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We are back with the incredible Sheryl Crow and Stevie Nicks.
And we were talking about how long you've known each other.
And we're get-- '96?
And then congratulations to you.
Because you were the first and only woman
to be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame twice.
Once for Fleetwood Mac and now for you.
All by yourself.
I mean, do you--
That's amazing.
I am very proud.
Do you take that in?
Do you really?
Because that's a cool thing.
I am very, very proud.
Yes, I am.
Only men.
That's right.
Only men have been--
22 women, no-- no, 22 men and no women.
And me.
And you.
I know.
And Sheryl, we've known--
And I'm quitting.
We're-- yeah.
We've known each other for a long time.
We have, yes.
And, uh, and I heard this morning in the meeting
that you're saying this is your last album.
Are you serious?
I'm very serious.
First, let me just give you the big news.
My 12-year-old actually took his first steps here at Ellen.
That's-- yeah.
That's cool, right?
In the green room.
And then, yes, this is my last album, ostensibly.
And, um, I'm getting the evil eye from Stevie.
I can feel it.
She's-- she's searing me.
Um, I feel like I've grown up with records.
In fact, I pored over Rumors of Fleetwood Mac,
as well as James Taylor and Carole King.
And these were the records that made
me want to do what I'm doing.
But people don't-- they don't listen to records anymore.
Like, you can go in and spend a ton of money,
and spend a lot of your life making a full story, and then
people just cherry pick and make playlists,
which is not a bad thing.
But I now sort of love the idea of just putting out music
immediately if I have something to say.
And don't we all have something to say right now?
Don't we all?
So, wait.
However, we are-- we are the lucky ones.
Because the reason to make an album
is because, A, you are financially stable,
and, B, because you just want to gather a bunch of people
together that you-- that you love.
But you know what?
As long as you keep making music, you--
you keep yourself in the--
in the--
That's right.
You-- That's right.
--in the river of music.
You know?
Stay in the river of music.
Don't get out of the river.
Don't get out of the river.
I do love it.
I love making--
Stay in the river.
The river-- we're in the river.
You're in the river, and stay in it.
We'll be right back.
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Sheryl Crow on Why She Won't Make More Albums

3 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 3, 2020
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