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Now the president says that he's going
to send in military to stop the protests.
Thoughts on that?
You know, Ellen, I have to give thought to him.
Because he is the president.
But I just wish, in an ideal world, I didn't.
Because for every single second that I give energy to him,
it's wasted energy.
This president is a lost cause.
And that's why it, again, will take people of good conscience
to stand up and say, enough is enough.
And in the same way that he allowed Dr. Fauci and Dr.
Birx to give credibility to the information we were receiving
on COVID-19, I just wish that he would do that
to this conversation.
He has an inability to empathize with anything.
And this situation is no different.
So when you're talking about bringing a military force--
I said this yesterday and I'll say it again.
America is a tinderbox right now.
And his tongue is a match.
And every time he speaks, he throws another match
on his tinder box.
And he's making it worse.
And so I just--
it's truly my hope that somebody of good conscience,
whether it's from the Senate or someone else of stature,
will stand in the gap and speak the things that America
needs to hear right now.
Because this is not a partisan issue.
I've been working with Governor Kemp since Friday
on how we are coordinating and addressing
the protests in Atlanta.
It's not a partisan issue.
This is a people issue.
And I just wish that he would stop.
It's not incumbent on you to be doing this.
But you should know that you are stepping into that gap.
By being on our show, by speaking out,
you are stepping into that vacuum.
And I think you should be aware how important
and how healing your words have been for all of us.
And how necessary.
I mean, obviously, we're talking about a lack of leadership.
But it's frightening to me.
And it is not a partisan thing.
Even these peaceful protesters who were in Washington,
and they throw tear gas so he can
go get a photo op with a Bible in his hand,
no one is saying or telling him to stop.
And the reality is this.
When there is this much anger in this country,
it's all of our problem.
We're talking about the trauma and the post-traumatic stress
that young men of color are feeling in this country.
It explodes.
And you can't put your head in the sand
and act like it's not an issue for all of us.
Because we're watching in real time
this explosion on our streets across America.
And so it behooves all of us to care about this.
Because it is impacting all of us.
And it will continue to impact us in the same way
that the Civil Rights Movement was just that.
It was a movement.
It was a long movement.
And it went on for years, and years, and years.
If we're going to have a true movement for change
in this country, we at least want
it to be a peaceful, purposeful movement.
But for us to stay in this state of chaos
with a president who is continuing
to do harm to us as a country, it's simply not sustainable.
Yeah, it's not going to go anywhere but bad.
I guess in conclusion, where do we go from here?
What do you think is the next step?
I think the next step is for us to succinctly articulate
what it is that we want.
We know what our pain is.
We know what our hurt is.
But now we've got to articulate what the point of satisfaction
And that's the work that I look forward
to leading with the people on the ground in Atlanta
and with our activists in being able to succinctly say,
this is what we need to see happen in America.
We know that in the same way the Obama-Biden administration
left a pandemic handbook, next to that handbook
was one on policing in the 21st century.
And it created a very clear framework
on how you create trust and you build trust in communities
by not having the first interaction
with police officers and young people
be when somebody is chasing someone down the street.
We have something.
We have a foundation to build upon.
I think it's just incumbent upon all of us
to now finish the work.
Well, I will be that platform for you and for anybody
else who wants to come in and tell us
what you need, what you want, what
we can do to help make change.
And I think just like Ellen said--
sorry to interrupt, Ellen.
But this isn't a moment in time.
This has to be ongoing for us.
And Ellen and I, as two privileged white people,
have to make that commitment.
And part of that commitment as our season is ending
is that, next year, you be a part of our voice.
And you help us.
And we help you to get the message out that
needs to be gotten out.
Thank you.
Anytime you want to talk to us. thank you so much.
And stay safe.
We'll see you soon.
Thank you.
Thank you.
We'll be back.
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Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms on the President

2 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 3, 2020
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