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  • Two trendy idols finally had a meeting!

  • Oh! What's that? That looks fascinating.

  • We will now talk about the story of 2Heart which is the collaboration of Key of SHINEE and Woohyun of Infinite.

  • Hello Mnet Wide Entertainment News viewers! We are 2 Heart.

  • The first place we visited today is the scene of 2 Heart's 'Delicious' music video.

  • They are in the same age thus they looked more friendly and harmonious.

  • It's a scene where a full grown up possessing a child mind playing around. I think it the role suits me well.

  • I think this scene feels wild spirit.

  • There is the part 'It's me~' in our music.

  • and also 'You are me~'

  • We are waiting for one girl. We are rivals.

  • I think that one girl is a very lucky one.

  • We can not skip the part of their powerful dance.

  • We finished filming this part in 12 hours. I never felt hard because Woohyun was next to me.

  • I am really looking forward to their performance on stage.

  • So we took a visit to 2Hearts showcase to see their performance beforehand.

  • Minho and I were very busy but we volunteered to preside over this showcase for free! We came to see Hybrid Collaboration Duo, 2 Hearts.

  • Finally they revealed their performance in front of their fans.

  • 2Hearts have both meanings of two hearts and TO heart.

  • Hello we are 2 Hearts.

  • Any other greeting word beside that?

  • We also planned doing this gesture.

  • Is there a nickname you want?

  • Hello I am 24 years old 2 Hearts Youth.

  • Forget it!

  • They are enjoying their time.

  • Seongkyu came to our filiming scene to cheer us up. What were you doing Minho?

  • So I came today.

  • The only friend who visited me to our filming scene was my pet Kkomdae.

  • Where are other members of SHINEE?

  • Kkomdae is our 3rd member of 2Hearts.

  • They finished filming their music video thanks to our third member Kkomdae.

  • However you may felt a bit upset.

  • When are you going to visit us to see our performance on stage?

  • I will certainly take a visit when you are performing first stage of this song.

  • You have to take a photo to prove this.

  • We will be looking forward to your photo!

  • I can understand what he is trying to say just by looking at him in his eyes.

  • 2 is after...1!

  • The music I prefer the most?

  • The music we both like is~

  • The rehearsal scenes of first men duo 2Hearts will be shown right after this for the first time.

  • Please look forward to 2Hearts music activities. Until now we were 2Hearts. Thankyou~

Two trendy idols finally had a meeting!

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