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The purpose of this little American Cup is to unite the legal community all across North America so that we all come united as one.
We all share a common goal, which is the sport of soccer.
We all love it, so why not go ahead and come together as one enjoy the sport at same time?
You're not with one another.
Greet with one another.
Exchange the lump with one another.
This is a bigger American football cop Competition, which is being held.
Want us every year among the leaders who are living in America, that Penis come from different parts of us.
This tournament actually started in 2015 back in 2014 even to pay three turkey to attend a Weaver World Cup.
From that, we got the idea to do a annual soccer thurman for the your community.
Ultimate goal is to eventually form a national.
We were football club and then be able to represent.
We were people on the international stage way.
I'm just excited to be here.
Are you excited?
Well, it's my first time here and I'd really like to see you know, people from my country have their own looking more brotherhood.
We feel mainly because there aren't many.
We were living in the United States compared to other immigrant communities.
This is once in the year, something that on a personal level, I never want to miss.
I play soccer usually, but like not really with leaders.
And so the you like out of our legal society.
The only the men, they have their own soccer teams, and then they play soccer.
And it's really, like, nice to see you're like people from your country playing soccer since they don't have their own actual team way just came back from I see a World Cup event.
But this is this is bigger.
Yeah, like a more important to us to come here to when you get into politics or a certain area.
A lot of people seem to have a different perspective, different political views.
But when it comes to soccer, everyone wants to come.
How fun support their favorite team.
I came to the States in 2008 so that's exactly 10 years.
If someone had told me that 10 years from now on, we were community will have a tournament in which six different states will represent and Canada, too.
I probably wouldn't have believed it.
I would have doubted it.
So now we see that something beautiful has emerged, and I hope for it to grow even larger.
Every year is getting bigger and bigger.
First year we have, I believe, only five or 16 last year, 17th and this year, you know, if getting bigger and bigger.
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Uyghur American Football Cup 2018

4 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 3, 2020
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