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Hello, I'm John Russell.
Today we are exploring too difficult.
Sounds fun and vote.
Mixing up these sounds can change the meaning of a word.
Here's an example.
Very, very fat that FA and VA are called Fricka Tibbs.
This means that as you push air from your mouth, you use your lips and teeth to change the flow of air.
In both of these sounds, you put your top teeth onto your lower lip.
The difference between the sounds is this far is voiceless, and vah is voiced.
In other words, you shouldn't feel your throat move when you make the fluff sound, but you should feel it.
Move when you make the vote sound, make sure you are biting down with the correct pressure.
Brad Neary Um Ah pronunciation expert, says You can also practice thes sounds by focusing on the vowel sound that comes before fun.
And when you have a vowel sound before it's usually a shorter sound.
And when you have a vowel sound before it's usually longer, for example, the word leaf and leave.
You can hear how the vowel sound in leaf is very short, but leave its longer so even if the two and sounds are hard to pronounce.
You can focus on pronouncing the vowel sound correctly to help people understand.
Listen for the fun and va sounds in the following sentence.
Your pronunciation will move forward very far.
If you focus on these very hard sounds, keep up the good work by.
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How to Pronounce /f/ and /v/

1 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 3, 2020
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