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people love cherry trees for a lot of reasons.
I think, obviously they're so beautiful.
I think it's just a way for people to connect with nature and just sort of see the beauty and kind of the awesomeness of flowering plants.
My name is Margaret Pooler and I'm, the director of research here at the U.
National Arboretum were located in Washington, D.
One thing that the National Arboretum does is research, and one of the species that we work on is flowering Cherries, and we're in one of our research fields right now.
In our research program, we create hybrids.
That is, we take pollen from one plant and put it on another plant to combine the best traits from both of those.
And so most of the plants here in our research field are various hybrids of that kind of we've created.
So this is an example of just one of the trees in our research field that's one of our hybrids.
You can see it's an earlier flowering one because, as you can tell, it's already pretty much finished Peak bloom.
It's already dropping some of its cuddles.
There's a big weeping cherry tree out by the herb garden.
You have to see that, and there are several other weeping ones along the way.
Another favorite of mine, a species that blooms a little later, is one called the Sergeant Cherry.
That's a larger tree that has really clear pink blooms.
Yoshino Cherries have a long history here in the US They came here over 100 years ago as a gift from Japan.
They came specifically to be planted around the tidal Basin it down on the National Mall, and in fact, some of those very few of those original plants still exists there.
The reason they're so spectacular is because they're so many of them all in bloom it Once the ones here, you can look at them or individually great place to take the family and just walk around and be outside.
So in far less crowded than the title, Basil.
Oh, we're having a lovely day.
The family field trip having picnic here, Yeah, breathing, fresh air, cleaning our mind.
They are beautiful, but just is breathtaking in a smell so wonderful that adjusted.
Yeah, it's perfect.
It's been a very long winter, so this makes it a refreshing change of pace.
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Cherry Blossoms Bloom

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林宜悉 published on July 3, 2020
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