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  • As you know Portia and I adopted a poodle.

  • Her name is Mrs. Wallace Browning.

  • We call her Wally.

  • But Mrs. Wallace Browning when she's bad.


  • We rescued her from this great place here in Studio City.

  • It was Called Wagmor Pets.

  • And there's Wally right there on a hike this morning actually.

  • They have a lot of pets that need to be adopted.

  • So I'm going to show you some of them right now.

  • It's a segment that we're calling

  • Get These Pets Right Meow.

  • All right, here's the first adoptable dog that's there.

  • This is Lena.

  • She's a 3-year-old [INAUDIBLE] mix.

  • She needs lots of love.

  • Lots of [INAUDIBLE].

  • Here's another dog who needs a loving home.

  • This is CB.

  • He's a 3-year-old terrier.

  • Very affectionate.

  • CB stands for cuddly boy I believe.

  • Here's another dog.

  • This is Hardy.

  • He's a four-year-old golden terrier mix.

  • Hardy is very sweet.

  • Please adopt him.

  • And here are two more dogs they just got in this weekend

  • that you should--

  • this is Bean and Noodle.

  • Their eight-week-old chihuahua's.

  • And they go together.

  • Bean and Noodle.

  • You have to get them together.

  • You can't just get Beans without Noodles or Noodles without--

  • get them both.

  • Get them all.

  • Actually, go get all of those dogs.

  • Again, they're all available.

  • Many more right now at Wagmor.

  • And I'm partnering with Furbo to help dogs

  • all over the country find safe and loving homes.

  • You can go to Ellentube and learn about adoptable pets

  • in your area.

  • And we'll be right back.

As you know Portia and I adopted a poodle.

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