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Do you recall that, that we've met several times?
Of course.
Because you worked with my bride, Kristen.
You guys did a production of Hair, right?
At the Hollywood Bowl.
It was so much fun.
It changed my life.
It changed your life?
It did.
It changed my life.
Primarily because of her or other reasons?
Just because of her, yes.
Oh, good.
She'll be so flattered.
Now something weird happened, right?
Because there was some kind of-- there
supposed to be faux doobage smokage.
What went down?
Oh, we should also say Kristen was pregnant at the time.
She was pregnant with your guys' second.
And there's this scene where there
are a lot of drugs happening on stage.
Oh my goodness, guys.
And-- don't do drugs kids.
And so we were supposed to be smoking a marijuana cigarette.
And so the first few performances,
you're smoking cloves or something like that.
And then an actor--
or actress-- I won't say who.
Good cover.
Yeah, good cover.
Yeah, great cover.
Replaced it as a closing night gift,
I guess, with a real marijuana cigarette.
Oh my goodness.
Oh my goodness.
And I believe it was Amber Riley who
was supposed to smoke it first out of the group of us girls.
And she looked at me-- and I don't think she had ever
smoked weed in her entire life.
She looked at me with this really scared face,
and she was like, I think it's real.
Now what happened when it came to Kristen because she's
carrying my child?
So I was supposed to--
I was supposed to pass it to her, and I go--
here I am, supposed to pass a real marijuana cigarette
to a pregnant lady.
The real deal.
And so I just had to-- we were on the scaffolding
and I had to take her in a dancing matter
to face our backs towards the audience.
And I had to mouth to her like, "This is real.
Don't smoke it."
So she Bill Clinton'd it.
Because remember, he didn't inhale?
I got it.
Now some congratulations are in order
because you've recently become engaged.
Is this true?
Thank you.
This summer?
Is that when it happened?
Yeah, this summer.
First of all, beautiful banging ring.
This guy's got great taste.
I told him what to get.
That's the way to do it.
So let me ask you, how did you come to know him?
How did this love affair take root?
Well, I saw him on The Bachelorette.
And then he became the bartender on Bachelor in Paradise.
And that's where I was like, yeah.
Now I mean you probably would have already watched
Bachelor in Paradise, or did you migrate
to that show just to see him?
No, I had already seen it.
And I thought he was real hot.
And then he slid in them DMs because I tweeted about him.
That's how you connected?
Like that.
Oh my goodness.
Now, Modern Family is coming up on its 11th season, right?
Do you own a yacht?
I wish I owned a yacht.
I'm not Sofia Vergara.
But this year your character has twin babies?
Oh my goodness.
Boy and girl.
And do you like working with the little babies?
I do.
Normally, the actor's book of show business
is like, don't work with babies and animals.
And I love working with the babies.
They smell so good.
It's an elixir.
It's an elixir.
It is.
So you are here to talk about a new movie
that you're in, The Wedding Year.
Tell us what the film's about.
So the film is about a girl named
Mara who doesn't really have her life together, as like many
of us.
And she uses Tinder to get free dinners from men.
That's a hack.
Smart ladies.
And on this one Tinder date, she meets
a guy named Jake, played by Tyler James Williams,
and they end up actually being together.
They're in that period of their lives--
I'm sure all of you have experienced
your own personal wedding year where you get
invited to a slew of weddings.
All of a sudden everyone you know
is getting married all in the same year.
And it's all about them navigating
how to go to these weddings with expenses
and with their own personal life.
She doesn't believe in marriage.
Right, the presents.
The presents, the destination trips--
Oh, it's a costly affair.
--meeting families, and also actually committing
to a person for a whole year as their wedding date.
So it's--
That's great.
Now can I give you a life hack?
Yes, please.
Have kids because then you have to go to anything ever
again in your life.
I don't care what's happening.
Sorry, I got a four and a six-year-old.
I will not be seeing you there.
Babies are always the perfect Band-Aid for everything.
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Sarah Hyland Told Her Fiancé Exactly Which Ring to Buy

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林宜悉 published on July 3, 2020
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