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Hey, guys.
I'm Tracy.
And I'm Andy.
And I'm Corey.
You guys, we need to get right into it
because there is a lot to discuss.
We finally found out what the show was about
and how it was going to end, which is really--
It only took six episodes to figure out what this show is.
So we have our top six and we're heading to Nashville.
So we're from Burbank, and we're going to Nashville.
And we arrive in Nashville, also known as Music--
So Chris Harrison brings us to the stage
where we're going to be performing the finale episode,
and he kind of explains what's going to happen.
Each couple's going to sing two songs.
But remember, they better be in love.
Want to know who that did not settle with?
That would be our good old friend Matt.
I love Rudi, and I felt awful for her.
But he handled it, in my opinion, like a true gentleman.
If you're going to dump somebody,
like that is a lesson for you on how
to kick somebody to the curb.
And he was going to fake it.
That was really cool.
And I agree.
I think he was a classy guy about it.
But here's why I will never forgive him.
He is the single reason that we will not
get to hear Rudi sing Whitney Houston.
And for that I cannot forgive him!
She runs to the bathroom, tears, tears.
He's like hand in face, hand in face,
tears, tears, hand in face.
But no surprise, though, because the other episodes leading up
to this--
They kind of alluded like they were never really going
to end up together.
So you guys, this is a sad day.
But we have to cross off Matt and Rudi.
She had a great comment in the car.
She's like, I'm not trying to be rude--
Bye, Matt and Rudi.
You wer the most talented.
So each one goes on a separate date.
And Trevor and Jamie are just so cute and young
and just feel like they're just like in a little newlywed kind
of cute relationship.
And so Jamie whips out the little fantasy car
from her little napkin.
As always, listen to your heart.
This is your heart and your you know
what want to go to the fantasy suite.
Her cha-cha?
[LAUGHING] Your Natasha?
[LAUGHING] No, I said her cha-cha.
But listen to your Natacha.
With a C.
So they go to the fantasy suite.
And fine, they're making out.
He looks like a really good kisser, just side note.
They got a lot of strawberries.
And he's like, oh, we're going to eat all of those.
[LAUGHING] You've never seen a 21-year-old so excited.
She was like, oh, let's go.
She's also so excited about everything.
Like, any time something happens,
she's like, [SQUEAKING]
Did anyone notice how much food was there?
Yes, there was tons!
Pancakes and waffles and omelets.
Well, it's Lady and the Tramp, this one.
[LAUGHING] Oh, but the pancakes did look really good,
by the way.
If we have a chance, can we zoom in on the pancakes.
Yeah, some sort of a brioche French toast
going with bananas on it.
I was kind of into that.
But anyway, we should recap another episode
as a spinoff is recapping their breakfast.
You know what we'll call it?
Listen to your Stomach.
OK, I'll give you that one.
I'm on board that.
That was pretty good.
Hey, thanks.
So then we go to our Chris and Bri's date.
And they're at their dinner.
And they're talking about how amazing it
is that they've fallen in love.
And he keeps saying like B or Bri.
I don't know why it bothered me.
Every time they talk about Bri, I just
think she's missing the E.
Like the cheese.
I swear, every time, I'm like, it's "Bry."
So they're at dinner.
And leading up to this dinner, Bri
has said she's got to tell Chris she wasn't
ready to be intimate with him.
He kind of looks taken aback.
And he's like, well, first let me say--
and you think it's going to go really bad.
And then he's like, first let me say,
I totally agree with everything you're saying.
I'm totally fine with it.
The fantasy suites happen.
And we have two outcomes.
One couple had the sexy.
One couple did not have the sexy.
One is happy eating all the things they could find.
One is not doing well at rehearsal.
So we're at the venue where the finale is going down.
And then they introduce our judges.
So obviously we get our Bachelor royalty couple,
Kaitlyn Bristowe and Jason.
And then our next judge is Taye Diggs.
A real fine looking man.
So then you get one of my favorites of all time, Jewel.
The next judge is royalty, Rita Wilson!
She said you have to strip down emotionally
and then have musical intercourse.
And I was just like, Rita!
So the first couple to perform is Jamie and Trevor.
So I thought like, oh, they're going to come out and crush it
because they had sex.
[LAUGHING] They ate all the food And then they come out,
and they sang "Unchained Melody" first.
And I got to say, they're so sweet and cute together.
But that song vocally, for me, I wasn't like, whoa.
No, they did a nice job.
Of the two songs they did perform,
I actually liked that better than the second song.
I agree.
I thought the first song was better.
But I thought both songs were an eight.
But they are so sweet, and I still root for them.
So then you get Chris and Bri.
And we don't know what to expect.
They were terrible in rehearsal.
So they come out, and they start singing "Make You Feel My Love"
by Bob Dylan.
No one's expecting it.
And then suddenly, everyone's like--
why did these people not expect them to be good?
They were just like, [GASPING]
It was like, can you believe this couple can sing?
So then they sing their finale song, "Give Me Love"
by Ed Sheeran.
I love that song.
And they did a really good job.
So the judges have to go off and decide.
So they get up, and they leave.
And then they are instantly back.
You can tell that they barely got to the side of the stage,
where they were like, Chris and Bri, right?
And they were like, yeah, Chris and "Bry" Bye.
They probably said Chris and "Bri."
I'm sure Rita was like, it's "Bry," right?
And Taye was like, I think it's "Bri."
So they come back out, and they're
about to reveal the winners.
And they say, the winner is--
We're going to announce it right now, everyone.
We're telling you right now who are winners of season
one Listen to Your Heart is.
Chris and Bri.
Which is so not a shocker.
But I was very happy for them.
But my favorite thing is right after he announced the winners,
he's like, all right, you two, go away.
Oh, no, but that wasn't--
that was another Jamie moment, where I really liked her
because Chris and Bri are having their moment.
And then you see her little face in between them.
And she's like, yay!
It was very sweet.
And you could tell that they were happy for them.
And I think they-- after they performed, they were like,
yeah, we lost, right?
They were going to do an all-night diner
to go have more breakfast.
So anyway, they went, and they go outside.
And they get-- they open the doors,
and they get to see their tour bus.
And then we get our little flash forward to like--
was it, like, a few weeks later or something?
It was probably, like, two hours later.
Back in LA, and they're in a studio, and they're singing.
They're not even singing their own song,
which was kind of a bummer.
I was hoping I'd get a little bit of a--
--a little teaser.
But then we got the most important thing of all.
Bri and Chris are still, and I'm quoting, "deeply--"
"Deeply in love," two hours after they got on the tour bus.
Anyway, I love this show, you guys.
Me too.
Since this is our final episode, I
think we should audition to be the next Final Rose
Band, A 1, a 2, a 1, 2, 3, 4.
A big thanks to you all for watching.
Comment below to tell us what you think.
I'm now writing music.
Let me just sing that real quick.
Gimme some of that.
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The Ellen Staff’s ‘Listen to Your Heart’ Recap: The Final Performance!

2 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 3, 2020
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