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This'll is a bonus video for this Siri's with examples of managing a communicative language classroom.
These methods are useful for large classes.
They helped to create a setting where students can communicate easily with one another.
Herring students at random.
The teacher asks students to line up so she can assign random partners.
Students talk to find their order in line and get to know all of their classmates.
Let's stand up and make a line by your birthdays.
January at the front, December at the end first February, May 7.
Okay, now bring the line around the person across from you is your partner.
This group.
Tell about your families, this group listen and take notes.
Please have a seat.
Please line up.
By the time you woke up this morning, who woke up early, Stand here who woke up later.
Stand here.
Okay, now let's divide here you will be shopkeepers and you will be shoppers, cooperative learning and their cooperative learning groups.
Students create a conversation in groups of four.
Students can choose from these roles.
The writer puts the group's ideas on paper.
The checker looks up spellings or meanings of words, asks questions and watches.
The time leader starts the group on the assignment and make sure everyone helps and understands.
The speaker introduces the group's conversation and contributes to group work.
Work with your group to write a conversation about food.
Each group has a leader, writer and speaker return to teacher Focus from group work.
When students have been working in small groups, the teacher may need to call attention back to herself in order to change to the next activity in unit six.
She has some countdown together to begin the next activity class two minutes left.
Please finish your work soon.
Okay, class Time's up.
Five 43 to one.
Are you ready?
Good serving student pair work Sometimes teachers need to know if student groups have completed enough work to share with the class.
In Unit eight.
Teacher asked students to hold their fingers up against their throats to show her how many hopes and dreams notes they have written about their partners.
They want T o.
Okay, time's up.
Now show me the number of notes you have by placing that number of fingers on your throat.
Nice work Flipping the classroom in the flip.
The classroom students read and write at home.
Then in class they speak and apply the learning strategies in Unit nine students wrote an interview at home.
What was your homework?
Mimi, please read the project assignment to help us remember one.
Choose a job to what do you need to be able to do that job?
Regal list.
Great a dialogue if two people you ended interviewer for Bring the dialogue to class.
Thank you for watching the Let's teach English Siri's Like all the O A.
Learning English materials.
This Siri's is free for you to use and share.
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Let's Teach English: Examples of Classroom Management

10 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 3, 2020
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