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As you know Portia and I adopted a poodle.
Her name is Mrs. Wallace Browning.
We call her Wally.
But Mrs. Wallace Browning when she's bad.
We rescued her from this great place here in Studio City.
It was Called Wagmor Pets.
And there's Wally right there on a hike this morning actually.
They have a lot of pets that need to be adopted.
So I'm going to show you some of them right now.
It's a segment that we're calling
Get These Pets Right Meow.
All right, here's the first adoptable dog that's there.
This is Lena.
She's a 3-year-old [INAUDIBLE] mix.
She needs lots of love.
Lots of [INAUDIBLE].
Here's another dog who needs a loving home.
This is CB.
He's a 3-year-old terrier.
Very affectionate.
CB stands for cuddly boy I believe.
Here's another dog.
This is Hardy.
He's a four-year-old golden terrier mix.
Hardy is very sweet.
Please adopt him.
And here are two more dogs they just got in this weekend
that you should--
this is Bean and Noodle.
Their eight-week-old chihuahua's.
And they go together.
Bean and Noodle.
You have to get them together.
You can't just get Beans without Noodles or Noodles without--
get them both.
Get them all.
Actually, go get all of those dogs.
Again, they're all available.
Many more right now at Wagmor.
And I'm partnering with Furbo to help dogs
all over the country find safe and loving homes.
You can go to Ellentube and learn about adoptable pets
in your area.
And we'll be right back.
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Get Your Paws on These Adoptable Pets!

3 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 3, 2020
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