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Welcome back to my Greatest Night of Giveaways.
If you think I'm done stuffing your stockings,
you're wrong our next guest and I have
several things in common-- our stunning cheekbones
and our love for John Legend.
Please welcome my friend Chrissy Teigen.
(SINGING) Rockin' around the Christmas tree
at the Christmas party hop.
Mistletoe hung where you can see.
Every couple tries to stop.
Rockin' around the Christmas tree.
Let the Christmas spirit ring.
Oh, my god.
I was so scared they weren't going
to care about me because there's such good people on.
I care tremendously about you.
I know you do.
But I'm like, they're going to think it's someone major.
You are major.
You are major.
This is amazing, honestly.
I know.
It's amazing.
And I have to thank Greendot again and again,
because they actually helped us make all this possible.
So it is time for my Greatest Night of Giveaways for y'all.
(SINGING) It's most wonderful time of the year, with the kids
jingle belling and everyone telling you be of good cheer.
It's the most wonderful time of the year.
I'm going to ask you questions.
Chrissy, what's the hottest thing
that you like to do in the kitchen?
Do you do the thing with the coffee that you talked about?
Oh, my gosh.
Drink it?
Absolutely, yes.
Was that so hard?
What if I told you you could make great tasting espresso,
cappucinos, and lattes in the comfort of your own mansion?
Oh, I would ask you, which mansion?
And then I'd call you a liar, Ellen.
Well, it's true, Chrissy.
The Calphalon espresso machine makes your favorite coffee
drinks at the perfect temperature with its temp iQ.
You're all getting this $400 Calphalon espresso machine!
(SINGING) It's the most wonderful time of the year.
Thank you, gentlemen.
Ooh, it smells good.
It smells like coffee.
All right.
No, stay over there.
There's more coming.
Chrissy, what are three things that John loves to do in bed?
Ooh, OK.
OK, yes, Ellen.
We love to play Xbox in bed.
The Xbox One X is the world's most powerful game console--
--with the hottest games, like Star Wars Jedi--
Fallen Order.
Plus there's over 100 games in 4K in Game Pass Ultimate.
Worth $500.
You're all getting this one-year subscription and an Xbox One.
(SINGING) It's the most wonderful time of the year.
Hey, Ellen, do you know what else John
and I like to do in bed?
What do you like to do in bed again?
Just one guess, Ellen.
I don't know.
OK, it's watch TV, you floozy.
It's the TCL Roku, of course.
It's America's fastest growing TV brand
and one of the best-selling in the world.
Their 4K TVs deliver stunning picture quality,
are easy to use, and have over 5,000 streaming channels.
I love this brand so much.
It's the biggest TV I've ever given away.
You're all getting the 75-inch TCL Roku TV!
(SINGING) It's the most wonderful time of the year.
There'll be much mistletoeing and hearts will be glowing.
Guess what.
We're not done.
Oh, no.
No, we're not.
How could it get better, Ellen?
Well, we've given them something for every room in the house.
But wouldn't it be great to leave
the house on a crazy vacation.
OK, Ellen, I'm going to go too, right?
Of course.
Wherever you're sending all of us.
--here's the thing.
It's really one of the hottest destinations
in the world right now.
Oh, OK, but how are you getting them and me there?
Well, this country has its own airline,
and it lets you fly to more than 25 places in Europe.
Wait a minute.
I just love seeing them squirm.
It's so good.
Yeah, I know.
Wait until they find out where they're going.
Wait, so is this the airline that
also has unique hotels, like the Reykjavik Natura Marina,
and flies to one of the 25 wonders in the world?
It is, Chrissy!
It's the legendary Blue Lagoon Spa, along with a flight
and stay at Icelandair Hotel.
You're going to the Blue Lagoon!
You're all going on a five-day trip to Iceland!
Five days!
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Chrissy Teigen and Ellen Gift the Audience A Bucket List Trip

2 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 3, 2020
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