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protests started outside the White House and later moved to the Turkish Embassy when men in dark suits rushed at the participants.
Demonstrators protested abdomens, authoritarian rule as Valassis crackdown Turkish Kurds, human rights activists, journalists and dissidents.
Saied Reza, a Turkish born US citizen and the ethnic occurred, was wearing those wounded Tuesday.
May leg.
He told me away that everyone's bodyguards threw him on the ground and kicked in the head.
This is not acceptable.
They they come over here and nobody goes.
They supposed to protect that.
They do not supposed to attack the people this season off United States.
This is the police force off the United States.
They do that with this to say women and Children were not spared.
Somebody ordered them and they just attacked us.
We had the elderly where we were the Romans or there, and we had the kids with us and they didn't mind.
I sold a little girl on the floor on the ground.
I've got bumps on my head.
My knees are all like they you know, I just But I Yeah, sure, I was knocked to the ground.
They started kicking us for 34 months we're kicking us.
The victims are demanding justice.
Washington police also were attacked when they tried to stop the violence.
Metropolitan Police chief Peter Nationals said the whole incident was videotaped and that the Attackers will be pursued until they can be brought to justice.
First of foremost, I will say that that's not something that we will tolerate here in Washington, D.
This is a city where people should be allowed to come on peacefully.
Protest of the away video showed police struggling to protect a small group of protesters across the street from the embassy from being kicked, beaten by the Attackers who refused offices, orders to stay away a lot.
It's a hope the only news Washington.
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Turkey Protesters Accuse Erdogan Supporters of Attacking Them

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林宜悉 published on July 3, 2020
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