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Oh my God.
This is unbelievable!
You guys!
Ayesha Curry here.
I'm a wife, mom of three, and an entrepreneur.
In building my business, I've learned a lot along the way.
So now I'm paying it forward to help
encourage, mentor, and motivate other deserving women
to take their own companies to the next level.
This is Fempire.
(SINGING) Let's get ready to rock!
This is Blake Beers, who created Little Renegades,
flash cards for kids that promote mindfulness
and imagination.
This card is Turtle Taps.
So this one, specifically, we get
to do with the top of our head, like it's a shell.
It's super fun.
Turtles, when they're scared, they turn in a shell.
That's so true.
All right.
We're going to do a little tap on the head.
Tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap.
Oh, that feels so good.
That's so nice.
Are you so proud?
We're curled up in our shell.
The website is super cute.
The illustrations on the cards are really beautiful.
Nice Instagram.
Blake just quit her corporate job
to run Little Renegades full time.
I think these cards should be a staple within all mom
communities, but this is the kind of product
that doesn't sell itself.
It needs to be demonstrated.
Let's get to work.
Oh my God!
How are you?
Wanna have a Fempire?
Let's have a Fempire!
Big renegade--
Oh my God.
--tell me about Little Renegades.
Yeah, so I have worked in the corporate world for the last 12
Was having such intense panic attacks,
so I ended up getting some help.
Found an amazing therapist, and she led me
to a lot of this mindfulness-based work.
I had my second child.
And my son turned three.
I started noticing that he was starting
to show some signs of anxiety and whatnot.
And it starts so early now, as you know, as you experienced.
Anxiety is something that I've suffered with, as well.
Is that right?
And it's just so wild to think about childhood and think,
we didn't have all of these tangible things that they had.
So having the space and the ability
to be able to rewrite the story for your son, I feel like,
is very, very special.
And something in me just knew that if I don't do this,
what an enormous opportunity that I'm missing out on,
and what a potential miss for this next generation.
And sometimes it takes making yourself uncomfortable to find
your best self.
That's right.
I've used the Little Renegade cards--
What'd you think?
--with my four-year-old.
No way?
He absolutely loved them.
Oh my God.
I love them.
Are you serious?
Listen, I would love to show the world how they work.
Oh my God.
Let's do it.
Thank you so much.
Come on!
All right, kiddos, why don't we introduce ourselves?
What's your name?
I am Soraya.
Oh my goodness.
So we are actually going to start with the first one that
was ever made.
And this is called Fox Ears.
So pretend you have tiny fox ears and put them on.
So let me see.
Snap them on.
I got big ears!
You got big ears!
Big fox ears.
OK, what do you hear?
I hear a bug!
I hear a tiger.
And I hear a tiger too.
You have the best fox ears I've ever seen.
This sounds crazy, guys, but I feel like I hear
a fresh stir-fry being made.
Isn't that wild?
To each his own.
Next we're going to do what's called Fearless Feather.
Eyes closed.
Breathe in, then breathe out.
And then what we're all going to do together
is we're going to say, "I am brave."
I am brave.
But I don't think the cars down on the street can hear you.
So maybe we need to do it a little louder.
(SHOUTING) I am brave!
All right, guys!
This one is called Paw Prints.
Walk around.
What does it feel like underneath your hands?
And this one's called Ladybug Legs.
Wiggle those legs!
Wiggle the ladybug legs.
Go, go, go, go, go.
Good job!
Kiddos, what did you guys think?
I liked when we was crawling around.
OK, seems to be a hit.
I like when we is crawling around.
Love it.
(SINGING) Oh, look, no, you didn't.
I ain't the chick to walk behind you--
How did it feel seeing all these moms and their little ones?
Yeah, I mean, it's so cool.
Something that I created in the bottom of our house
is actually resonating with other people.
And just seeing your vision essentially come to fruition,
it's really special.
Yeah, it is.
I, truly, obviously, believe in the cards.
I love them.
With that said, I wanted to let you
know that I'm going to feature your Little Renegades
card on my holiday gift guide.
Oh my God.
Thank you so much.
Of course, of course.
Thank you so much.
Because I loved them so much, I actually pitched them to Ellen.
Yeah, she's going to showcase your cards--
--in her Be Kind by Ellen subscription box.
So and there's that.
Oh my God.
The box champions kindness, just like Ellen.
Everyone is going to receive your Little Renegades cards
in their subscription box.
Thank you so much.
And I hope you're ready for a lot of mindful little ones
running around.
It's going to be incredible.
Oh my God.
I can't wait to see what happens.
This is unbelievable!
You guys!
I just feel so much gratitude.
I never expected this.
I'm just-- I'm completely, completely blown away.
The Fempire officially starts right now.
I'm so proud of Blake, as a businesswoman, as a mompreneur.
To be in the Be Kind box is a complete honor.
This is pure goals.
(SINGING) Because I got the, I got the, I got the power!
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‘Fempire’: Ayesha Curry and Her Mini Focus Group Put Little Renegades to the Test

5 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 3, 2020
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