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-"Little Women," let's talk about --
[ Laughter ] I love the movie by the way.
-Thank you. -I really loved it.
I watched it with my daughter.
And you got nominated for two Golden Globes,
nine Critics Choice Awards. The movie is --
-The movie did, the movie did. -Yes, and the cast, as well.
-Yes. -So that's you.
-Yeah. -Yeah, you're in the cast.
-Yeah, yeah. -Yes.
-But you've worked with Saoirse before and Greta.
But the other -- the other actors in the film,
it looked to me like you guys were having
the time of your life -- it looked like fun.
That's when I know a movie is fun,
when it looks like you guys all bonded.
-Man, it was incredible. It was --
That's one of the most special filming experiences
I had in my life. Everything you just said.
Getting to work with them,
getting to work with Greta again.
-Did you know those girls? How did you know --
-I knew Saoirse, and I knew Greta.
But I -- You know, it was really cool.
"Lady Bird" was a smaller movie, and all of a sudden,
it felt like everybody had graduated.
You know, it was a big set, a lot of people on set.
-Yeah. -So it was surreal.
But, you know, this is not an empty selling point.
I wouldn't say it if I didn't believe it,
because then, next time, I would come out here,
people would be like, "He's a liar,"
that this movie is really extraordinary
and needs to be seen.
And I was saying it to my sister yesterday.
I was like, "Man, if I have daughters one day,
I want them to see it."
And she was like, "If you have sons,"
and it's true -- boys, guys --
everyone should see this because it's --
it just gets at the pursuit of artistry,
what it is to be human,
what it is to be a girl and a woman back in the 1800s.
But, unfortunately, the prejudices
that held up to today.
And it's just special, Jimmy. And you saw it, right?
-And young, just to be young, young people.
-To be young, and young people on screen being young.
And now, we're so self-aware,
and we got to be like, you know, whatever.
You know, little professionals and adults all the time.
But it's cool to see, like, young people, you know --
[ Laughter ] Maybe that's just me? No.
But then, you see, like, young people --
But then, you see young people on screen,
and, like, Emma Watson included.
They're acting, like, with youthful abandon.
So it's cool. -It was great.
And you know the story, but she tells it in a cool way
and using different --
I love that Greta Gerwig did that.
-Yeah, and Greta is just -- She comes on next week, right?
-She could have done any movie.
-I would do any -- You know, Greta,
if you're watching this,
you want me to play a chair or a tree...
[ Laughter ] I'll be a tree.
-I'll play the chair if he gets the tree part.
I'll do the chair. [ Laughter ]
-What would the chair be? -Dude, this is such a chair.
-Okay. [ Laughter ]
-Are you the chair right now?
[ Cheers and applause ]
-Nice, nice. Good scene! Good scene!
-Good scene, good scene.
I want to show everyone a clip.
Here's Timothée Chalamet in "Little Women."
Check it out.
-Jo, would you like to dance with me?
-I can't because... Mm.
-Because what?
-You won't tell? -Never.
-I scorched my dress, see? There.
And Meg told me to keep still so no one would see it.
-I have an idea of how we can manage.
[ Cheers and applause ] -Oh, that's great!
Timothée Chalamet!
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Timothée Chalamet and Jimmy Audition as a Tree and Chair for Greta Gerwig's Next Film

2 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 3, 2020
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