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All right, we're back with Bill Murray, whether you
believe that it's him or not.
We're assuming that it is.
Bill, a lot of people are looking forward
to the new Ghostbusters movie, and it's almost everybody
from the original cast, right?
I mean, the only one we're sad--
we're missing two great people.
We're missing Rick Moranis and we're missing Harold Ramis.
And they're greatly missed for so many reasons.
They were so much a part of the creation of it
and the fun of it.
But the Harold is featured in the story of the movie,
so it will be very interesting, his character, Egon Spengler.
And it's directed by the son of the original director, who's
a Montecito guy, by the way--
Ivan Reitman.
And his son, Jason, directed it.
Well, I look forward to seeing it.
Jason is great.
He's a great director.
He's done some good films.
I saw a picture of you with a fan.
I just want to show the picture, and then you
tell me what's going through your head
when you took this picture.
That was a-- she was--
She was really funny woman.
Very striking and very attractive,
even without the tattoo.
But she was up on my lap, and there's
something about rubbing your own face on someone else's leg.
You know that feeling?
Anyway, it's like that.
It was very interesting to be with her,
and that happens every once in a while.
I've had that--
Is your tattoo on anyone's leg?
I don't know about leg.
I've seen arms, and I think we have--
we've seen pictures.
We've had them on-- oh, there's me on someone's arm.
That's someone arm.
There's that.
But you had a whole sleeve, though.
You had someone put an entire sleeve of you
on their arm, which is very impressive.
Well, it's an honor to be considered
for a big old procedure on your arm or leg.
It really is.
Let's get to this important stuff.
You are raising money for a very good cause.
I want you to tell everybody what you're doing.
Some of the money is going to the cause.
Well it's the restaurant.
I don't know what it's exactly called,
but it's basically people that work in restaurants--
waitresses, bartenders, cooks, dishwashers-- that crowd.
And I don't really cook, so they're really--
they are my first responders.
They have been for many years.
So it's really taken a huge hit across the country.
The numbers are mind-boggling about how many
millions of people are out of work in this industry.
And there's a bunch of famous chefs
that have gotten together to start this group,
and it turns out that they're really good chefs too,
not just the bad ones.
So I'm going to do something.
My son is also a cook.
He calls himself a cook, not a chef.
He has a restaurant in Brooklyn, and his friends
said, why don't you do a nacho challenge with Guy Fieri.
Now, I don't know anything about Guy Fieri's nachos.
I don't know if he's all talk or not.
I don't know if his nachos are any good.
But then we decided to take him on in a nacho challenge.
So we're going to have on the 15th of May.
And there's a lot of sponsor kind of people that
have thrown in a lot of money.
So I don't know how we're going to actually make the money,
but the sponsors are throwing in money.
And maybe the recipes will be so good
that people will start something like the March of Dimes
and just will end this.
I like it.
And we want to help you 'cause we are friends with Shutterfly,
and they love supporting organizations like this.
So they are going to give you $10,000 so--
--that's our contribution to you.
That's great.
Thank you very much.
That's really nice of them.
Tell them thanks for me.
I will thank them.
And you can catch Bill Murray on the Tostitos Nacho Average
Showdown tomorrow at 5:00 Eastern on Facebook Live.
I look forward to it.
And you can go to our website for details.
Bill, thank you so much.
It was great talking to you, and I appreciate the respect
for me, wearing the mask.
Ellen, I just want to say I think you do a fantastic job.
I enjoy watching your show, and I
think your audience is about the happiest audience in show
Thank you, Bill.
I think you're brilliant.
I love you, and I'll hopefully see you soon.
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Bill Murray on ‘Ghostbusters: Afterlife’

4 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 3, 2020
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