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We are back, mostly because we have nowhere to go
and because I heard Portia spill something in the other room,
and I don't want to help clean it up.
I'm sorry, baby.
I'm busy shooting.
One of the things I miss about doing the show in the studio
was all the fun that I would have with my audience,
and I don't have my audience here.
So I am going to do something special with Andy today.
What a shock.
You just found this out right before the show.
Yes I did.
Which was terrifying for him and fun for me.
Today, Andy is going to do an obstacle course in the yard.
Here's your challenge.
I'm going to put 60 seconds on the clock,
and in those 60 seconds, you're going
to have to get in the pillowcase and hop like a sack race.
I said sack.
You're going to hop to the tunnel.
Then you're going to crawl through the tunnel,
and you're going to put on those tin can shoes.
And once you have those on, you hold onto the laces
and you walk them over to the window,
and then you'll honk the horn on the ground.
And if you can do all that in 60 seconds,
our amazing friends at Shutterfly
are going to donate $10,000 to America's Food Fund
in your name.
I'm not totally clear on the tin can shoes
but I'll figure it out.
You just put your feet on top of them,
and then you hold on to the things on top and walk
with them, OK?
All right.
One more thing.
As I've said, it's Cinco de Mayo,
and I know you don't drink.
I do not.
So before you start, you're going
to have to spin around 10 times as fast as you can.
Before-- [CHUCKLES]
Is there--
Before I get into this?
Do you have the baseball bat out there?
I do.
It'll be like you're drunk or at least dizzy.
How many times?
Because I--
There's a hill here.
There is an incline.
I know.
It's grass.
It's not going to--
I'm going to count you down, and put your head on it
and start spending when I say.
Three, two, one and a half.
Hold on.
Three, two, one and a half, and one, and go.
Spin ten times really fast.
One, two, three.
I've gone like seven times.
Oh, no.
Keep it on the ground.
Keep it on the ground.
I can't.
Keep it on the ground.
You just spin-- keep--
seven, eight, eight.
Nine, ten.
Put the pillowcase on.
Put the pillow case--
I'm trying.
I swear to you.
I am.
Put the pillowcase on.
I'm trying, Ellen.
Sneak up on it.
I'm going to throw up.
All right.
All right.
How much--
You only have 20 seconds.
You better hurry.
Oh, no.
You're not.
You have to put both legs in it.
I can't.
I can't.
All right.
I'm almost there.
All right.
Oh my God.
All right.
Put the shoes on.
I need to see Andy as well.
Oh, no.
Put the shoes on.
You don't carry the shoes.
Go back and put the shoes on.
All right, well.
You did not finish in 60 seconds.
But still, Shutterfly is such an amazing company.
They are going to donate $10,000 to America's Food Fund.
Thank you, Andy.
If you're thirsty, please help yourself to the hose.
Is my mic off?
We'll be back.
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Average Andy Gets Stuck In an Obstacle Course

1 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 3, 2020
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