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Oh man, brother.
Welcome, welcome, welcome.
I can't believe I'm here.
This is The Ellen Show.
What's up?
Now look, just to give you all a little bit of background,
I've known Phil for, like--
we've known each other for almost 10 years.
We started working together on Stomp the Yard.
And just to see--
Just to see everything that he has worked through and created
over this time has been incredible.
And, man this-- and what we're talking about now-- oh god, no.
Throwback pic.
The glow up is real, ladies and gentlemen.
Now, this class that you've got, man, is incredible.
Man, what is the Fam Jam?
Wow, 2014 I was teaching a class full of kids,
and I started to notice that it was
a lot of families that were waiting to pick up
their kids after the class.
So I thought of the clever idea to kind of mix the two.
So started the class, and right off the bat I notice
an immediate connection-- happiness, love, and joy.
And right then and there, I knew it was going to make an impact.
It was so great.
That's awesome.
Now, do you have to be an amazing, professional-level
dancer to jump into this?
That's the great part about it.
You don't have to be a professional dancer.
Nowadays, you see all these viral videos.
There are such amazing kids and dancers all over the world.
You do not have to be in a great--
great dancer, professional dancer.
Everyone's welcome to do it.
Fam Jam is so awesome.
Yes, absolutely.
Absolute-- and then also, I'm just--
I'm just curious too on this.
On the first time that it happened,
what was the response like for the par-- was it hard
getting parents to dance?
Oh, well, it was a little tough, depending on the music.
I put on a little Earth, Wind & Fire.
They were like, hey, OK.
They said it's hard getting granddaddy to dance to Cardi B.
Yeah, exactly.
But, no, they were very receptive.
And the great thing about is seeing
the kids connect with the parents,
and it's such a great thing to see.
Man, that's awesome.
And Phil, we got some big news about the Fam Jam, man.
Please share that news with us.
Oh my god.
I'm so excited because we are official.
The Disney's Fam Jam will premiere early 2020.
I love that.
You see, it's like-- it's also like,
how can you not love this guy?
Look how much joy he has on his face.
So imagine walking into a dance class and Phil is your teacher.
But you can do it.
Now, look.
We've heard so much about the Fam
Jam that'll be a show on Disney Channel soon.
Now, let us see what the Fam Jam is about.
Let's do it.
You all ready for it?
Let's go.
(SINGING) I'll be there after a while if you want love.
We can boogie down.
Boogie on down.
Boogie on down.
Boogie on down.
Groove tonight.
Share the spice of life.
Slice it right.
We're gonna groove tonight.
Let this groove get you to move.
It's all right, all right.
Let this groove set in your shoes.
It's all right, all right.
Groove tonight.
Let's groove.
It's all right, all right.
Let's groove.
Let this groove set in your shoes.
Groove tonight.
All right.
Just move.
It's all right.
That was so good.
That was so good.
Listen, for more information on the Fam Jam, go to our website.
We'll be right back.
Phil Wright and the Fam Jam.
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Kids & Their Parents Get Groovin' with The Fam Jam!

3 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 3, 2020
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