fight?
You've got Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders
competing with free college plans.
You know, like, everyone -- it's -- I feel like this is
a culmination of a story we've been telling for a while.
So I'm excited for the live shows.
-It's kind of good, I think, for us, too,
because it's a little something different.
-Oh, yeah. Just a little bit. -It's just new characters.
-Ten people on a debate stage. And that's one night.
-That's one night. -It's gonna be exciting.
Everyone has, like, what? 60 seconds to make their point.
"What do you think about this?" "I just want to say --"
"That's enough." -"That's enough out of you."
[ Laughter ]
-You know what they should do?
Everyone should just, like, add one word to it,
like those improv games. [ Laughter ]
That's how they should do it.
-I...think...that --
-Yeah, they should just do it like that.
So it would be, like -- be like,
"Senator, what do you think we should do about education?"
-Well. -We.
-Think. -We.
-Know. -How.
-To. -Make.
-It. -Better!
[ Laughter and applause ]
-Wow. -That's what they should do.
-Trevor Noah, everybody.
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Trevor Noah Spoke to Astronauts in Space at NASA

4 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 3, 2020
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