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-Last time I saw you was at the Met Gala.
Do you remember? -Yeah, I do.
-That was a rager. -You were grinding Anna Wintour.
-That is not true. I was dancing with Anna.
That's how I dance. -And Cher.
It was kind of amazing. -Cher went nuts.
She was fantastic! -It was amazing.
-It was a fun night, wasn't it? -It was a really fun night.
-We always have a good time, when we hang out.
Thank you for coming here,
because I know you've been traveling all over the place.
I just saw you were in Italy. You were in Sudan?
-South Sudan. -South Sudan.
What were you doing in South Sudan?
-I work with the International Medical Corps.
I'm their ambassador, so I was visiting refugees,
which was incredible.
-Oh, my goodness. -Yeah.
[ Cheers and applause ]
But then from that to the Met ball, which was really jarring.
-A little different, yeah. I guess so.
-I want to talk about two things.
I want to talk about your movie,
'cause, man, you're just, knockout.
And I want to get to that. But "The Loudest Voice."
This is a limited series on Showtime.
This is about Roger Ailes and Fox News, and you play his wife.
And I have -- -Beth.
-Beth. Who -- -Yeah, it is me.
-I don't know. I don't believe it.
This is you and Russell Crowe? -Yes.
-Dude, that's you? -That's me.
-Right there? That's you?
[ Laughter ] -There I am.
-And that's Russell Crowe? -And look at Russell.
-Oh, my God. How is that you?
-It's four hours of prosthetics.
-Who is -- that's a genius, whoever did this.
-It's pretty amazing. -Holy moly.
-I mean, yeah. I found it quite funny at first,
because you literally cannot recognize yourself.
So it's quite a weird experience.
-I want to talk about "American Woman."
Because we talk about all the different roles you do
on the show, and you know I'm a fan,
but this one, you really go for it.
This is all you, man. You are starring in this movie.
Every scene of the movie you're in,
and you crush this one, dude. -Thanks, bud.
-I would say -- Let me see if I can describe it --
-"Bud." [ Laughter ]
-Your daughter doesn't come home one night.
-Yeah. -And you kind of have to
deal with that, of where she is and what happened to her,
but, also, you have her baby.
You're raising -- -My grandson.
-Yeah. -I'm a granny.
-Yeah. You're a granny, yeah.
-I'm a granny. -And you're raising her child,
at the same time dealing with this and trying to find out --
put the pieces together.
Let me just read you some reviews.
And don't listen if you don't like to hear them.
"Entertainment Weekly" said, "A career high performance
from Sienna Miller.
"Hollywood Reporter" said, "A wide-ranging showcase
for Miller's talent."
"Chicago Tribune" said, "Miller's done exceptional work
over the years but 'American Woman'
is a master class in the difference between
being an actor saying lines
and being an actor who lives the role."
-Oh. Oh! -Wow! Come on!
[ Cheers and applause ]
That's unbelievable.
I know, no reviews, but that's "Chicago Tribune."
-That's nice. -That's very nice.
-Got to love that Chicago. I always liked that paper.
-Always loved Chicago. -Always loved that paper.
-That's my favorite paper, yeah. -Yeah.
-But you do a great American accent,
which I know, I've done British accents for you before.
-[ Cockney accent ] Yours is always like that when you do it.
[ Laughter ]
-I'm assuming there are people --
-I'm Sienna Miller. -Yeah, I go...
[ British accent ] That's right. 'Ello.
It's me, Sienna Miller. What are you doin'?"
-How's it goin', Jima? -What you doin'?
It's me, Sienna milla. -It's not how I talk, is it?
-It's kind of, is it, like that? -No it's not.
[ Gibberish ]
-But I mean, when you do this accent, is it Philadelphia?
-This is like a -- Yeah, it's like a Philadelphia,
like a Mason-Dixon-esque accent from Philly.
So, there's -- Pennsylvania's weird,
because the closer you get to the Mason-Dixon line,
the more like "oh" it goes.
-"Oh," it's kind of like --
It sounds kind of Southern, but it's not.
-It sounded initially a little bit Southern, but it's not.
-I'm sounding like Forrest Gump. -Sounds like --
[ Laughter ] No, you don't.
-I sound like Forrest Gump. -No, you don't.
You sound like Jimmy. -I do?
I think I do an impressive -- -You can.
-I know, but -- -You obviously can.
-No, but do something. Do like a --
-No, but you always have to have, like, a word
that's like an in for an actor.
So I was walking around the set going,
"Poster, boat, poster, boat."
-Poster. -Boat.
-Boat. Poster. Boat.
-I did a film with Keira Knightley,
and she had to be Welsh, and I just remember seeing her
walk around set going, "Hydrangea, hydrangea,
hydrangea," for hours.
-So a word will get you into character?
Like an in, when you lose it, you're like, "Hydrangea."
She's like, "Ooh, I'm back."
-And you're like, "Poster, boat."
-I'm going, "Poster, boat, poster."
-Poster, boat, poster, boat. -Yeah.
-But what if -- how does Ireland -- someone from Ireland.
-Well, obviously, there are many different dialects in Ireland.
[ Irish accent ] But like you can talk like that a little bit.
-Ooh. -Say hello.
-Say hello. -Yes.
-That's not bad. -That was really good.
-That's really good. Yeah.
I think -- I feel like people in Ireland say a lot of "Em."
-"Em," yeah. -Em.
-But they never do it in movies. -That's Northern Irish.
-Oh, it is? -"Em, em, Jimmy, em,
you have to, em, Jimmy em, you got to try de Guinness, em."
-That's really good. -It is?
You just complimented me.
-I mean, I'm not Irish, but I think that's really good.
-You just complimented me, and we have it on --
This is airing on television. [ Laughter ]
'Cause all my accents are terrible.
-You're the best. They're not.
-How's cockney? How do --
[ Cockney accent ] Yeah, that's cockney.
-Ya. -Wasup? 'As right.
It's like Jason Statham. -Yeah, exactly.
"The Meg." -Yeah, there's no --
"The Meg," ya.
They don't say "th," they say "f."
-For "the." Fa meg.
-Jason Stafam. -Jason Stafam.
-Fafan Fafam. -Yeah.
[ Laughter ] Fafan Fafam.
-Let's talk about -- -Fafon Fafam.
-"American Woman." Did I describe it well, or no?
-[ Laughs ] -Ish.
It's not really -- It's more of --
-You know it sounds -- It sort of seems like --
Basically, this movie opens, and I'm the 32-year-old mother
of a 16-year-old who has a 2-year-old son.
So I'm a 32-year-old granny. -Yeah.
-And because my teenage years were spent raising a kid,
I'm basically a kid at 32,
and my daughter is having to be responsible.
And I'm a bit of a mess, and she goes missing.
This is the Cliff Notes. -Yeah.
-And it's not a mystery in any way.
It's really about how this woman is forced --
is catapulted into life and how she becomes the woman
that she was always supposed to become.
It's really female empowering.
She's gutsy and brave,
and she gets knocked down, she keeps getting back up.
-She keeps getting knocked down. -It's quite hopeful,
but, you know, the premise is sad.
-Yeah. You just -- Man, it was just fantastic.
-Knocks keep a-coming. -It's really, really great.
I want to show everyone a clip.
Here's Sienna Miller in "American Woman."
Take a look at this.
-I'm 38 years old raising a 7-year-old boy.
If you're looking for a fling or a party girl
or someone you can have some fun with, just keep on looking.
-Well, I just so happen to be in the market
for a 38-year-old waitress that has a 7-year-old grandson
that just doesn't like to have any fun at all, so...
it's kind of perfect.
-Bud draft with a cheesesteak, fried onions.
-Ketchup? -Hell yes.
-Pick me up at 7:00 on Saturday.
-Yeah, come on. -Yeah.
-Come on.
Sienna Miller! -Aw.
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Sienna Miller Schools Jimmy on Philadelphia Accents

7 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 3, 2020
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