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Welcome to Let's Teach English.
This Siri's offers free online training for English language educators worldwide.
Voice of America and the University of Oregon.
Her partners.
On this project, we join a group of teachers who have been studying with this Siri's.
They will share what they have learned.
Let's get started.
You have been watching the videos.
Now think about what we did today with the first picture.
Your assignment was to choose a teaching topic, explain it in your own words and give an example where you say that in the video courts.
Can you tell me what you chose?
I chose Constructivism.
Mine is about communicative language teaching methods.
I looked for some learner centered practices such as a teaching students how to use learning strategies vary.
Get since less teach English is built on the theory off Constructivism, why don't you start?
Sounds good to me.
When I think of building or constructing something, I see a house or school.
To me, Constructivism means my students are taken and new ideas and new words and building their own understanding off the wall around them.
I found example off this in Unit four.
Technology first the teacher prepare students to read the story by talking about the content.
She has.
Her students spring in pictures of technology that they know about.
In this way, students start with things that they already know about.
Then they can connect that to the new information.
In the story.
They read a story and learn about a mobile library called Solar Spell.
Her students make a picture to explain the solar spell library in their own words.
They knew some things to start with, but they had to construct or build on their knowledge.
Okay, great start on Constructivism.
Who wants to talk?
I do.
I decided to talk about communicative language teaching method in unifies.
The students do raw place in groups and each group has different information.
That way, the row place are all different.
There is a great example of a reward toss and communicative language teaching students you their own worst to shop cell and bargain in the marketplace.
The activity was lona centered because they had choices in the language and actions that they used.
Thank you, Linden.
Now we'll Leila, presentation.
I want to tell you what I learned about learning centred teaching and active learning for students.
In Unit nine.
The students practise an interview for a job.
They each choose the job that they want to get.
We saw one students an interview for the job she chose.
We know that every student choose a different job, that research about that job and wrote her own interview questions.
What was the teacher's role in this?
The teacher's job was the support, the learners and their choices and research.
She also gave them more control over their learning by teaching them to apply strategies.
In this case, they predicted hard questions for the interview.
They can use these strategies later in other read real world situations.
Thank you all for sharing these important topics off language teaching, Constructivism, communicative language teaching and learner center practices and active running.
So let's start with the first unit together way.
In the next 10 lessons, you'll see more videos, student and teacher materials based on the women teaching Women English textbook.
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Let's Teach English Unit 1: Introduction

1 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 3, 2020
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