B2 High-Intermediate 11 Folder Collection
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hi everybody this is Alisha from English
class 101.com do you know what monsters Americans are
scared of in this lesson you'll learn about three scary monsters in the USA
let's start with the most popular monster Bigfoot Bigfoot this is a large
hairy gorilla like creature Bigfoot is also called sasquatch according to
folklore it walks upright like a human and stands seven feet tall
that sounds pretty scary right you might have heard about the next monster the
next one is Jersey Devil Jersey Devil it's a devil from New Jersey and it's
reportedly the child of Satan and a human witch
this devil has a goat's head of horses hooves and bat-like wings as a child it
killed its mother's midwife it still causes panic with its hauntings in
Pennsylvania and New Jersey
okay here's the last monster puck wedgie puck wedgie have you heard of this
monster the puck wedgie is a dangerous troll like creature with grey skin at
first they were friendly and playful but then
they turned bad after being briefly banished they reportedly used their
magical powers for one mission only to trick and kill humans let's wrap up this
lesson by recapping what we've learned listen to the names of each monster and
repeat after me Bigfoot
Jersey Devil
Jersey Devil
puck wedgie
puck wedgie
well done do you know how Americans celebrate Halloween each year on October
31st many Americans dress up as monsters
carve pumpkins and spend the evening telling scary stories or watching horror
movies together the children go around to houses
shouting trick-or-treat hoping to get candy and that's it you just learned
about three of the scariest monsters in the US and how we celebrate Halloween
now learn English twice as fast by downloading all your PDF cheat sheets
including survival phrases pickup lines business etiquette and more check out
the description below and go to English class 101.com now I'll see you next I'll
see you next time
let's start with the most popular monster Bigfoot Bigfoot was Bigfoot
outside it's like you called sorry
what that's a terrifying face yeah itself out it's really scary scaring
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3 Scariest Creatures in the United States

11 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 3, 2020
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