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-Season four, here we go. -Yeah.
-We're not really allowed to talk about anything,
'cause there's so many twists and turns in the show.
-Folks, y'all... -But I will say this.
M. Night Shyamalan is in the trailer,
and what's going on?
Is he in "This Is Us" this season?
-I mean... -Wait, no, I know...
-I mean technically. -You have to say something.
-I mean, technically, he is, right?
-You stopped breathing for a second.
-I did. I was like,
"Is Dan watching? Is Dan watching?"
[ Laughter ]
He is. Look at him.
-I know, but this could be from anywhere.
-It could be. -Just a stock photo
of M. Night Shyamalan. [ Laughter ]
-It might not even be him. But, no, it is him.
-No, it's definitely him. -It's definitely him.
Look at that little face.
-Yeah, but who's that in the background?
-A guy on the phone or something.
-Hm. All right, so let me try to put a little
two and two together. -Yeah.
He's on some place where a man would be on the phone.
-Right. -Uh-oh.
-Could be anywhere. -You've said too much!
-Yeah. I've said too much. -You've said too much.
-It's not even a cellphone, so...
It looks like a land line. -Is he playing himself?
Is he the director? And is he with --
-Could be. [ Laughter ]
-Are you in any scenes with him?
I gave you a clue.
-That was good. -That's like plenty.
-That's enough. -It's enough.
-One spoiler that we already know is you're a mom --
-Yeah, okay. Phew. I was like, "What?"
-Now, no. -Yes, yes.
Not in real life. -No, not in real life, acting.
-On the show. -Acting.
No, on the show, you have a baby.
-Yes. -And so we'll see
a lot of that this season? -Guys, it's a real human.
I want you to know. [ Laughter ]
They have entrusted me with a real baby.
[ Scattered cheering ]
And initially I was a little afraid.
But I taught preschool. I have a big family, like, what?
But we weren't getting, like, things like the feeding time.
It's not an animal, but when they would --
when he would eat -- -You put the baby in the trough.
-Right, right. -Yeah, and you let it --
-No, well you know, like when they feed the babies,
there's a particular time.
And then, of course, they can only work for 20 minutes.
I don't know if you guys know that,
babies can only work for 20 minutes,
over or under a certain month. -That's a good gig.
-Yeah, right? [ Laughter ]
They get to be held and coddled and 20 minutes.
-They get fed, changed, 20 minutes, you get paid.
-Right. They get paid, right. -Yeah, for 20 minutes.
-So you can only, you know, and, like, half of the time --
-So, what do you do when you don't have the baby?
A CGI baby? -No.
We have -- we call him floppy baby.
He's -- he's brilliantly made out of this silicone material,
and it is, like, heavier than the real baby.
It looks like the real baby, but he's floppy, right?
Cause he needs to be -- some people call --
-Look like a human. -Right, some people call him
the jelly baby, I say floppy baby.
-Yeah. -I think Mandy says jelly baby.
Anyhow, you have to hold him appropriately.
One time I was not,
and his arms kind of went, and his back went out,
and everyone was like -- [ Gasps ]
And they thought he was the real baby.
And I was like, "Guys!" [ Laughter ]
-It's jelly baby. -It's the jelly baby!
-It's the jelly baby! -It's the fake jelly baby,
and I'm not going to hurt him. -No.
-Give me some cred. -Come on.
-Come on, but it's very funny.
-You know what I realized? 'Cause you come on our show.
You beatbox on our show. You've sang.
You have a great voice. -Oh.
-I was wondering, "This Is Us" does not have a theme song.
-It doesn't. -Maybe it should.
-Yeah? -I think maybe you should do it.
[ Cheers and applause ]
-I don't know. -Let's -- Let's riff.
Let's try to make one right now. -Okay.
-Let's try to do it.
-♪ "This Is Us" ♪
♪ We're not gonna tell you anything ♪
♪ "This Is Us" ♪
♪ "This Is Us"! ♪
♪ "This Is Us" ♪
♪ Doing anything ♪
♪ "This Is Us" ♪
♪ Ha, na, na, na, da ♪
♪ If you haven't seen the show, give us a shot ♪
♪ Just remember to unplug your crock pot ♪
♪ "This Is Us" ♪ [ Audience groaning ]
♪ "This Is Us" ♪
-You're good. -Right?
-You're good. -That --
-That pretty much sums it up.
[ Cheers and applause ] -Right?
-That's brilliant.
♪ Just unplug the crock pot ♪
♪ "This Is Us" ♪
"This Is Us"! -"This Is Us"!
-Chrissy Metz, everybody. "This Is Us"!
[ Cheers and applause ]
Our favorite show returns Tuesday, September 24th,
at 9:00 p.m. on NBC.
They love you. I love you. -I love you.
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Chrissy Metz and Jimmy Improvise a This Is Us Theme Song

3 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 3, 2020
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