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-Welcome to "The Tonight Show," everybody. I'm Jimmy Fallon.
Thank you so much for tuning in. I appreciate it.
There's a lot of important news we got to get to,
so let's get to the monologue.
But first, we have a great show tonight.
Robert De Niro is here,
Oscar-winning film legend Robert De Niro.
He's doing something cool with his Tribeca Film Festival,
which had to be moved because of the pandemic.
He has now a new idea that Jane Rosenthal came up with
which is drive-ins,
Tribeca drive-in movies.
It's a great idea. I'm going to talk to him about that.
Then James Blake, tennis legend and also best-selling author,
talks about his experience with mistaken identity
and his experience with the police
that happened a few years ago in New York.
Do you remember that, honey? -Mm-hmm, yeah.
-Yeah. It's wild.
His story is insane.
So I'm happy that he came on the show to talk to me about that.
And then one of my all-time favorites, honey, yours, too,
our pal Lenny Kravitz is closing out the show tonight with his --
Come on. -Classic.
-Can you get cooler than Lenny Kravitz?
Can you get cooler?
-I think his daughter, but that's it.
-Yeah, she's cool. -[ Laughs ]
-Yeah, yeah, yeah.
But he is so cool. -It runs in the family.
-Gosh. He's one of those guys
where it's like, you can give him a wardrobe
and me the same exact wardrobe,
and you'll see the extreme of "Who wore it better?"
It's like, he can just do it, man.
You could put a dollhouse
and say, "Dude, make that into something cool."
He'll just, like, hold it. He'll hold --
I'm just looking at a dollhouse,
'cause we have dollhouses all over the house.
But anyways, he is just the best --
Anyways, he's doing the song "Believe" tonight,
which is great, and I appreciate him doing that.
I do love Lenny Kravitz.
Guys, let's get to some news here.
Well, guys, apparently the long-running TV show "Cops"
which many people have considered racist,
has just been canceled.
So now if you want to watch a bunch of drunk people
embarrass themselves, you'll have to watch "The Bachelor"
or "Real Housewives" or "Below Deck"
or "Below Deck: Med"
or "Below Deck Sail--" No, just kidding.
Most people are glad "Cops" has been canceled,
although it's tough news
for stoners who love watching shirtless guys
try to fail to hop a fence.
"Cops" was a crazy show.
It actually had more naked and afraid people
than "Naked and Afraid."
"Cops" first aired in 1989,
but really, they just aired the same three episodes for 30 years
and nobody noticed.
It's not just TV shows that are being canceled.
Some movies are being removed from streaming platforms
until they can return with historical context.
-This morning, an American cinema classic,
"Gone with the Wind," has been temporarily pulled
by the streaming platform HBO Max.
For years, the movie has been considered controversial
for its depiction of black people
and its glorification of slavery.
-A lot of conservatives were upset,
to which everyone else said,
"Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn."
To anyone who is upset,
really? You're going to watch a four-hour movie from 1939
this weekend? That's what you're planning on doing?
You had the whole time during the quarantine.
But this weekend is when you were going to watch
"Gone with the Wind"?
In the meantime, if you still want to watch
something super offensive, "Cats" is available on demand.
No, that's -- Come on.
Yep, by pulling the film,
HBO Max accomplished something very important --
They got people to talk about HBO Max.
And what actually is it?
Meanwhile, Quibi is so desperate for attention,
they were like, "We'll take it.
We're going to break it up into 300 parts."
And it's not just entertainment.
Now businesses are also dealing with these issues,
some better than others.
-CrossFit CEO Greg Glassman has resigned after outrage
over a controversial post about George Floyd.
A tweet Saturday linked Floyd's death to the pandemic.
-Yeah, the CEO of CrossFit stepped down.
Actually, first, he stepped up and then down and then up again,
then down, then up, and then he stepped down finally.
Then when he left the building, instead of driving off,
he just flipped a giant tire home.
What was he thinking?
He mocked the protests and the coronavirus in one tweet.
He shouldn't be the CEO of CrossFit.
He should be the president of the United States.
Yep, he hit coronavirus and police brutality.
He just needs to weigh in on gender,
and he'll finish the triathlon of offending people.
Well, it seems like things are slowly changing.
In fact, the Army says that it might rename
forts that are named after Confederate officers
like Fort Bragg and Fort Hood.
Yeah, they want new names that everyone can get behind,
so they did a poll on what Americans love right now,
and I think they solved their problem. Take a look.
Fort Bragg is being renamed Fort Free Guac.
Fort Hood is changing to
Fort Coming Up With A Good Comeback In The Moment,
And Not In The Shower The Next Day.
Fort Benning will be
Fort Getting The Capri-Sun Straw Into The Pouch On The First Try.
And finally, Fort Pickett will be Fort BTS.
Let's see how that works.
A lot of people are saying
the only way to achieve racial justice is to go out and vote.
But take a look at what happened
when people tried to vote in Georgia yesterday.
-Georgia's election is being called a catastrophe,
particularly in largely minority areas.
The Secretary of State is opening an investigation
after reports of long waits, voting machines not working,
and a lack of ballots in some areas.
-You know you did a bad job with your election
when you make Iowa's election look good.
Seriously, it's not a good sign
when "The Masked Singer" is better at running an election
than an entire state.
And finally, everybody,
hopefully this might lift up your spirits.
The Dalai Lama is actually releasing an album
featuring some of his teachings and mantras set to music.
And actually, he even released a song
to help people deal with what's going on in the world right now.
Let's take a listen.
[ Man screaming, heavy metal music playing ]
Alright, stop, stop. That's --
Are we sure that's the right song?
I mean, we're in a quarantine, so the producers --
Anyway, we're doing what we can.
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Georgia Fumbles Its Election (At Home Edition Monologue)

2 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 3, 2020
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