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-I like you being in New York City.
-I do. -Because I always think
of your movie "Serendipity"... -Aww.
-...with John Cusack. -That's right, yeah.
[ Cheers and applause ] -And you were fantastic in that.
-You just did something recently I thought was very funny.
Were you in Toronto? Or, no, were --
-I was. I was at the Toronto Film Festival.
And I hate to ruin it for everybody,
but some of "Serendipity" was not shot in New York.
So, first of all, it was August.
And we were pretending it was Christmas and ice skating,
and we were sweating, so that -- I'm ruining the movie.
Sorry. -No, no, that's movie-making.
-And then, the insides were mostly in Toronto.
So, I was leaving --
I was late for the airport and leaving the festival.
I found myself in the elevator going, "Wait a second.
I've been in this elevator before.
This elevator's very familiar," which never --
I'm not constantly saying that in elevators.
I've never said it before. [ Laughter ]
And I realized it was the one that, you know,
we had this very romantic moment of,
"Well, let's press floors and see what floor we end up on
and if it's the same one,
we're meant to be together, which is such a load of [bleep]
I can't even imagine. [ Laughter ]
-No, it's romantic. What are you talking about?
-I mean, what a terrible idea, really.
But anyway, I realized it was that,
and I go, "Oh! Even though I'm late for the airport,
I'd love to reenact this."
And the only person there was this porter who had our luggage
and had never seen the movie or knew anything about me at all.
And I just said, "Look, could you just say this
when I say this?" and he said, "Absolutely not."
And I said -- [ Laughter ]
I said, "Could you, please? I'm begging you."
So, he was a real sport in the end,
and he actually did it.
I mean Cusack should watch out, 'cause he crushed it.
-Really? -But he did a good job, yeah.
-We do have a clip. -Do you?
Yes, here is Kate Beckinsale re-creating a scene
from "Serendipity" with this porter.
Check this out.
-Get in, take a breath,
and then when the door closes, hit a button.
-I don't understand what you're saying.
-You don't have to understand.
You just have to have faith.
-Stop bothering me. I gotta work.
I'm gonna call my manager.
[ Laughter, cheers, applause ]
-He's great! -He's the best ever!
-He is fantastic! -He was such a sport.
I'm so glad we get the opportunity
to tell him thank you.
-I heard this thing about you.
I don't know if it's true or not.
But I heard that you have a very good fake sneeze.
-It is quite good, yeah. [ Laughter ]
-Well, now, how did you know that you could do a fake sneeze?
-Well, I was really of jealous of people who had allergies
when I was at school. [ Laughter ]
-What? -I didn't have them.
I didn't believe -- I believe it now,
'cause I have every allergy going,
but at school, I didn't have them.
So people would sneeze, you know, 200 or 300 times
and then get sent out of a science class.
-Yeah. -And I had nothing.
So I sort of worked up a really convincing sneeze
and then tested it out.
Hey, presto -- outside I was, doing something more fun.
[ Laughter ]
-So could you give us a taste of what a fake sneeze would be?
Could you do it for us? -Yeah. You want me to do it?
-Yeah. -Okay.
-You guys want to hear it? [ Cheers and applause ]
-It's really good.
[ Coughs ] Okay. Ready?
-[ Sneezes ]
[ Cheers and applause ]
-Oh, my God. Wait. That's actually --
-That's good, isn't it?
-That is fantastic. -Yeah.
'Cause I give this sort of illusion
that there's matter in there, and there isn't.
[ Laughter ]
-This -- You've got to teach, like, a master class on this.
Wait. So, I go like...
[ Sneezes ]
-Nearly, but you've got to make it wetter.
-Wetter. -You've got to use that clacker,
that punch-bag thing at the back of your throat
to make it slightly wetter.
-[ Sneeze ]
[ Laughter ] That sounded gross.
-Commit. Commit harder.
-[ Sneezes ] No.
[ Laughter ]
[ Sneezes ] I can't do it.
-That's nearly good. You just got to try it...
-Just do it one more time. It really is good.
-[ Sneezing ]
[ Laughter and applause ]
-Dude, that is un-- that is unbelievable.
-It's quite good, isn't it?
-Is that how you sneeze in real life?
-No. -No.
-No. I'm not allowed to sneeze.
-Are you one of these people that go like...
-No. I love it when people do that.
-I do not like that at all. -I do.
-That freaks me out, 'cause I feel like
it's got to release somewhere. You know?
-Yeah, I know what you mean. -Something's gonna happen.
Like, your brains gonna -- Pffk! -Yeah. Eyes come out.
No, no. But I like -- especially when men do it like that.
-And they go, "God bless you."
-I know, but when a man does that, it's endearing,
the little sneeze. -The watermelon, yeah.
-Yeah. No, my real sneeze.
I'm banned from doing it at home.
My daughter says -- My daughter --
The thing is, I heard -- maybe one of you know --
either an orgasm is an eighth of a sneeze
or a sneeze is an eighth of an orgasm.
Which way is it? That's true.
[ Laughter ]
-Well, we just faked it for a good 30 seconds there.
Wait. Are you really -- -That's an actual medical fact.
That's a fact. That's definitely true.
I just can't fully --
I don't know which way around it is.
-What? -It's true.
Anyway, if you can't -- [ Laughter ]
Well, I like it. It's sort of a nose orgasm.
That sometimes -- I don't get to sneeze very often.
-You called it a nose orgasm. -It is.
-That's not true at all.
That's not a medical term at all.
-A nosegasm. -It's not a nosegasm.
-It is. Well, for me, it is.
-For you it is. -I have a very sensitive nose.
[ Laughter ]
Like a Labrador puppy. -Holy moly.
-Anyway, so I like to really
open up all the flanges and barrels.
'Cause I don't sneeze very --
-I really don't -- really, but I'm kind of intrigued.
How do you really sneeze, then?
-Well, if I'm at home -- I wouldn't do this in public --
but if I'm at home I like to really
kind of open my mouth as wide as I can...
[ Laughter ]
...and sort of scream.
-Oh, my gosh. All right.
Wow. And then you just go for it.
-I just really let it flow, yeah.
[ Laughter ]
-We're good. Yeah, I got you, okay.
Now, let's talk about your series --
Let's talk about your series on Amazon, please.
"The Widow." -I'm sweating now.
-I know. I'm sweating.
Trust me, me too. All right.
Now I'm thinking of the person that sneezes like...
Yeah. -And what they're hiding.
[ Laughter ] You know.
-Let's talk about "The Widow." -Okay, let's.
-This is a -- I like the premise of this.
-Yeah, no one sneezes in it.
-No, but you play a character
whose husband dies in a plane crash.
-Yeah. -And it's tragic.
But then what happens is, you see your husband.
-Yeah, she thinks she sees like a second of him
on some news footage in Africa and obviously freaks out.
-That's the premise right there, and it's fantastic.
-So, every terrible thing that could happen to a person
either happens to her or nearly happens to her.
-Yeah. -Apart from, like,
a colonoscopy, which isn't that dramatic.
But almost everything else happens.
-But she's chasing and trying to find him.
-Yeah, she goes out to Africa and tries to find him
and then sort of gets weird messages to leave,
and it's all -- You know, it's a lot.
-It's well done.
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Kate Beckinsale Reenacts the Serendipity Elevator Scene

4 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 3, 2020
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