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happy Saturday Everybody is scaling back again.
And today we have a very special episode.
I thought that we would play a game of pop culture.
I cute on my very first guest or two very best friends of mine Patrick Star into real.
Hello, darling.
How are you?
As you can see, we have six categories.
Can everybody see them?
I drew these, but we got 2000 beauty fashion Hollywood YouTube and mystery.
Now there are seven questions in each category.
We will play a total of three rounds.
For every question that you get correct, you get 10 points in order to answer, please raise your hand and state your name are the rules clear Crystal, Let's play pop culture I Q Okay, we're gonna do 2000.
You already were this first question.
What groundbreaking moment happened at the 2000 and three MTV B m a.
Then somebody kissed somebody.
I think.
Uh uh it Madonna kiss Britney somebody Oh, what was the title of Beyonce's first solo album?
Oh, come on, Thrill dangerously in love.
Wonderful, Gradual Isis Rail Who gained fame from their viral video?
Leave Britney alone yet Chris Crocker correct.
Good dog.
Yeah, I was going.
That's not in my ministry.
I was gonna get that.
Oh, this is hard.
This is hard.
Who won best kiss at the 2000 and five MTV Movie Awards?
That's an award.
Exactly A loss.
Is it?
Is it twilight?
That's not It was like the notebook or something that Okay, somebody over there.
Chief, I swear to God, I swear too little.
I swear to the heavens and I pray to what was the most iconic song collaboration in 2000 and one.
I'll give you a hint.
It was in conjunction with the movie.
It has been 20 years.
You don't ask that kind of quick.
We're giving that I give.
It was Moulin Rouge and Lady Mom a lot.
Oh, my God.
Oh, I What?
What were the popular phones everyone wanted to have?
Was it the razor?
That's right.
What was the trendy virtual pet to have as a kid?
Oh, shoot.
What's that thing called?
Isn't it called a Tom a guy and neo tiebreaker question?
Name all of the members of Destiny's Child, Beyonce, Kelly, Michelle Farah LeToya that you're finally doesn't know There's another will.
Wait, wait.
It's okay.
You You already stopped.
Okay, Go ahead.
Beyonce, Kelly, Michelle Ferrell.
A Toyota Teva death.
But there's also one more member so launched the lodge's for, like two weeks.
Okay, well, Patrick wins round one.
Patrick, you get to choose the next category.
Which one you want?
I'm will go with beauty.
If there was music, Ozzy laws are already which beauty influencer was a former Mac employees and ended up collapsing with Mac to create a successful collection.
What beauty mogul has been named a self made billionaire.
Throw is a common.
That is Rihanna, Maryland.
Mom wrote baking your face.
Is it Ruby Woo?
It is Ruby rules with this guy.
Who is Beyonce's makeup artists, Sir John.
Congratulations, Patrick, for winning that last round, Thatcher during the lead with 90 points.
And Terrell, you have 40 points.
But there is still room to catch up that can of Okay, Now you get to pick again which one you want now I think I'm gonna go with Mr Rieger.
Who did I dress up?
As for Halloween on the Ellen DeGeneres Show this past year.
Yes, Patrick.
Beyond period.
Where am I originally from?
Around the Kansas City.
That is correct.
Who's runway?
Did I walk during New York Fashion week?
You even announce the category?
This category of Caylee Capt Chris is all about May.
When is my birthday throughout?
Okay, It's in January.
It's either the fourth for the six.
I'm gonna go with the six.
He just gave me the clue.
Girl, If j word what food am I allergic to, Patrick?
Unseasoned food.
Oh, my God.
I give me the point.
Give me the point.
Came Just give me the damn point.
I'm gonna get the rail.
Isn't seafood?
It was peanut.
It's okay.
One reaction video of mine did.
First air.
It's that thing with the hot dogs.
Was it a jet gelatin?
Seven up hot dogs.
I know how dogs within that.
Okay, last question.
Who's gonna win way already?
Know, But it's ok.
What's the one thing I cannot stand?
Catches this much?
Is it slime food?
But give me a specific item.
My turn.
Like really slimy food.
What kind of answer is that?
It is pickles mayo in Beijing?
Well, less tally up these points, Patrick, you have 120 points.
And according to our ICU scale, you are very superior now to rail.
What with 60 points.
You are?
But there's nothing wrong with average.
Hold on.
I think I think my price just came in.
Oh, my God.
Thank you.
Thank you.
About for being here on pop culture Aikins.
This has been a spectacular time until next time.
Happy Saturday patch of you got 120.
That means your pop call Dr Very Superior.
And Carol, your I Q was 60 which means your average God.
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'OMKalen': Patrick Starrr and Terrell Play 'Pop Culture IQ'

3 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 3, 2020
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