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-I had a big weekend this weekend.
-What did you do?
-Well, I saw you for one of the days, but you know that.
But I went to Los Angeles, 'cause we went to meet
some editors and some media and press,
and talking about our year of our shows.
We had a great year. It's our fifth anniversary.
So we had our -- Thank you. [ Cheers and applause ]
So we talked about that.
We did that first show we did in Central Park.
That was big. -Oh, that was great.
-The first-ever live show outdoors.
But then the fifth-anniversary show special
that we had Tina Fey and Ben Stiller.
It was like a behind-the-scenes of our show,
but it was all scripted.
If you haven't seen it, it's funny.
It's a tricky show, but it was good.
And we talked about, obviously, the Puerto Rico show.
We took our show down to Puerto Rico,
and it was great.
And it was just -- It was really fun to --
Time to time, I go out to L.A. just to say "hi"
to everybody out there.
And we also did a Q&A at the Writers Guild Theater
with Guy Raz, who is the host of "How I Built This."
If you don't know that podcast,
that should be on your list of podcasts.
It is one of the best out there. He is phenomenal.
But he was so great.
And I was talking to him about L.A.
and when I was out there, 'cause I was there for a while,
doing stuff before I got "SNL,"
just struggling, like everyone does.
But that was fun. I got to see some old friends.
And I got to see Tom Rowan, who's my --
This guy has been my lawyer since
I think before I got "Saturday Night Live."
It was like, "You need to get one, you know,
when you're doing a contract or something."
So, he's the best.
I mean, I've had him for 23 years, 22 years.
Anyways, I'm firing him today because I've had --
The more I think about it, I've had enough, yeah.
No. I'm fed up, yeah.
But he's the best guy.
I love him so much and his wife, Marla.
They were there in the front row.
And it reminded me of this story.
They had a dinner party at their house.
I used to have dinner with them when I'd go out to L.A.
And, so, he goes, "I've got to have dinner for you.
Come on over.
I got Carol Burnett, Bob Newhart, Don Rickles,
Tim Conway will be at dinner.
Yeah. So, I go over to the house, I open the door,
and they're all there.
And I'm like "Oh, my gosh." It was, like, fantastic.
I see -- He goes, "This is Carol Burnett."
I go, "Hey, Carol. Nice to meet you."
He goes, "This is Bob."
I go, "Hey, Bob. Nice to meet you."
He goes, "This is Tim."
And Tim Conway goes, "You got to get me the hell out of here.
I don't know these people.
I don't know who these people are."
That was his opening line. Yeah, It was great.
So, I did that.
And we talked about everything we do on the show.
And, again, thank you to you, Higgins, and The Roots,
and all of our crew and everyone who works hard on the show.
[ Cheers and applause ]
It was fun to talk about.
I'd never really talked that much about the show.
But then, after we did all that --
It was Friday and Saturday.
And then I was trying to fly back,
because I was nice enough to be asked by the writers
to do a cameo on "Saturday Night Live"
this Saturday.
So, I'm doing L.A.
And my man, Adam Sandler, is hosting the show.
He's my hero, my idol. [ Cheers and applause ]
Adam Sandler is the nicest guy. I just love him so much.
He's just a -- -Gentleman.
-Great guy, just loyal, good dad,
and just funny and just awesome.
I just love him so much.
So, I heard he was hosting. He's never hosted.
-Mnh-mnh. -I find that hard to believe.
-He didn't want to. -That's bizarre.
-It's up to him. No one said "no."
-I guess.
But, yeah, so, he had a crusher of a show, I thought.
It was so great.
And he had -- Chris Rock was there,
who is one of the funniest human beings ever.
Kristen Wiig, who is just on a different planet.
But I loved his monologue. It was good.
I loved -- There were so many great sketches.
"Opera Man." Opera Man is Robert Smigel.
-Come on. -Right?
-Smigel and then Herlihy helped on that one.
-Tim Herlihy was there.
And then, so, my scene was --
It was the Sandler family reunion.
So, they had all of his family at the reunion,
and everyone talks like Adam Sandler.
-But, like, the fake comedy characters, like...
So, I came in...
So, I came in -- Everyone's like...
"Oh, yeah!"
So, I came in and I was talking to Smigel and Herlihy
before the show, 'cause I was like,
"I want to make Adam laugh.
I want to see if I can break him."
Because I didn't get to go to rehearsal,
but I just landed just in time, came right from the airport.
I, like, smelled like airplane. I'm like, "I can't wait.
I'm so excited about this."
I ran. I didn't run, but I ran to my car.
-Well, you ran to your car. -Yeah, yeah.
But then -- So, I got out there and I didn't even know
where to stand, because I didn't rehearse.
So I just assumed I stand next to Sandler.
And the cue cards are there.
You know, I'm looking at that.
So, I came out and I read the lines like...
And then I figured I could make him laugh,
because I can do like...
That's a deep cut. He doesn't do that anymore.
You got to just...
So, he started laughing a little bit.
So, anyways, I'm usually in black ink
on the cue cards from our show.
But I forgot, I'm not the host. -Yeah.
-So, the host is in black ink. -Black, yeah.
-So I'm kind of stalling for Sandler
because I thought he forgot his line.
So I'm going like...
And I'm looking at the cue card.
And I don't know why we even have cue cards.
It was like, "Hibbidy-hobbidy, yaba-haba."
I don't remember if I said,
"Yabbidy-hibbidy" or "Hibbidy-yabbidy."
I'm like, "I don't know what to do."
Anyways, I got to, finally, my line.
We did that.
And it was just an honor to do it with him,
right in front of him, 'cause it's just --
And he's just such a good dude.
And he was so happy, like, that night.
And his wife, Jackie, and two kids were there,
and they're beautiful.
I love those kids.
And it was just -- Anyways, it was good.
And then, at the end of the night,
he did this tribute to Chris Farley.
-And if you get a chance to go online,
it was so beautiful and so -- It was so funny, too.
But I had heard all the stories about Farley,
and I just -- I wish I knew him.
I got to meet him once, but I just --
He was singing this song, and it's great,
but it's also a really nice tribute.
And everyone was just crying backstage.
And it was just really touching.
I mean, not just the audience, but everybody that worked there,
'cause the crew -- Some of the crew -- they knew Farley.
-So -- And I was next to Rock, and it was just --
It was really emotional.
And I saw Smigel afterwards,
and, usually, he's always joking around.
You know, he's like -- You know...whatever.
So, I saw him, and he goes, "Hey, man, that was great."
And he's like -- I go, "That was so touching."
He goes -- He was behind the cast,
and the cast were all kind of hugging each other, crying,
going like, "Yeah, we're like family."
It's like, you don't realize it when you're there
on "Saturday Night Live" for whatever seasons you are there.
You don't know when some cast members
are gonna go off to do movies or --
But that little moment of time, that window of time,
you hang out more than your family.
You really live with each other and you don't realize it
until, I think, you get older and you go back
and you go, "Oh, my gosh."
And, so, he got me filling up, Smigel.
So I started crying a little bit.
I came up to your office to see if you wanted
to ride over to the party together.
-I was already drunk.
-You don't even remember me
coming and saying "hello" to you.
-You were there? -I put smelling salts.
I was there?
And as I was going up, I got an e-mail from Horatio Sanz,
who is in L.A.
And he was like, "Dude, I'm watching the Sandler show
right now and I'm just getting sentimental, just missing us
and missing -- You know.
And I go, "wait until you see the end."
-I go, "You're gonna see this Farley thing
and you're just gonna lose it.
This is like when the show first started.
But, anyways, it was just kind of interesting
that I got a thing from Horatio.
I feel like I vibed him,
'cause me and Horatio were office-mates and
comedy partners for years.
I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for Horatio.
And, so, I got that.
And then I thought it was the best part was on Sunday.
On Saturday night into Sunday, it was trending all day,
is Farley was trending.
And I just thought, any kid that was in mass or church Sunday
and sneaking a look at Twitter got to see Farley's name.
And he would have absolutely loved that,
so I think that was a...
[ Cheers and applause ]
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Jimmy Talks About Adam Sandler’s Ode to Chris Farley on SNL

9 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 3, 2020
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