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But the Chungar is not entirely lifeless
In the darkness, a little Roborovskis hamster emerges to search for food
They're the worlds smallest hamsters, the size of a ping pong ball
and they live in family groups of around 10.
Unlike the Kazaks, hamsters can't migrate to avoid the severity of winter.
They have to prepare for difficult times by storing up provisions
to spend the season underground
Anyone who has kept a pet hamster, knows what an energetic little creature it can be.
In a single night, a hamster may cover the equivalent of four human marathons.
But foraging far and wide creates a problem. How to carry the harvest back to it's nest?
Here the hamsters famous flexible cheek pouches come in to play.
They can be stuffed full of seeds for carrying back to the burrow.
Underground, the family have special food chambers to store the bounty.
This supply will have to last them through the lean and cold times ahead.
Winter is on its way.
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Roborovski hamsters - BBC 'Wild China'

10563 Folder Collection
VoiceTube published on May 8, 2014    Kikawa translated
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