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do you have trouble speaking English you're not alone in this video I'll show
you a powerful way to improve your speaking ability hi everyone and welcome
to English monthly review in this monthly video series you'll discover new
learning strategies motivational tips steady tools and resources and then
we'll give you a chance to show off your language progress for all the world to
see our favorite submissions will be shown in future videos that is if you're
brave enough to participate and become language-learning famous all of the
materials mentioned in this video are available for you right now over at
English class 101.com click the link in the description to
sign up for your free lifetime account and start speaking in minutes how to
train your reading writing speaking and listening skills now for the really fun
part I'm going to break down some learning tactics and show you how to
apply them to our learning program follow this guide to improve your
language skills so do you have a language learning weakness what do you
want to improve this brings us back to what I mentioned at the very beginning
of this video speaking is the most common answer to these questions so
let's start there a powerful way to improve your speaking ability is by
shadowing shadowing means mimicking what you hear repeating out loud so if you're
listening to or watching one of our lessons just repeat what you hear out
loud but it's not always easy to repeat what you hear which is why it's best to
have a lesson transcript with you something that you can read along with
lesson transcripts are free and are available with every one of our lessons
on our site just click the link in the description and sign up for a free
account if you don't already have one next listening skills have you ever
listened to a conversation in your target language but had trouble
processing all the words this is another area where a transcript is super useful
as I said earlier we have transcripts available for every single lesson on our
site but even beyond that there's something called line
line audio this allows you to break down our lessons into small chunks that you
can listen to again and again until the information sticks so transcripts and
line by line audio are two amazing resources that are ready and waiting for
you on our site next let's do writing here's a super simple tactic you can
apply it with our lessons or any other program or resource that you use write
out the words the sentences and the dialogues literally copy them out by
hand by doing this you don't have to wonder what should I write so with the
lessons or even with the dialogue from your textbook try copying out the
dialogue by hand and finally reading we talked about the importance of having a
transcript to improve your listening skills for reading the opposite can be
very beneficial have the audio version listen to the audio this will make
reading a lot easier for you because you can hear how each word is pronounced and
can easily follow along you won't get stuck wondering how a word should be
read you can do this with our audio lessons read the dialogue or the
transcript while listening you can also use our extensive reading book which
includes audio take these ideas and apply them to all of your lessons
now speaking of lessons and resources here are the newest lessons and free
resources of the month first is the ultimate listening comprehension
practice video if you want to immerse yourself in the language and sharpen
your listening skills download this next we're giving you the language learning
strategies PDF guide to help you study the language and finally you'll get the
top 15 job interview questions you'll learn how to ask questions like where do
you see yourself in five years and why do you want this job in your target
language click the links in the description to access these free lessons
and resources all right because this is the very first episode of the monthly
review we're asking you to submit a video of yourself speaking the language
here's the challenge record a video or audio file if you're shy and introduce
yourself in your target language with what you've learned from us so far
your reward will be a one month premium plus subscription and we'll feature you
in next month's episode so a lot of learners will see your progress and will
hopefully get inspired to improve their skills and master the language to submit
a recording just click the link in the description and follow the instructions
on the page thank you for watching this very first episode of our monthly review
next time we'll talk about how to achieve your English goals when your
motivation is low in the meantime submit your recording if you're brave and don't
forget to click the link in the description to get your free resources
for August
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How To Train Your English Skills | English August Review

4 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 3, 2020
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